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Oliver's Hack and Slash Session [Training Post]

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Oliver stood in the middle of the training hall surrounded by training androids ready for a fight. ‘If it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you’ll get.’ Oliver gripped Malevolent Wyvern with a death grip. A few of the training androids charged him head on. Oliver leapt into the air as two of the androids accidentally collided with each other and Oliver dropped down on top of them, causing the droids to collapse, and slashing another’s head off with a satisfying grinding noise. Dropping to the floor of the arena Oliver threw his weapon at one of the androids and tackled another. Malevolent Wyvern clawing through the android with relative ease and his claws, combined with some aura, make short work of the other android’s face. Quickly running over to his weapon he yanked it out of the collapsed droid’s face as twelve more droids came at him at an alarming pace. Focusing his semblance onto his weapon Oliver threw it at one, sawing it in half, as he and his weapon began a deadly ‘dance’ around the arena. Malevolent Wyvern slashing through the air without it’s owner’s grip on the handle as Oliver swung his own aura enhance claws slice through other androids. Grunting as Oliver hit the ground and caught his weapon with relative grace as some of the androids exploded in the background. Looking up towards more Oliver ran forward and slashed the android straight up the face. Then he spun around and took out three more. Looking about the Arena Oliver spotted a juggernaut class android. Smirking he dashed towards the android and jumped into the air to slash at this thing’s face with his weapon. Leaving a small slash in the droids battle plating Oliver jumped back up only to get smacked back down by the droid. Standing up Oliver wiped some blood from under his nose. Jumping back at the droid he gripped his axe and started to swing at an alarmingly fast pace. Leaving slash mark upon slash mark upon the droids plating until he eventually sawed straight through the shoulder plating and took the things arm off. Afterwards he sawed through the droids face shielding and took out the major CPU. Causing the droid to smash to the ground in defeat. However his victory was short lived as the training program unleashed a ravenous boarbatusk on him. Rolling his eyes as the tusk charged him, Oliver leapt overtop the Grimm with ease and landed behind it. Slicing at it’s well armoured rump with Malevolent Wyvern he forced the Grimm to spin around and face him. Rearing up to charge at him Oliver gave the Grimm a swift uppercut with the sawblade turned on. Sawing the Grimm’s upper body almost completely in half. Landing back down on the ground as the program turned off and Oliver wiped Grimm blood from his eyes and examined Malevolent Wyvern. Noticing the blade had dulled significantly and he would have to go get it sharpened. “Might as well go add more spiky bits between the other spiky bits on the blade…” Oliver smiled to himself as he left the arena.

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