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Aquirs Chan, Totally Inconspicuous

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1Aquirs Chan, Totally Inconspicuous Empty Aquirs Chan, Totally Inconspicuous on Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:10 am

Basic Info

Name: Aquirs Chan
Age: 14
Birthday: February 29th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 42 kg
Face Claim: Unclaimed (Will get to that later.)

STR: 3
DEF: 1
RES: 2
SPT: 4
Aura 185|137 HP


Major: Trained Civilian. Guest at Syne Academy.

Likes: Books, rainy days and stand-up comedy

Dislikes: Loud noises, being oblivious, and coffee

Fears: Loud noises, jump scares, people being too nice

Talent: Charisma (unintentional)

Weakness: Hunting/Fishing

Overall Personality: None of the students at Syne Academy truly know the origins of the fourteen year old girl living alongside them. But they are very accepting of her presence. Mostly factored by the sheer overwhelming personality she presents. She is kind, unconditionally loving, and very neutral. If praising everyone no matter what they do could be considered neutral. Some students even regard her as the 'Young Mother of Syne'. A title that she knows nothing about. Even so, this idyllic girl has her flaws. Being clumsy, forgetful, scathingly blunt, ignorant of her own injuries, and tend to be oblivious to most social cues. No one knows if her identity is a cover-up, or is the honest truth. Still, should hope not to get on her bad side. While she is one to forgive and forget, that takes time. And during that time, she becomes the most spiteful person in the planet. So be on guard.


Aura type: Spirit

Aura Color: Ocean Blue

Semblance: Hasn't been unlocked yet.

Item 1: Medical Kit. The most standard of types. She owns it only because the staff member hosting her stay is the nurse. That, and the fact that she refuses to be a freeloader.

Item 2: Angelo & Picaro. Worthlessness and Preciousness. Two twin butterfly swords colored in white and black. They can shift into twin Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX MK19s and use the standard Dust bullets. Picaro, however, is also loaded with Gravity Dust because of 'color scheme'. The swords seem to be Aura receptive, able to launch white and black streaks of light into the air. Perhaps it is Aquirs' unawakened Semblance?

History and Sample

Once upon a time, a young girl with black hair and brown eyes appeared out of the blue at Syne Academy. Having taken up residence with the school's nurse and is studying to go there once she comes of age. Young, naive, yet oh so fragile. Her dreams are secrets. Her hopes are hidden. Her wishes are shrouded. Not even the one caring for her knows of her origins.

Nonetheless, she is an optimistic person, despite her near apathetic outlook. So sweet and caring. So quick to anger and quick to please. A child who looks as if the weight of the world rests on her shoulders. A mystery, an open book, a leader, a loner. A charismatic individual who degrades oneself as a joke. The contradicting traits of a girl named Aquirs Chan. A person all love and hate.

She wields two swords, one named Angelo and the other Picaro. Married blades that were Aquirs' only possessions. There is something odd about those blades. A sort of otherworldly madness that went into the creation of those weapons. Their origins are even more of a mystery than their wielder. After all, they both have shown the signs of age. But their wielder uses them like a clumsy fool. Were they hers? Or were they another's?

Those are the few things the students and staff know of their young guest. And time will tell if they uncover her past or not. This is why I tell you this tale. The story of The Loyal Girl. The story of The Mysterious Child. A tale that has been passed down by my people for generations. One so strong and potent that it lasts 'till this day. So gather around, listen to the tale of a young, foreign girl. With hair as deep as midnight, and eyes like the darkest of chocolates.

Aquirs Chan. The name of an unknown.

Is that even her true name?

RP Sample:
Aquirs Chan winced as the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed throughout the empty training ground. Eyes squeezing shut on instinct at every impact made. The crickets chirped. The only other background noise in this dark of night.

She fumbled with her First-Aid Kit nervously. Clicking the clasps over and over again as her eyes followed the battle. She, on a honest opinion, would have rather stayed cooped up in her little closet room reading a book until she passed out. But these two just had to train in the dead of the night. Politely asking (more like blackmailing) her to open up the training grounds. And while she was okay with their blatant bending of the rules, she was still irritated about one thing.

Her book! She didn't even have time to bookmark her page before being dragged off. Now she had to find her page all over again, and she was almost done! The blackmail didn't even faze her, seeing that she knew that she would forget about it in a minute or two. But the frustration of losing her progress almost made her want to cry.

Anger was a powerful emotion, but it was a fizzling one. And Aquirs wasn't nearly angry enough that she would throttle them to near death. So, when those two were done, she was going to smack them over their heads with her palms. Then apologize and patch up their wounds.


My first time on the RP. Hopefully it's good. Tried to give her a fairy tale feel. Sorry if that's not allowed.

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2Aquirs Chan, Totally Inconspicuous Empty Re: Aquirs Chan, Totally Inconspicuous on Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:37 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Hey there, and welcome to the site~

I'm gonna be the staff member running through the details of this app with you, so let's take it from the top. Firstly, your stats are below the allotted stat count of 12 as well as the additional point to spirit from your aura type. You seem to have only used 10 points in your stats. On the other hand, your HP/SP should only be statted in increments of 10s as well as adding up to 300, however the ones on this app go over that limit.

Your major, while not inherently a problem, becomes an issue once we delve into the background of its being. Your character is stated to be a guest of Syne by the supervision of the nurse. Unfortunately, Syne does not have a nurse and if it did, that player would need to give us an express statement of this person being a part of their background as well.

The personality has an issue in the statement that "some students even regard her as the young mother of Syne", which forces other students to interact with her in a certain way.

In the semblance, while perfectly acceptable to say that she has not discovered it yet, it must be stated what it will be once discovered as applications are locked upon approval and cannot be edited save for a revamp which would lose all character experience and lien, or purchase of a reasonably expensive item. It's best to just get it on paper now and never use it.

The items that you have selected don't follow the item rules or guidelines at all either. Medkits are not items that are listed in the available options list and thus cannot be an item taken on application. Your weapons are options, however, they do not fall in line with the rules of weapons. Your weapons can only stand with one form at tier 1, so they can only be swords OR pistols until you reach tier 3 with them. Similarly, dust is it's own item, so your bullets cannot be dust based without having dust as an item. Sorry.

History appears to be only a reiteration of personality. Keeping a character secretive with their background is fine, however, that secret background must still be stated in the history for the staff and other players to see that you aren't making things up. That information will only be available to them IC if your character chooses to, and if they don't adhere to that, then they are metagaming and you can take it up with one of the staff to resolve the issue.

Your RP sample appears to be done well and fits within the rules nicely.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. The fastest way to reach me is through our community discord which you'll see on the homepage, however, responses to this thread will also be seen and responded to with urgency.

Happy to see you here, and thank you for your time.

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