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Flask In The Glory (Closed to all but FLSQ)

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Liona Mimiko

Liona greatly appreciated the other faunus' help in trying to comfort the poor scaredy cat. It was better than the two robots, who only seemed to make more noise. Then again, they probably, according to pretty much every sci-fi movie in existence, didn't understand emotions completely. Being androids, they could feel emotion, but who knows if its the same emotions as people? Liona covered her cat ears as suggested and smiled weakly at Quartzella. "Thank you, I think I should be somewhat fine." Liona did not have the energy to go all the way to her room, probably waking everyone up with her screaming.

Suddenly, she felt something land on her head. Releasing one of her ears, she grabbed it. It seemed that a piece of paper had fallen and had floated over to her. as she took the paper, another thunderclap caused her to flinch and tighten her grip suddenly, and the paper crumpled up a little bit. "Ah, oops..." she released her other ear, and opened the paper back up, reading its contents. "No I in Team, no I in Hunter, Form a team today and Find the joy of companionship on the battlefield...?" What? That's a dumb thing to have a flyer of. If people wanted a Team, they could just form one themselves. Whatever, Liona wasn't about to further question the choices of the administrative office of this place, more than she already had been with the curfew already. "Heh, Maybe we could team up and--" The sound of thunder. "a-and beat up this storm."

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27 Re: Flask In The Glory (Closed to all but FLSQ) on Sat May 16, 2015 12:37 pm

Sno Lagu
Sno looked over at Flash and read his screen and said "You seem pretty concerned about my arm Flash alot more concerned than I am. But I guess you can look at it if you really want to. It is most likely just something that got knocked loose nothing too serious." Sno then heard Liona reading a flyer out loud she also said something about forming a team to beat the storm. Sno sorta laughed a little and said "Liona you can't really beat a storm. A storm or in this case I think it is a thunderstorm which is a storm with lightning and thunder. They are produced by cumulonimbus clouds, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail. The basic ingredients used to make a thunderstorm are moisture, unstable air and lift. You need moisture to form clouds and rain. So it is a little impossible to beat or defeat a storm.. However the idea for a team sounds like fun! So I do agree that we should form a team.. Oh but wouldn't we need a team name?"

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