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Late Night Hunt (FIXED)

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1 Late Night Hunt (FIXED) on Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:25 am

Kurai walked out of the gates at Syne Academy and tucked away his fairly recently registered scroll into one of the many pouches in his robes as he made his way towards Finnek Forest for his first grimm kill as a student. As he walked he walked he tried to think of who he would team up with to create - well... his team. He considered his options at the moment, "there was claw dude , purple salamander, wise Mr. Jace , and the future white fang in training". Well he didn't really care much, any combination of these people would make a great team even if he wasn't fond of all of them it would be a great experience. He stopped his pointless self rant as he aproached the edge of Finnek. "It's so beautiful in the fall" he said to him self "If I ever get a date i have to bring them here".

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