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Knox "Duke" Weller

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1 Knox "Duke" Weller on Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:23 pm

Knox Weller
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Knox “Duke” Weller
Age: 29
Birthday: July 2nd
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weight:200 pounds.
Face Claim:Dutch from Black Lagoon

Aura 100|200HP

Major: Teacher: Grimm Studies
Likes: Mechanics, Vehicles, preparation, planning, teaching students, mind games, metaphors, gambling. Fishing, the sea. Blues music.
Dislikes: Recklessness, rodents, airships, dancing, electronic music.
Fears: Flying, Burdening others, being poor.
Talent: Vehicle Mastery
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Knox can best be described as the levelheaded sort. He tends to keep his cool for the most part, though at the same time as an instructor can be rather strict. He has a habit of allowing his students to make mistakes, before he can help them to correct them. He can be described as a compulsive planner, preferring to be methodical rather than rushing in foolishly, and has a fascination with vehicles, particularly land and sea craft. Most people that know him personally call him Duke, and he tends to be the type to point out when people are doing something incorrectly, especially when their actions could put others at risk. He isn’t particularly unfair and can be a patient man. Preferring to use life lessons and metaphors unless it proves ineffective at teaching what he feels needs to be taught. He is cautious and tends to try to avoid fighting others when he can help it, but at the same time isn’t the type to back down if he feels he needs to take a stand. He’s a practical person with a tendency to be prepared, a trait that has helped him as a huntsman.
Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Combustion.  He can cause explosions, notable by a distortion in the air beforehand as well as a flash of light.  These explosions generate flames the color of his aura, rather than typical explosions and can cause burn. The explosion in it’s own right depends on how large he wants it to be, though the maximum can cause him to get caught in it himself. He can only cause them within ten meters, with the maximum size being 5 meters in diameter.

Attack semblance/sometimes utility.

Item 1: A sledgehammer, this weapon also turns into a wristwatch to make it easier to carry around. T1 physical weapon.
Item 2: earth dust.
History and Sample
Knox primarily grew up within a port town located near to the deserts of Vacuo. His father was a huntsman, one that later disappeared during a hunting expedition into the desert. Knox took the opportunity to leave the town at 16, becoming a deckhand on a small transit vessel for a bit before ending up going to a huntsman academy within a year. His aura was unlocked during a rather dangerous flight in an airship, that resulted in a crash, and gave Knox a serious phobia of flying as a result. Within School Knox, while not the best of his class, did do rather well and he managed to continue working as a huntsman for a several years. Knox decided that rather than working with a team, he preferred to work alone, spending some time investigating his father’s disappearance before continuing to live on the sea primarily, traveling around islands and port towns as needed and completing missions all over the kingdoms of Remnant as well as acting as a transport for goods on occasion, relying on his experience as a sailor as much as his training as a huntsman.
As a Huntsman he was well known for working sea routes, and helping with missions by sea, or within more hostile environments such as the desert that was his childhood home. He gained a penchant for vehicles and owns several of them include a boat and jeep, both of which have made the trip with him to Bellmuse. He has gained a good reputation as a huntsman, and while he has some bad habits, none of these are really bad enough to cause him too much trouble. As he does a decent job of moderating his own worst habits. He’s been known to indulge in his hobbies in his free time, and has made many friends among the sailors of Bellmuse in his short time within the small island country.

RP Sample:
Knox looked out at the calm sea, the waves gently rocking the boat as his cigarette smoldered away. The sun appeared to be just beginning it’s descent. Knox noted as he took a drink out from the cooler to the side of his chair. Sometimes it was best to simply kick back.
The seas were always this calm, and besides, he could use the time to think. The man thought, as the sun reflected off his shades. He felt a pull on the fishing pole next to him, sure enough, it seemed he’d gotten a bite.
Knox took another drag of his cigarette before beginning to reel in the fish, he could just use his semblance technically, it’d be as close to fishing with dynamite as one could get, but then, that’d ruin the whole purpose of being out here.
Even if he didn’t catch a fish, it was a hell of a time to be alive.

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2 Re: Knox "Duke" Weller on Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:03 am

Ishi Omo
looks good to me.

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