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What Type of RPG will the Campaign play?

What Type of RPG will the Campaign play?

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1 What Type of RPG will the Campaign play? on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:16 pm

We have Three options to choose from. Here's a brief description.

Iron Kingdoms:

More than a thousand years ago, the land that is now called the Iron Kingdoms was western Immoren, a mire of warring human city-states. Strong leaders would come and go, but in the chaotic realm then known as the “Thousand Cities” no one could carve out a kingdom for long. Then came the Orgoth, an evil imperial race from beyond the sea that would change the face of western Immoren forever. The way was cleared for the Iron Kingdoms to arise.

Having overcome insurmountable odds and writing history in blood red ink, penned with steel, The Iron Kingdoms stand strong against all opposition. Their name alone is the embodiment of the spirit of the ancestry of the Human kind. The Iron Kingdoms lie on the continent of Immoren consists of the following Kingdoms: Cygnar, Khador, Llael and Ord. Rhul is the dwarven kingdom, and Ios is the elven. The trollkin inhabit the Wild area outside of the Kingdom walls in the Thornwood, and care little for the technology of the new world.

The Continent of Immoren lies in the world know as Caen. Western Immoren is the home of the Iron Kingdoms and the other races. At a time know as the Rivening to the elven kind, the whole of eastern Immoren was desolated by great changes in climate, and what was once a small desert had erupted into a vast wasteland know as the Bloodstone Marches.


The Deathwatch Space Marines serve the Ordo Xenos of the Imperial Inquisition as its Chamber Militant, the warriors of last resort when the Inquisition needs access to firepower greater than the Imperial Guard or a team of its own Acolytes or even Throne Agents can provide. Across the galaxy there are innumerable hostile alien civilisations that threaten Mankind, from the green-skinned Orks, to the monstrous Tyranids, sadistic Dark Eldar, spectral C'tan, and undying Necrons. It is the sacred task of the Deathwatch to stand sentry against all of these terrible xenos races. They are ready to act when such ancient evils rise to threaten Mankind once more. The Space Marines of the Deathwatch form the first, and often only, line of defence against these inhuman horrors.


Exalted is a fantasy roleplaying game intended for 2-8 players. It is set in the mythic prehistory of the world, a time when gods still walked openly among men, the world was flat, and the restless dead roamed on moonless nights. Players take the role on the Exalted, heroic men and women granted blessings of power by the mightiest of the gods. The Exalted can slay gods with their blades and arrows, leap across vast canyons, master ancient and miraculous sorcery, endure the burning heat of the desert or the killing cold of the tundra with only their natural resilience, and outwit demons using their razor wit.

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