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First day at syne

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1First day at syne  Empty First day at syne on Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:56 pm

After arriving to syne academy whisper was taken aback by how many people were around. Deciding to stick by the back of the crowd in order to avoid suspicion I really need to be careful to avoid raising any alarm today and should probably make some friends fast he thought as he followed the crowd to the front gates

Once he was by the gates he was reminded of the time and was told to wait until everyone was gathered not wanting to make a scene and blow his chances of making a good first impression with the school whisper found himself waiting outside the gates humming to himself
I wonder if anyone would notice if I try to scale this, no that would be a terrible idea… then again why not?

Having decided to attempt to climb to the roof of the academy he didn't notice as a group of humans started walking his way with Ill intentions “hey you one of them called” getting his attention “what do you want he replied” “we want you to leave” said another holding a rock

Whisper being extremely alarmed at being confronted by a group of people looks around the yard to see if anyone would help him out I'm so very very very dead what the hell I'm I'm gonna do ?it's my first day if I start a fight here I'll never be a hunter for sure!” He thought as he shot help me glances at those around him

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2First day at syne  Empty Re: First day at syne on Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:33 pm

Akio Marigold
Quite frankly, Akio had found huntsman school to be much less interesting then he’d expected.

It was a bit strange for him, not to be the subject of glances, scorn, or simply ignored outright.  The village he’d grown up with had made it seem that all that mattered was the stupid superstitions they upheld sometimes. To the point he almost believed that the whole world was like that. While other places seemed to have some superstitions that would be strange much in the same way his home village’s probably seemed strange to those not native to it.

It didn’t matter, and Akio wasn’t really the type for moping about over the past, instead he had a different problem. He could see the group of punks, ganging up on some guy, and figured maybe he’d just even the odds a bit. The delinquent boy was far less hesitant at picking a fight, his first crashing against a post and leaving the metal post notably bent. “Sorry, seems I got a bit too excited there.” He called out, having gained the attention of the group.

“Think you guys’ll need more thugs though, otherwise this’ll just be boring.”  Akio taunted, his face adorned with a smirk that practically radiated smug superiority. Absolute confidence being communicated to those around him.

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3First day at syne  Empty Re: First day at syne on Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:01 pm

Seeing Akio smirking most of the group seemed unnerved. However as if reaching a agreement they decided to jump this newcomer cuse surely three against one is favorble odds temporarily forgetting whisper behind them who was still behind them
Senseing a slight difference it how the thugs were moving whipser trys shouting out a warning to Akio thinking *that guys got a death wish fighting three people* however seeing an opportunity to trip one of the three he held out his foot and simply said "whoops" as the thug fell face first

Haveing seen many fights like this before he hoped he didn't just make a huge mistake by getting involved praying that none.of the teachers were around to interfer as he grabbed his chains and started to beat with thug with it *were going to be in so much trouble! *I can't believe I'm actually enjoying this as much as I am* he thought with a insane laugh completely ingoring his surroundings as he recklessly attacked him

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4First day at syne  Empty Re: First day at syne on Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:56 pm

Akio Marigold
The fact he was obviously outnumbered really wasn’t all that concerning to Akio, and he didn’t even bother to pretend otherwise, giving the thugs a cocky smirk as his hands slipped into his pockets. The fact one of his opponents was seemingly taken out of the fight was noted, not that the guy would have made much difference in the fight. Jeez, now the whole fight was probably going to be boring. Akio thought, as he watched the two thugs’ approach.

One decided to rush him, and apparently thought he could get him into a grapple. The blond waited for just the last moment before sidestepping the attempted grab, his opponent being unable to cancel out his own momentum and as such stumbled by him, before Akio’s foot shot out to knock the guy’s feet out from under him. Akio wasn’t done yet, as he spun around, his foot reversing back and into a spinning kick that resulted in the back of his heel crashing into the other guy’s aura and knocking him directly into a wall several feet away.

“Jeez, is this seriously all you guys can do?” Akio asked, smirking down at the first thug, the one he had tripped. “And here I thought maybe you guys could at least make for a decent warm-up.” The blond looked upwards, his hands coming out of his pocket and his hands behind his head with his elbows sticking upward in a nonchalant way. “Hey, I think you got him, pal.” He called out to the winged guy. Noting the beating he was giving the guy, the other two seemed sufficiently cowed, the one he’d tripped having apparently run off after he’d taken his attention off of him.

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5First day at syne  Empty Re: First day at syne on Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:40 pm

Still distracted by the joy of beating up one of the thugs that pissed him off Whisper barely looked up in time to see Akio effortlessly shrug off the thugs  thinking Damn that guy is tough before going back to savagely beating the life out off person under him until he heard Akio say “ Hey, I think you got him, pal.” looking up from what he was doing whisper thought this was the perfect opportunity to find an poninetal ally and so after punching the thug twice more for extra measure he replied “ I know “ he then began to walk over to Akio to offer him his hand to shake “The names whisper what's yours?

However not being used to social situations whisper extended his left hand in a oddly crooked way that looked suspiciously close an attack move stupidity smiling at the guy that helped him out completely ignoring the crowd of people going about their daily lives only stopping to steal glances at the situation and the huge pair of wings on his back that just flipped around in the breeze

I've seen people do this all the time I got this hes practically my friend already i just showed im tougher than i look and judging by his smirk ruthlessness to my enemies should meet his approval yes, yes indeed in due time who knows he may be my ticket to success here but that remains to be seen for now I should stick obtainable goals. When through his mind as he waited for Akio to make a decision that in time may affect the world as we know it if things worked out well for Whisper or perhaps not

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