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Severa Crowley [Done]

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1 Severa Crowley [Done] on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:55 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Severa Crowley
Age: 18
Birthday: January 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 1,67 m
Weight: *Secrets* ;3
Face Claim: Tokisaki Kuromi (Date A Live) with recolored outfit

STR: 2
DEF: 2
SPT: 5
RES: 3
Aura 200|100 HP

Group: Dusters
Likes: Milkshakes, walking outside, finding something new about someone, music
Dislikes: Her shyness, being alone, fish, fighting, her other self
Fears: Being rejected, never finding love, bugs, heights, killer cyborgs
Overall Personality: Severa is a gentle girl who had extreme difficulty to make friend due to her being a little different. I'm not talking about being a faunus or something, it's because of her left eye. Not having a lot of friends, she often "act" differently than others. She will follow them in silence, look at their work, observe them. It's her way to learn things about people. But don't worry, if she follows you, that's mean she likes you and want to know you better. For what she lacks in social skills, she compensate for her great kindness and care, except... If she is afraid, mad, stressed or feel any other kind of negative emotion, she'll change into her other self, which is a extreme version of the state she is at the moment. Other calls it her "Emotional State".

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Blood Red
Semblance: Dust Sickness: Buff/Debuff

With her aura now mysteriously imbued with Dust particles, Sevy can use her newfound power to either strengthen her own bonds with Dust or debilitate her foes to reduce their own potential using it or by degrading their natural resistance to Dust-base attacks.

To inflict her enemy with the debuff, her aura travels by air into their respiratory system and moves into the blood stream to either attack the brain, which will cause a loss of concentration (SPT Debuff), or the immune system to weaken the body's ability to withstand Dust attacks (RES Debuff). It looks like a sparkly red cloud of Dust when launched and don't think it moves slowly, she can move it.

The way Sevy uses her Semblance to empower her own attacks is similar, only increasing her affinity with Dust rather than reducing it.

Enemies can avoid getting "infected" if they have the mean to protect their respiratory ways efficiently (gas masks and the likes), holding your breath won't work unless pinching your nose, which will make you look silly and render one of your hands unusable.

Only one target can be debuffed and Sevy cannot buff anyone but herself. Afflicted target will feel nauseous and confused, while Sevy will just the same as usual, although her eyes will look all sparkly with Dust-filled clouds harmlessly coming out of them. Costs 10 aura/post active, can both buff and debuff at the same time, increasing to cost to 20/post.

Item 1: Forget-Me-Not / This little dust proof bracelet is helping her to channel dust to materialize it into a weapon of her chose. It take some time to materialize and to change form, however. It's primary use is to protect her from dust attack.
Item 2: Fire dust

History and Sample
Severa was a typical girl from Bellmuse, living a simple life with her parents that were both ex-hunters, except that the difference in her eyes made people laugh at her when she was younger, causing her to become lonely years later. For starter, her eyes are of different colours, the right being red and the left being orange, but the main difference is that in her left eye, there's a clock, and not just a pattern, but an actual working clock. It is not working with gears or anything mechanical, it's just working, like magically or something. And she does sees it. Talk about an internal clock... The years of ridicule she suffered made her avoid people and any social interaction by fear that people would still laugh at her. That seclusion made her very sensitive to negative emotions, developing a psychological overreaction to them when they occurred causing a bigger gap with people. Make her cry, and she will drench herself. Make her mad and you might not see to see the next day. Well, an extreme exaggerated overreaction. To avoid being pushed into her Emotional State, she prefer to follow people from afar to try to learn about them. Her wish is to find someday someone that might understand her and help with those overreaction. She was tired of being treated differently and decided that she change things. When discovering about Syne Academy from her father who's a retired huntsman that knew about the school, she decided that she'll become a huntress there and try to start anew. Training in dust manipulation the way her father did with her own manipulator, she decided to take her life into hand and change, if possible, the way people thinks of her.It might be difficult, but she'll do her best. She might even be able to make friends there, hopefully.
RP Sample:
Severa walked into the courtyard, feeling the cold wind of the lingering winter with the warm heat from the sun of spring. She looked at the surrounding and saw a small crowd of student, six of them, that were talking to each others. She hid behind a tree, took her notebook out of her bag and took notes about them. What seemed to be an android with a TV screen as a face, a human with two tone hair and another that wield a trident, two faunus: a beautiful fox girl and one that seemed to hide his origins and the last girl was an android that looked totally human to her. Severa hid herself quickly as the guy with two tone hair suddenly turned towards her. "He must have seen me, I'm sure of it." did she told herself as she peeked to look back. "No, he didn't saw me I think." She then returned to her notes.

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Moved after use of the semblance modification item...

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