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The First day for the burned out Soul (Open)

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1 The First day for the burned out Soul (Open) on Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:02 pm

Ius walked out of her room, and down the stairs. The blicks and the clacks of her feet tapping against the stairs trailed down the corridor before her as she reached the bottom floor, reaching forward and pulling open the door which lead to the main entrance. The pathways outside were much better. The pathways in which Ius walked on gave off less of a sound, and more of a comforting tap. Her foot tapped against the path as she exited the dorms, walking through the Courtyard. It was her first day a the academy, not that anyone would be able to tell that she cared. On the inside, her spirits where high and might. Of course, on the outside, it would appear as if she was just, not. Just dead on the inside. Her flaring red eyes glared aimlessly before her, a face which neither conveyed a mind filled with contemplated thoughts, nor did it convey a mind empty of any worries. Her blade rested on her back as her red hair shifted form left to right behind her, swaying behind her body as it tried to play catch up.

Walking to the center of the court yard, she began to look around. Her flaring red eyes now gazing around the courtyard with a purpose. It was her first day, and even though her face was still void of any emotion, she wanted some interaction.

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Racter was on her way to the practice room. The well-muscled student was jogging instead of walking, as there were enough people in her way that running would be hazardous. But there were also too few people to just be walking. She passed a few unfamiliar faces, drawing a few questioning glances that she also returned. The appearance of some of these people...what was their story? Alas, as she entered the courtyard, that would have to be for another time. The weight behind each step was apparent. Racter was no small human, and two buzzsaw firing turrets (for lack of a better word) attached to an exoskeleton around the back and torso was not light. It was at a manageable weight, but elephants would have to fly before she would ever be one of those fleet-footed Huntresses. Scritchmus was in a folded up position, appearing at first glance to be some orange backpack.

She caught sight of Ius, but was about to keep on jogging when the most trivial of things occurred.

6 or so feet away from Ius, Racter's boot caught on part of the Courtyard tile. And as physics demanded, she fell. "Hi-gwoah!" Quickly, both hands shot out in front of her to impede her fall. The impact was more surprising than jarring, but her hands stung has they hit the ground. As a result from Scritchmus's weight, her midsection also collided with the floor. She looked as if she was trying and failing to do a push up. "Bruises, scrapes, and aches aplenty this fine day."

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As Ius began to slow down a bit, a crashing sound could be heard. "Hm?" She sounded, turning around, Ius watched as the girl landed on the ground. "Oh," She spoke, Ius's face seeming unmoved by the occurrence that happened before her. A girl, more then likely a fellow a student, had fallen on the ground. "Need help?" Ius asked, her voice and face both void of emotion as she extended her red and black gloved hand, expecting for the girl to accept her hand and get up. 

[I usually type more but any more then this would have just been meaningless rambling. Sorry for not giving you much to go off of!]

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