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Insert title name here [Mishia/open]

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1 Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:50 pm

Lucius was taking a leisurely stroll through the woods his gun strapped to his back just in case he encounters any grimm, he had his headphones on listening to a slow blues tune as he writes in his journal a picture of a recent encounter with a grimm pack mostly hunting patterns and the like. He finishes the final details on his picture then proceeds to continue walking for about ten minutes he could not help but have this bad feeling about something, when he starts hearing voices in the distance he walks closer to the noise to try to see if he can hear what they are talking about he turns off the music as he gets closer yet he still cannot hear what they are saying, as one of the voices gets quieter Lucius assumes that means they are leaving. his heart stops for a brief second as the worst thing that can occur happens he steps on a branch making a shall we say noticeable snap as his eyes go wide, he stays as still as a statue and prays that they did not hear him.

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2 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:57 am

Misha was bored, she’d thought this would be a lot more fun.

The bear faunus had been allowed to join in a secret meeting of sorts one that was primarily between a criminal leader of Bellmuse, and the local white fang leader. Something like that was sure to be exciting right? Getting to play bodyguard at something so important sounding couldn’t possibly be boring after all. Wrong. The whole thing was all about logistics and risks and other boring stuff she didn’t really care for, even the forest, while interesting enough at first with it strange shades of blue failed to truly provide the girl with any entertainment.
“Patience child” The man next to her wearing a grimm mask cautioned. Misha didn’t know his name, just that he was somebody important in the local white fang. The man was older as well, really old compared to the young girl next to him. Not that Misha cared about that, he seemed like he was ok, and his calm, respectful demeanor kept the petite girl from any negative feelings about the man. It was just after this that a sound suddenly cut through the silence, the sound of a snapping twig caused the white fang leader to pause. Giving a look to Misha, who nodded before the meeting abruptly ended.

“It seems we shall have to continue another time Damian.” The man said, as Misha’s gun began to rev up. Aimed towards the source of the noise. A near sadistic grin began spreading under the girl’s mask as she began shooting, a barrage of bullets cutting through the foliage around where the noise came from. The girl began approaching the noise slowly, as she made a let loose another barrage of high speed bullets.

Someone was spying on them…and spies needed to be punished. She barely even noticed the people behind her clearing out as the carnage began.

HP 190/190 AP 110/110

Two barrages of bullets. Each count as one attack, 30 damage each before defenses.

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3 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:10 pm

As soon as Lucius heard the revving quickly realizing that maybe they heard him he pulled his gun out blocking a couple of the miniguns barrage before jumping out in the open revealing himself to what seems to be a small bear faunus girl with a machine gun he saw she was wearing a special white fang mask that covers her entire face.  He blocked the second barrage the same way as the first jumping closer to the girl as he did it , he looked at the girl and said “look I don’t want to hurt you put the gun down and we can talk but I will not hesitate to shoot you if you continue because to be honest I really hate the group you are working for but I don't think it's at the point where I murder a child.” He pulled the lever of his gun but held it with one hand away from the little girl in a sign of peace.

HP 200 | Aura 100

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4 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:48 pm

Misha inclined her head for a moment, considering the man in front of her. He looked human, making her mistrust this person immediately, the fact he had been able to deflect her first couple of attacks only verified to the bear faunus he was not to be trusted. After all humans were bad, and this person had also been spying on them. Then there was also the simple fact she was bored, and this would be a nice opportunity for the girl to…play.

Her feral smile only widened further. Before she decided to speak her somewhat cutesy, obviously young voice at odds with the girl’s behavior. “But if I put it down, then how would I punish you?” She asked, before letting loose another burst of bullets, the young girl moving to flank the man and attempting to get around his guard. The man would likely be thrown off by what happened next, as the girl suddenly changed into a mist-like form, a strange black gas spreading out over the area quickly, it would expand into the forest, spreading out towards the strange man. One might notice that what the gas touched, it would frost over or freeze, or the fact there seemed to be a small body of condensed smoke some where the girl had been standing, a silhouette that began to move around the trees, and attempting to use the rest of the gas to slip out of sight.

Misha would reform at a spot behind the man, ready to unload a new round of bullets at her opponent. There was a chance the gas would freeze her opponent in place, and for now the girl would wait to see the results of the vaporous assault.

HP190/190 AP 90/110

One round of bullets shot, 30 damage before defenses. One semblance attack, 20 semblance damage roll for freeze

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5 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:41 pm

Lucius was not happy at the revelation that this girl was crazy this of course happened after she mentioned not being able to punish him, Lucius tried once more to reason with the minigun wielding little girl “well if you think I was spying I was not doing it intentionally I was on a walk and heard your voices I thought something felt off so I checked it out I didn't hear anything.” Before he could get his point across she turned into some sort of gas that started to freeze over the plants he quickly figured out what was going on and tried to get away his legs immediately gave in, the joints in his prosthetic arm froze.  Once again Lucius was not happy he was on his knees with a little girl behind him holding a minigun ideas racing through his mind of how to get out of the situation he finds himself in.

 “how do I figure a way out of this because I swear to god I am not getting killed by a psychotic little girl half because I know what my brother would say.”  As soon as this thought went through his head Lucius got an idea he concentrated as hard as he could with the pain of having been frozen and slammed his good arm into the ground creating a red circle around himself and the little girl then he immediately put his gun on his shoulder pointing to where he assumes the girl is before pulling the trigger.

HP 180|AP 80  the zone of weakness takes away two strength one attack does 30 damage before defense

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6 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:26 pm

The girl let out an almost cutesy giggle at the man's excuses. As though a human could fool her that easily, it was obvious he was lying, after all he was a human, which meant he wanted to stop least that was what it meant for most humans. She'd met one that seemed different before, but that wasn't important right now. The girl frowned as her gun suddenly felt much heavier than it did a moment ago, just as the stranger took a blindshot in her direction, though it wasn't quite aimed well enough to actually hit her. "you're funny mister, It's a shame you have to die now,..."

Then she let out three bursts of rounds at the guy...aiming for his back as he should have been stick in place, and aiming for centermass meant she had less of a risk of him leaning out of the way or the like. She kept the shots rather spread out, with each volley her gun moving back and forth from left to right to maximize lethality.

HP190/190 AP 90/110

Three attacks at 30 damage before defenses.

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7 Re: Insert title name here [Mishia/open] on Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:13 pm

Lucius heard the sound of the mini gun revving once again after the little girl said he was funny and must die, he fell on his back covering his face with his arms the bullets removing some of the ice in his prosthetic making it so that he can move it again. “Well that is hilariously convenient.” lucius points his gun at the girl once again the difference from last time is that he can see her, he pulled the lever back on his gun and shot at her three times . “Just know i tried diplomacy and I did not want to do this.” He took out some bullets from his prosthetic and loaded them into the gun.

“Also I would like it if neither of us had to die I happen to think living is so much more fun personally.” He took another glance on that unique looking mask again. “I take it that you are higher ranking than the usual white fang members, considering your age I doubt your a leader, I wish assassin was not the most likely of the positions half because of your age other half because a mini gun is not exactly a conspicuous weapon, so what were you like a bodyguard or something, man i would hate to be the guy to have to be guarded by a little girl.”

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3 attacks at 30 before defense recover 5 Sp

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