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Aura and Semblance Rules

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Leena Lilac
Aura and Semblance Rules

  • What is Aura?
    Aura is the power that resides in one's soul, acting as a force field that protects a living creature from harm. However, this power is not invincible and if too much damage is sustained (Hit points), it breaks, allowing true damage to be made.

  • What is Semblance?
    Semblance is the manifestation of one's Aura to perform certain superhuman abilities. This has been shown to take a toll on a person's aura, and so is used sparingly (Semblance Points). Semblance can have a number of different effects, such as Ruby's Speed or Nora's Electrokenesis or Weiss' Glyphs.

  • Aura in this site
    For the purposes of this site, Each Aura passively boosts a certain stat. Aura colors are chosen by the character, and Aura types are as follows:

    Defense: The Defense aura gives characters natural armor in resisting physical attacks. Increase DEF by one even if it would make the stat higher than 5

    Power: The Power Aura makes characters naturally stronger than others. Increase STR by one even if it would make the stat higher than 5

    Healing: The healing aura actively heals characters at a greatly accelerated rate over normal people. Recover +5 HP every other post.

    Spirit: The Spirit aura makes a character more naturally attuned to using Dust. Increase SPT by one even if it would make the stat higher than 5.

    Resistance: The Resistance aura makes a character more resistant to Dust-based attacks. Increase RES by one, even if it would make the stat higher than 5.

    Recovery: The Recovery aura allows a character to recover their SP more quickly than others. Recover +5 SP per post.

    Speed: The Speed aura Makes a person faster than they normally are, increasing their speed by one stage. THIS DOES NOTHING FOR THOSE WITH ABOVE AVERAGE SPEED, PICK SOMETHING ELSE.

    Running out of Semblance Points (SP) will negate the passive buff you get from your aura, as well as stopping you from using your semblance.

  • Semblance in this site
    Semblance can basically be anything you want it to be. Of course, keep in mind that semblance also takes up a good amount of SP to use, so try not to use it if you don't have to. Semblances are up to creative license, though it must make sense. For example, A simple Pyrokinetic semblance cannot logically heal, but an Earth Manipulation semblance can be used to attack or defend. Depending on how you use your semblance, SP costs are different:

    Damage: Your semblance causes damage in some way or another. Semblance damage is unresisted by any stat, meaning if it hits it does the full amount. You deal a 1 to 1 ratio of damage to an opponent at 20 AP/DMG per attack.

    Defense: Your semblance can actively protect you from potentially lethal attacks. you gain a 1 to 1 ratio of defense against an attack at 20 AP/DMG per post. Damage resisted this way is unchanged by any stat.

    Buff: Your Semblance increases one of you or your ally's statistics higher than they normally would be. Add 2 to the named statistic (Str, Res, Def, or Spt) for 10 Aura/post, even if it would go above the natural maximum. Only one buff can be active at a time. Speed can also be buffed granting you an extra attack over your base number. When buffing more than one person, you give 1 stat point to each ally. While you can buff multiple in an AoE sense you cannot perform more than one buff/debuff per post.

    Debuff: Your Semblance decreases one of your opponent's statistics lower than they normally would be. remove 2 from the named statistic (Str, Res, Def, or Spt) for 10 Aura/post, even if it would make that stat 0. Only one debuff can be active at a time. Speed can also be debuffed, causing the affected person to lose one attack below their normal base number. then debuffing more than one person, you decrease a stat by 1 point for each opponent

    Healing: Your semblance can heal yourself (or possibly others) at an extremely accelerated rate. For every 30 Aura, you can heal +20 HP. When healing multiple people, you heal 10 HP per person instead of 20.

    Utility: If it doesn’t deal damage, defend, buff or heal directly, then your character has a Utility semblance when used in combat. What this semblance does is up to the character, and costs 10 Aura per use.

    Summons: You can use your semblance to summon an ally in battle. Summons cost 5 aura per stat they have to summon and have 6 points maximum, split across the stats HP and Damage. Each point in HP counts for 10 hp, each point in damage counts for 5 damage. After being dropped to 0 Summon-Hp the user cannot summon for a whole post. A summoner can also desummon on their own, but regain no aura from doing so. After a summon is desummoned a post must be waited before the summon can reapear.

    (in the event that a summon is destroyed)  Hanna attacks Kip's Summon. Kip confirms the summon death in his post. Hanna's post. Kip must wait. Hanna post. Kip can now summon again.

    (In the event of desummoning) Kip desummons. Hanna posts. Kip must wait. Hanna posts. Kip can summon again.

    Summons deal semblance based damage, as in not checking stats or armor. When a summon intercepts an attack meant for the user it acts as a defense semblance would, only taking away up to the summon's hp. If that is exceeded the attack will still hit the summoner. They take up the summoner's attacks when they attack.

    See the character template for the summon template which a summoner would add to their app and here ( ) for gaining additional summons past your starting one. The summon template also includes some more specific informations on the stats distribution.

    A semblance must be totally dedicated to summoning. Also you cannot summon elemental versions of things naturally. You must combine the summon with dust of the element you wish in order to do this, doing so provides no damage bonus but allows for status effects and ranged combat from a summon. You may also combine a summon with a healing or status effect item in order for it to pass on that item's effect to another person potentially far from you.

    Summons cannot be people, you cannot summon for instance a copy of your old mentor. You can however conjure a beast, say a ferocious lion, in their likeness or in reference to them. Your first summon requires no explanation but subsequent ones which form will. You can only summon one summon at a time, it must be a singular entity.


    Mundane tasks such as using the aforementioned Pyrokinetic semblance to light a torch has no Aura cost.
    Creation semblances, Manipulation semblances, and Telekinetic Semblances are limited to one element/material.

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