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A Fight in Finnek [Closed]

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1 A Fight in Finnek [Closed] on Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:36 pm

The woods used to be a place of relaxation for Revan, but due to recent events Revan had to be more on his toes than ever. So rather than relaxing as usual Revan decided to fight some grimm and it would be nice if he could find something easily, but that often would show to not be the case. Revan, as always took the precaution of walking far from society so that no one would be hurt in the calamity of any fight that were to ensue. The Snow of Finnek Forest made the trek harder than it had to be, but it also made finding grimm easier as tracks were made more obvious. However no fresh tracks had made themselves evident as of yet. The hunt of grimm was never an easy one, they would rarely run from a fight, but they did fight back. In fact such a thing might be the reason that hunting of more docile creatures is not common. such a train of thought made Revan wonder if through similar logic, presence of grimm could in part cause the ridicule of Faunus.

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2 Re: A Fight in Finnek [Closed] on Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:44 pm

Nevermore x3
Level 3, 115 HP.

Floating around in the air on the lookout for prey. A small flock of Nevermores, about 3 to be precise, were gliding above the forests of Finnek in search of anything. Human, Faunus, or animal to feast upon. To no avail however due to the snow that layered Finnek’s forests almost annually. However their search would come to fruition as one of them spotted a human down in a clearing looking around for something. Squawking both back to it’s companions and the human below. The Nevermores began to attack in turn. The first one swooping down towards the human below rather recklessly. The other two nevermores following shortly after in suit. Soaring through the sky down towards the human below with, to any inexperienced hunter, a terrifying whooshing sound. Their feathers falling flat against their bodies as the air pushes against their feathers. Beaks wide open in aims to crunch the human between their giant, ebony coloured jaws.

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3 Re: A Fight in Finnek [Closed] on Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:07 pm

Revan had seen little in the way of grimm so far and he probably wouldn't have until he had been hit if the first nevermore to attack him wasn't so reckless. The dive of the Nevermore made just enough sound for Revan to figure that something was off and for him to dive and roll in an attempt to dodge whatever it was that was coming at him. A quick turn as he came to his feet revealed another two nevermore swooping down to take a chunk of meat out of the exposed teacher. Revan had a choice to make, were he to draw his sword he would leave an opening for the second of three grimm. However were he to attempt to dodge the second he would likely get hit by the third and still not have his weapon drawn. Finally if he used his semblance he could avoid the attacks from the second and third, but he would loose valuable aura. So Revan decided to save his aura for later, he blocked the attack of the second nevermore with the armor on his left arm as he reached for his blade with the other, then as the third grimm came in for it's share, Revan was able to make an attempt to strike the bird in the same stroke as he drew the blade.


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