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Early Arrival (Open)

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1 Early Arrival (Open) on Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:04 pm

Kyuseo Mion
Kyuseo would always have to be an early bird; 5:30 AM, that is. that is, if she wants to cause some trouble early in the morning. But not today, or at least right now. She was bored, is all. That, or she couldn't really get anymore sleep, but it was both. As always, she wore her usual attire, as she doesn't really have any pajamas or sleeping garments to wear, unless being in her birthday suit counts. But enough about outfits. Kyuseo was in a mood to break into a lecture hall. Not to crash it like she would, but somewhere to hang around would be fine enough.

Picking around at the halls, Kyuseo chooses a random door to pick-lock on. However, it was actually surprise that the door was already unlocked, making the fox Faunus life much easier. She wasn't really sure as to how or why it was unlocked; maybe someone forgot to lock it, or someone already broke it. Either way, it didn't really concern Kyuseo. All that matters is that the door is unlocked, and that's that.

Walking in into a lecture hall, she then took a brief glance around the room, admiring the largeness and the perimeter of the room for a moment. After that, Kyuseo then walked herself up to the teacher's desk, where she was able to hop herself on top of it, sitting with her legs hanging from the table. She didn't really know what to do now, except to just simply relax herself in this large room, with the door open. In case anyone else wants to relax here, too.

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2 Re: Early Arrival (Open) on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:09 am

Thorn Godwin
Thorn walks thru the open the door to see a girl on the teachers desk. Thorn see's that she is relaxing but he needs help with something. Thorn walks over and sits next to the girl and says hi. Thorn can see that she is kinda disturbed but Thorn politly ask's "Where is the teacher i need to speak with him" Thorn awaits a answer will he ask's one more question. "What is your name" . as he awaits a answer thorn goes to plant himself to a seat and pulls out a book. He thinks in his head "Why is she on the teacher's table, I would think that is not aloud but im new so how would i know". Thorn continues to read but is stopped when the faunus stare becomes to great. Thorn say's "Are you going to say something or are you gonna just stare"

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