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How does Halloween

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1 How does Halloween on Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:21 pm

sooooo how does one trick or treat in a manner of speaking like is there some sort of code word or IDK

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2 Re: How does Halloween on Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:30 am

You make a topic in one of the areas. So if I wanted to start at the school, Id go "Leena went to the nearest class room and peeked her head in, wondering if there was someone there to give her some treats" (though keep in mind the 150 minimum word count) For the purposes of this, if you want to make your first or second post just a period or comma or something, that is fine as the dice does require you to roll on the second post and on. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE FIRST OR SECOND POST OF A TRICK OR TREAT SINGLE PLAYER TOPIC.

If you do not have a friend trick or treating with you, you can use your next post to roll the "bonus wheel" dice, found in the dice roll section under the main text box. You CANNOT use the quick reply boxes for this, as the dice roll feature will not show up. If you do have a buddy with you, just wait for them to post and either they can start the rolling, or you can in your next post. wither way, the rolls are separate for each person in the topic, so each person is rolling up to three times regardless.

The number you roll is the amount of candy you have collected for the topic. If you are not happy with the number (like, say you roll a 2) then you may make another IN CHARACTER post, moving to the next room/house/shop/booth/etc to get more candy. you can roll up to three times per person per topic, but beware as each roll cancels out the last. So for example if on your second roll you roll 23, and roll again and get 12 on the third roll, you're stuck with 12. So its a bit of a gamble, I suppose.

Once you roll 3 times, or are happy with what you get and dont need to roll more than once or twice, you can exit the topic and move on to the next area. So with my example, i ended up with 12 at the school, i make an IC post to leave the topic and make a new topic in, say. Finnek. and the repeat the process.

Hopefully this cleared things up, feel free to ask more questions if you still need something cleared up. >.<

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3 Re: How does Halloween on Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:50 pm

thank you Leena that helped a lot happy Halloween and to luck with you in the skeleton war:)

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