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Syne Academy: Halloween Edition.

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1 Syne Academy: Halloween Edition. on Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:27 am

Syne Academy
A Huntsman School located upon the Isle of Bellmuse is well known for it’s Grimm security. But another thing It’s known for is it’s tenacity when It comes to the holiday seasons, and Halloween is no exception. Pumpkin lanterns and inflatable statues litter the courtyard. Green, Orange and purple lights strung up wherever possible. Between lamp posts, on the sides of the academy and even on the hedges and trees that are scattered through the courtyard. It is truly a sight to behold. But for now we focus not on the broad spectrum. But the individual Halloween lives of each and every student at the academy.

Welcome friends.
Ahead of You, Down the Path.
A Majestic, Magical Sight!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods.
Ignore the Students who stare in fright!
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You're Nearly There!

Alongside various students in costumed garb. Oliver was no exception, or at least he says so. Dressed in a very nice suit with the sides flared out. Showcasing the red interior lining. He dug around in one of his interior pockets for his scroll. “No that’s the screwdriver…” He grumbled as he fumbled around in his pocket. “Ah here we are.” Producing his scroll from an inside pocket Oliver proceeded to one of the various information Kiosks set up for the event. Holding his scroll out as the data downloaded to his scroll. “So this sounds like fun.” He put his scroll away once the download was finished and pulled out this screwdriver-esque item. Pressing a button as the top flipped out slightly. “That’s still working. Good.” He looked around slightly taking in the sights of the Courtyard commons at this hour. It was dusky and gloomy but also happy and eventful. Various halloween themed decorations lighting up the gloomy night sky with an orange, green or vibrant purple glow. Various students standing about the place in costume chatting with each other about their recent trip to the nearest candy pot. Oliver’s ears perked up as he heard the sound of a mic being turned on and tested. He turned towards this stage that he hadn’t really noticed before to see the Headmaster positioned in the middle of it preparing to give a speech.

OOC Note:
This event will run from now until Halloween so make sure to participate often!

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2 Re: Syne Academy: Halloween Edition. on Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:13 pm

A Halloween party. Leena had always enjoyed this time of the year, and it was fun to see her students coming in with their various costumes and get ups. She herself had devil horns and vampire fangs on, not much of a costume, but at least she tried... kind of. she may have liked this time of year, but that didn't mean she was very good at celebrating it. While her students were there to have fun, she was there to make an announcement.

"Welcome students to the Shattermoon Faire Halloween Party!" She stood before them all, speaking loudly to get their attention. She began to speak again when eyes were on her. "We are here to celebrate one of the creepiest times of the year, and to allow all of you a bit of a well deserved break from your classes and training. I know some of you are worried about the little break in we had earlier this month, but it is under control now and we ask that you enjoy yourselves, if only for tonight." Leena gazed around the room, looking at the faces of those who paid attention. "In addition to our party, there is a trick or treating event going on, in which you may travel off campus and speak to our many event sponsors who are providing candy. On top of that, you may exchange said candy in the market place, where a new store has agreed to give away some items." She smiled. "With that said, I hope you all have a happy halloween!"

OOC note: This topic has no specific post order, as long as there is no double posting.
Trick or Treating rules restated, as promised:
- You can only have one topic per Area (Finnek, Kompress, etc.) This means you cannot have a TorT topic in Kompress Beach, and then have another in Creak's Tavern and Inn.
-You are allowed to have friends in the topic with you, but that counts as everyone's single topic.
-The Die you will be rolling is the Bonus Wheel Dice.
-You may roll the Die up to three times, but be careful as each roll cancels out the last. Meaning the third roll is what you get no matter what.
-One piece of candy equates to 20 Lien
-You character must be in costume. It's Halloween, after all.
-This event is open to anyone not in the Hot Seat group
-It's Clichéd, but have fun. ^^

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