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My semblance is... SHENANIGANS! [Semblance Questions]

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Firing this off before going to work, so apologies if my explanations are lacking.

I've read the basic effects that a semblance can 'do', but I was wondering about more complex effects:

- Would it be possible to create a semblance that effects multiple targets at a time (like a wide-hitting attack or debuff- one example I came up with was a semblance that would either cause damage or reduce Defense and Resistance in a large radius around it's user)?

- Could telepathy work as a valid 'Utility' semblance (the primary use would be out-of-combat, AKA Thank-God-We-Never-Have-To-Worry-About-Scroll-Reception-Ever-Again, but if allowed I would come up with some 'offensive' uses for it, mainly to distract and fatigue opponents by 'shouting at their mind')?

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Yes, you can make an AoE semblance.

Yes, you can have telepathy, but it cannot be used offensively, because there would be no way to avoid that, in any situation, and thus is too god moddy.

Hope this helps~

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I can work with that, thank you for your time.

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