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Beach Parties and Pirate Coves (hunt)

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1 Beach Parties and Pirate Coves (hunt) on Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:25 pm

Rika Titania
The beaches of Bellmuse could be a fun place, at least the more public ones. This didn’t mean there wasn’t some danger to them, nor that they were all well patrolled, at least not regularly. The island country had been working to secure the beaches due to the recent threats from pirates, however not all the volunteers were truly up to the task. One particularly area had seen a bit of a rise in both Grimm as well as the threat of pirates appearing, causing a few students from the academy to be injured in their attempts to secure the area.

To Rika it sounded like a good place to check out, since the pigtailed girl figured that it would be good training, and being able to easily find foes she wouldn’t have to hold back on too much meant she could try out some of the dust types she hadn’t had much chance to use yet, and different ways of using the substance in question. The pigtailed girl had practically rushed to the beach area in question, figuring that it would also help in possibly finding the pirates in question.

She’d already had a runin with one of those pirates, one that had gone somewhat poorly, but the pigtailed martial artist didn’t even bother dwelling on the potential risks she could easily face.

Were somebody to pay attention, they man notice some strange coloration to the pigtails girl's outfit, at a few parts. The strange pink bottom to her shoes that didnt quite match the tomboyish girl's persona, or the green anklet she wore. Perhaps even the white colored ring on her right hand. Outside of that Rika most were her normal red and black clothes.

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2 Re: Beach Parties and Pirate Coves (hunt) on Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:07 pm

Deathstalker 160 hp and with 25 damage resistance 50 damage a hit before defense.

This particular deathstalker was an older one by all means; an experienced Grimm who liked to hunt. Its sight had fallen upon a red-haired child. At least; it assumed it was a child. They were easy prey for a beast such as this stalker. It had wanted to strike this place for the longest time, but had not a single chance. However, with the child there? Well; that's a chance. Even if the pirates came out to help, they'd likely target the small child for interfering with their existence.

The massive scorpion sped across the beach towards the small child. It had one whole goal, and that was to deal with this child and then destroy the base.

It had a rather simple strategy at first, all things considered. Its entire plan was to run up and stab the small girl with its stinger 4 times; each coming fast and hard; and with the length of its stinger, it should be out of the small things attack range! This was a perfect plan, as far as the Deathstalker knew.

it ran up and is poking you 4 times with its stinger.

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3 Re: Beach Parties and Pirate Coves (hunt) on Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:22 pm

Rika Titania
Fortunately for Rika, the deathstalker happened to not be much for stealth, and it’s aggressive approach didn’t go unmissed by the pigtailed girl, she spun to the left as the creature’s stinger lashed out to try to strike her, twisting to the left, stepping into it to allow a better shift into a fighting stance. The ground she had been standing on shooting out to attempt to meet the creature’s stinger, it would attempt to trap the stringer as well, and Rika decided to press her assault her foot stomping and activating the earth dust once again.

A wave of jagged earth leapt out of the ground underneath her opponent, and would hopefully strike against the creature’s unarmored underside. Rika didn’t leave that as the end of her assault though, as she once again channeled the power of the dust. Many jagged stones floated infront of the martial artist, launching at the creature’s face…and unprotected eyes as Rika took a step and thrust out a fist, as though making a strike. The floating stones shooting out like machine gun fire at the Deathstalker.

HP 170/170 aura 170/170

Three earth dust attacks. T3 dust used. Each attack does 60 damage before defenses.

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