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Midnight Rebellion

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1 Midnight Rebellion on Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:46 am

Kumori sighed as he stared at the white pages before him, the words felt jumbled and empty in the pale moonlight. His gold eyes stared into the pages trying to decipher their purpose when a loud snoring peered into mind. He grunted, the air was stiff and smelled arid, and his body simply felt restless. It was nights like these he felt restless, like a beast held in a cage. His eyes peered out to the window into the forest, its blue hue calling out to him. He looked at the book in his hand then back to the window, he spoke to himself making sure that no one else could hear him. "Screw the rules and the curfew, I'm going out. " With his last word he pushed open the window and jumped out.

Kumori grabbed the book at his side as it transformed into a large scythe catching the wind as enveloped his entire body. He landed softly upon the ground, his eyes bewildered by the forest in front of him. Enchanted by the looks of the blue forest he dove in wondering what creatures might be found inside.

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2 Re: Midnight Rebellion on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:43 pm

Level 2, HP 100

The deathstalker was making rounds of its territory, searching for intruders. It had been laying dormant in its cave for quite some time now but alas hunger had drove it from its peaceful location and into the dark night. Its golden tail shot up as it caught sight of something in the shattered moon's light. It tracked the target as it landed, just inside its territory. The deathstalker was angered by this, no one was allowed in its territory be them hunter or grim. It began to make it's way toward the intruder, prepared to kill them.

The deathstalker locked onto the target, its scuttling footsteps making its presence obvious even if its massive size would not. It kept its claws open in anticipation for this hunt. The grimm quickly noticed there were only one of them causing its confidence to grow further still. The beast crashed through the trees toward the boy and without even blinking it lurched its tail forward, taking its opponent head on.

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3 Re: Midnight Rebellion on Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:29 am

Kumori breathed in deeply as he consumed the forest air. Each breath seemed to give him something that the inside air lacked, something that seemed to calm him down. It felt odd, the life at school was so much safer, calmer, and relaxed, and yet it felt as if it had the opposite affect on him. If he wasn't reading it was quite rare he could ever fall asleep; most days he spent on edge over analyzing everything. He wondered if he would ever get used to going to a school, and not living out his every day barely surviving. He was simply used to fighting his way through life and not simply felt like he was being cheated.

As a faunas he knew he could read a book while walking through the woods, but the time simply didn't feel right. Just as he was about to head back to the school he heard rustling through the woods approaching him. He held on to his scythe as the cause of the noise made itself be known. A death stalker of all things decided to attack him. He bowed his head thanking his luck for such an adversary. His golden eyes stared down the large scorpion, his scythe held high as it charged him. He held the scythe tight as he buried the blade of the scythe into the ground still holding the chain. He laughed to himself as he jumped over the enemy pulling the chain just as he passed the beast pulling the scythe right into beast. "Im so glad you have come, this is truly going to make my night"

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4 Re: Midnight Rebellion on Thu Mar 12, 2015 4:17 pm

The deathstalker was giddy as its prey tried to attack it, scuttling to avoid the blade and swiping one of its massive claws toward its opponent's back. It could tell already this wasn't a proper one, a proper one would have attacked without a word. Trees were felled as it dodged the blade, it kept knocking them down, forming a circular arena for them to fight in. It would not allow this one to run away and hide in the trees, now if he did the deathstalker could follow. Its tail swayed, tauntingly while it prepared its claws for a second assault.

It lined itself up, facing the opposing hunter with a steely glint in its yellow eyes. It pondered on how it would attack; stick it with the tail, slice with its left, tear with the right... nah, to simple. The deathstalker set its claws as a wall and ran straight forward, rushing the target with a ramming type maneuver.

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