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Lucius Van Hellsing

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1 Lucius Van Hellsing on Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:22 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Lucius Van Helsing
Age: 21
Birthday: october 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6,0
Weight: 180
Face Claim: Nicholas D.. Wolfwood

Aura 100|200

Major: Combat
Likes: Reading,Music,Guns
Dislikes: Arm puns,White fang,Superstitions
Fears :Dark confined spaces,Nevermore,Deep water
[b]Weakness:Vehicle Mastery
[b]Overall Personality:
 People when first meeting Lucius would assume he was not as good at taking care of grimm as he was as he is very goofy when talking to people they would be wrong in this sense as when he is tracking grimm he is a lot more serious, he also will write in a journal he keeps when he witnesses peculiar behavior with grimm he happens to be tracking, different types of fauna, or if he completes the extermination of grimm attacks he will update specific passages of the journal.  He is also very patient as he spends a lot of time studying the habits of grimm he is hunting he will kill the silence by listening to a different track of blues music on each hunt.  Whenever he is placed into a dark confined space he will start to freak out panting heavily, pacing back and forth, and scratching at his shoulder.    

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Zone of weakness he creates a small area that reduces kinetic energy (debuff strength costs 10 aura )
Item 1: Winchester Repeater lever action rifle, he keeps his ammo in his prosthetic arm.  
Item 2: Physical armor a thick long coat  

History and Sample
Lucius was a naturally relaxed boy in his youth, he never had a maternal figure as his mother died giving birth.  often spending his time learning as much as he can about nature and it’s beauty.  One day when he was playing near the local well he ended up falling down  he fell on a pile of bodies as there was a lot of sinister white fang activity and they threw the bodies down the well sense then he has a crippling fear of dark confined spaces.  His father specialized in the manufacturing of prosthetic limbs providing them to hunters so he was either working or traveling to give presentations about new tech.  His brother tutored him in all subjects as well as teaching him how to defend himself mostly with gun combat as grimm attacks were not totally uncommon and once during a particularly nasty grimm attack a nevermore landed in the woods he was playing in scarring young Lucius.
One day while on a walk a young Lucius traveled farther outside town than usual and ended up seeing some white fang harassing some of the locals Lucius decided to step in and ended up getting into some conflict with a bat fanus that ended up cutting his arm off they left thinking he would bleed out but did not account for his older brother looking for him after finding him and rushed him to the hospital.  After calling his father telling him of the incident he cut a business trip short when, at the request of Lucius he made a prosthetic arm for him after three years of rehab to fully adjusted to the arm he remained unwavering he decided to pursue being a huntsmen and eventually applied for Syne academy bringing us to where we are now.
RP Sample:
Lucius was taking a nice stroll through the woods, he always enjoyed the silence that nature offered him as much as he enjoyed his home town he always felt that there was always something happening, even when he stayed at home his brother would start prattling on about how “you needs to practice your aim or you will get rusty do you want to be a huntsman or not moron” not the soft spoken one his brother, of course then when he realized lucius was not listening he would say something along the lines of “come on do you need a hand with your aim” which did not exactly help.  It is important to note that lucius did not punch his brother in the stomach for making a bad joke that would be ridiculous because he knows to go for the leg so he can’t run after him while he goes on his nature walk.    

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2 Re: Lucius Van Hellsing on Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:39 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Hey. So we've just got a few things to go over in regards to this application before it can be accepted.

First, your HP and Aura must add up to 300. As of right now, these stats add up to 350 and need to be lowered. Next, the semblance needs a bit of logistical detail. Gonna need to specify the semblance type, what exactly it affects (HP/Stats/etc.) and verify that you understand the SP costs of using the semblance within the explanation. Ex. 20 SP/ 20 Dam.

Get those cleared up and we'll be solid.

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3 Re: Lucius Van Hellsing on Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:15 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Your papers check out, I declare this application...


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