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First Objective: Find Sweets

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1First Objective: Find Sweets Empty First Objective: Find Sweets on Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:20 pm

Racter Qualia

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2First Objective: Find Sweets Empty Re: First Objective: Find Sweets on Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:22 pm

Racter Qualia
It was Halloween! Thank goodness, because Racter was missing the taste of sugary candy. Candy wasn't very healthy, but damn it tasted good. With her constantly jogging every chance she got and being in a school that very much required physical fitness, she'd be able to recover from any of the horrible preservatives and such. Cease griping about the evils of candy. And if it really is evil, its taste is downright heavenly. Is that how a Grimm's flavor would present itself to a questioning palate? ... Shut up and get this costume ready. The visor was almost in place, but one glance in the mirror told her that it was askew. She wiggled it into place with her fingers, more than once sliding the silly head piece off center and briefly cutting off her vision only to have it fixed. But eventually the last part of the Termina-X9 costume was in place. Making sure to grab the pillowcase, Racter exited the dorm room. As she did so, she made sure to imitate the killer she-robot's exaggerated, inhuman gait to the best of her ability. It must have looked extremely silly, a tall human dressed in streamlined, metallic-looking armor with black circuitry running through it. Red wrist-blades, meant to be the robot's laser knives, jutted out from her gauntlets. The helm and visor obscured her eyes from view, but left her mouth visible.

It was really the sheep-covered pillow case that made it look silly. Scritchmus had been painted the same color as her costume. People and some hardcore fans of the Termina series might question why the folded up turrets were there, but Grimm weren't going to stop because it was Halloween.

By the time she got to Bellmuse Central, Racter was far past any embarrassment. The stores had candy, dammit.

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Leena Lilac
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