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Trick or treat, trick or treat, Give us something nice to eat If you don't, we don't care, We'll put money in your underwear!

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Oliver Balcross
Oliver meandered through the town square looking through the various shops and stores to find a good spot to go trick or treating. Spying a store that had a newly opened sign on it Oliver decided he would try the place as he walked up to the door repeating the procedure of pulling a small odd looking device from his jacket, pressing a button on it and pointing it at the door. (It still of course did nothing. But Oliver did it nonetheless. He seemed entertained at this point.) Once the device made a weird buzzing sound for a few seconds (seemingly longer than before). Oliver put it back in his jacket pocket and opened the door to the booth. “Yo! Trick or Treat!” Oliver threw his hands up into the air. His bag flying up to hit him in the face. “Agh! I’ll just assume you didn't see that.”

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Leena Lilac
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