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The Blade of Insanity (Training)

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1 The Blade of Insanity (Training) on Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:03 am

Revan Winterstone
Revan was far into the depths on Finnek Forest further than most dared to delve. He was here to train far away from any students or any other creature unfortunate enough to be within view of Revan once his sword was drawn. Revan found a small clearing and was careful that no one followed him, and that no living thing was in sight. Once he was certain the it was safe Revan grabbed the handle of his sword and began to draw it without hesitating, he had trained in such a manner with his blade before and as such it didn't bother him like it would have in the past.

Revan slowly unsheathed his blade, cryptic symbols covered each side of the blade. The blade left it's sheath for the first time in over a year, and yet it was far too soon. Before it was fully drawn cryptic runes could be seen all along the shiny metallic black blade, but as the blade fully exited it's cradle it imbued with red lightning making the runes far harder to see. That and the mental state change that was soon to happen was what gave this blade it's name Lightning Insanity.

Revan looked around now hoping to kill something. He looked back and forth to check for any life and was unhappy at what he saw. "Seriously, you had me come out for what, training? Well at least I'm out of that cramped nothingness." Revan joked with himself. His mad form contemplated sheathing the blade just to spite his other self, but decided that he would keep himself from his prison for at least a good while.

A swing at one of the nearest trees sent a blade multiple inches though the tree. There was a rather excellent result that Revan had never gotten before, the tree caught fire, but only for a moment before being snuffed out by the cold of the forest. "Fire is a nice improvement not that it will be useful if it won't burn long." Revan said, this being one of the few things that both personalities of Revan would agree on.

Revan pulled the sword from the tree with a swift motion and in the same motion swung it in the direction of another tree this time the blade does not hit, but instead the lightning is the only thing that hits the tree. This time the lighting does not catch fire, but does char the tree. A spin and a slash right to where the lighting had just hit the tree. The tree had been weakened by the lightning and thus time the blade goes even further into the tree. Not only does the tree catch fire, but as Revan pulls the blade out the fire is cultivated in the cut, but once again is unable to keep for long in the cold.

Revan kept up the regiment for about half an hour, but was still not able to light a fire that would keep and Revan was not sure if it would keep even in warm weather. After some time having fun finally being able to leave his prison that was the sword Revan sheathed his sword. Finally coming back to his old self Revan asks his sheathed blade "Why didn't you go to civilization and try to kill people?"

'Same reason that I didn't kill your entire village, and the same reason that I hadn't done so in all of your past training sessions. See if I killed under the eye of the public I get you in jail or something and then I am unable to kill anything or anyone.' A voice popped up in Revan's mind, it was his blade lightning insanity, yet the voice was his own. Revan could talk to his blade and vice versa, and it could take over his mind only when drawn, but still Revan did not want to get rid of the blade. Revan often wondered whether it was the runes stopping him from getting rid of his blade, or was it something deep within his mind.


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