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Semblances and How You're Using Them Wrong (open)

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Richard Lionheart
Yet another late comer had burst into the classroom, quite literally in fact. He recoiled in surprise as the door slammed to the floor but it wasn't enough to rid him of his drowsiness. Why do they all get to sleep while I suffer and get of scot free? he asked himself. Upon the teacher accepting the various answers and explaining a little more about semblances. Richard pondered briefly on what he had said, semblances are hereditary? He guessed that made sense in his case, his parents hadn't had their auras unlocked so he had no idea what he would be getting. He didn't even know what a semblance was until he had tragically stumbled upon his own. If he hadn't he would likely be among the dead in his village. Deep in thought a yawn escaped his grasp, hopefully things would get more exciting with the demonstrations. He hoped the other's semblances were at least interesting.

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Rei Hikari
"Darkness? Eli? How are the two rela-" Rei thought to herself in the beginning after the girl literally crashed through the door, then snapped her fingers because she realized how the two were mentioned. "... ooohhhh so that's how it is!" Rei smirked at that remark the professor had made regarding those two subjects, though now she remembered what her teacher was speaking about beforehand and afterwards as well. Taking notes down on some notebook paper and a purple inked pen. recording the important parts of the lecture.

Though Rei didn't seem to have any questions about the lecture thus far, though something did seem weird as to how dust can actually be used to strengthen ones aura. Thus in turn making the aura that much more powerful, Rei could only tisk and suck her teeth slightly because now that she thinks hard enough at this moment: It could be possible that it was one-hundred percent possible a Dust-User lost control of his or her own aura while using Dust to enhance it further. In that case, Rei was grateful for it because had that person succeeded... maybe she wouldn't be here, in class... alive.

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