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Banned and Restricted Semblances

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Leena Lilac
If you are ever worried about whether or not your semblance is acceptable, here is a list of semblances that we do not allow, in no particular order:

Future Prediction.
Reality Manipulation
Mind Control.
Aura Steal.
Semblance Copy.
Blood/Internal Manipulation.
Multi-element (Including Telekinetic)
God Mode.
Black Holes/Certain-Gravity-Stuff
Sacrificial Semblances.
Semblance Manipulation/Alteration
Probability Manipulation
Buffing based upon increasing accuracy

Restricted Semblances

All semblances are restricted to a maximum ten meter radius around the individual, anything that exceeds this will fizzle-out/simply fail to take effect. Sacrificing range will not grant you access to special privileges.

Sound: Sound based semblances are allowed but nothing can be done to a person through simply hearing the sound. You cannot have a song you sing that upon hearing has some effect on individuals, you can however have some kind of visible epicenter or tangible wave to your sound that, upon making contact or passing through a person, has an effect. This projectile would not travel at the speed of sound, the instantaneous and unavoidable nature of sound semblances is why they are restricted. Equally, while sound alone cannot affect individuals making a sound and something being summoned or manipulated is fine. You can have a semblance where as long as you are singing you can manipulate earth or some kind of summoned being. The only exception to hearing alone having an affect is upon the self; you can create a song which empowers the self and only the self upon hearing it.

Flight: Semblances pertaining to flight exclusively allow the individual to fly, one cannot have flight atop other things. A second jump or the construction of a platform in the air can however be coupled with other sensible things e.g. Creating explosions may allow you a second jump.

Gravity: You cannot fundamentally strengthen or negate gravity, you can however take advantage of Gravity’s natural effect. You can conjure heavy aura that will stick to a target and weigh them down, debuffing speed. The only way you can ignore gravity’s effect is through a flight semblance which would exclusively affect the self.

Grimm Summoning: Summoning the likeness of a grimm is fine, you can do this through a summoning semblance. Calling upon real grimm however, even if they would not obey you, is not allowed.

Blood Manipulation: This is okay as long as it is one’s own blood, you cannot manipulate another person through/or their blood with a semblance. You would not take damage through using this semblance.

Telepathy: Communicating through one’s mind, be it one way messaging or two way, is fine as long as it is with consenting individuals. You cannot force a message into a person’s mind.

Illusions: Only illusions that coat the skin precisely are allowed, for example making oneself invisible or changing one's appearance. This can top clothes through the explanation that it is your aura being cloaked but if any part of the illusion is hit the individual would be to.

Pocket Dimension: Pocket Dimension semblances are limited to exclusively being the pocket dimension. The maximum size of a pocket dimension is a ten meter radius hemisphere. There must always be an exit and entrance to the pocket dimension, it can either be the same location as the entrance or a seperate gateway in its vicinity. The entrance/exit cannot be moved while people are in the pocket dimension and it must be visible, the layout of the dimension cannot be changed once initially crafted. Exiting the dimension must take you back to where you entered it. The gateway to a pocket dimension cannot be used as a shield; using it to take an attack will result in the portal being destroyed and the user being damaged. When users are within however, if the entrance still exists, attacks can pass into the pocket dimension. The entrance to the dimension must be crafted by the user touching the location it expands from or conjuring the entrance from within their hands. Creating the likes of a sack you throw over a person or puddle which expands from your hand where you touch the ground is allowed. The maximum size of the gateway is seven feet by three and a half. A pocket dimension that only allows inanimate objects is allowed, however you cannot have a dimension only the self can enter.

Lifesteal: Lifesteal’s only restriction is in it’s cost, it can be made as a projectile or through touch. When using a lifesteal semblance to steal aura from a person and apply it to yourself you must pay the typical 20 SP for 20 damage then on your next post, if the attack connected, you can pay 30 for 20 to heal or 10 to buff. This can be explained In-Character as you taming or modifying the aura to suit your body before you apply it.

Teleportation: Teleportation semblances require line of sight and, like all semblances, are restricted to a maximum ten meter range. Teleportation must be your whole semblance, you cannot have something and in addition to it teleportation. One can teleport out of a grapple as long as they can see somewhere to do so. You must decide whether momentum is retained or nullified when you teleport, this is the case forever and cannot be decided upon circumstance. You can have aesthetics on  your teleportation, such as pixelating and reforming or appearing to vanish into one’s shadow but these are just that; aesthetic.

Substitution: When it comes to switching places with an object in your environment you must have line of sight to this object and this object must be within 10 meters of the individual. Alike teleportation this alone is your semblance, you cannot have substitution and something else. Substitution comes under multi element rules, meaning you must pick an element you can swap with, you cannot have the ability to substitute with another person or creature even if they are willing.
The maximum weight a person can substitute with is 100kg (220 Pounds). One can substitute out of a grapple as long as they can see somewhere to do so. You must decide whether momentum is retained or nullified when you substitute, this is the case forever and cannot be decided upon circumstance.

Warping: Warping differs from substitution or teleportation in that you create something you warp to or through, creation of portals comes under this category. Alike teleportation/substitution these semblance have the limited range of ten meters from the user however once the point you warp to has been placed you do not require line of sight to it.  One can warp out of a grapple as long as they have created a warp-point. You must decide whether momentum is retained or nullified when warping occurs, this is the case forever and cannot be changed based upon circumstance. Only one point can be created, or two in the case of portals.

The cost of warping is greater than that of teleportation or substitution, you must pay to place your warp-point and then pay again every time it is in use/used. Warp points can only be created in two ways; through the direct contact of the user on the area they wish to warp to or through a projectile the user launches, one cannot point to an area and immediately make that a warp-point. The number of warp points a person can make is limited to 2 and the maximum size of any portal is seven feet by three and a half .

Intangibility: You can gain an elemental or gaseous state but this will only provide semblance defence. You would not be immune to attacks, any damaging attack that would pass through you will hit you, you would be able to sneak through a crack in a wall.

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