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Status Effects

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Richard Lionheart
While battling you may want to have a leg up on your opponents, be it through your semblance, dust, power or perhaps a special item. When or if this occurs the following should be used;

Administered through food/weapon drenched in poison/poison related semblance. Deals 5 points of damage per post (At affinity one), lasts four posts max, target is not impaired by the poison and can still fight normally, curable with antidote item neutralized by healing aura (you don't heal nor do you take damage from the poison). Does not affect androids. At affinity two: Deals 10 At affinity three: Deals 15 At affinity four: Likelihood increases.

Lasts 1 post (At affinity one), target is impaired and cannot fight, target can be awoken through any of the natural means (e.g. loud noise, being touched, pain) by an ally or their opponents by mistake, androids go into sleep mode and can be awakened by the same means. At affinity two: Lasts 2 posts At affinity three: Last 3 posts At affinity four: Likelihood increases.

After been dealt damage via fire dust, fire related semblance or fire related weapon. For every 20 damage the burned-player deals the burned-player takes 5 damage (At affinity one). Target is not impaired. Can be healed through a burn heal or any kind of healing semblance, five that would be lost is neutralized by healing aura but if you deal damage resulting in over five points of burn damage to yourself you just subtract 5 from the total burn damage. At affinity two: You take 5 for every 15 you deal At affinity three: You take 5 for every 10 you deal At affinity four:Likelihood increases.

After being dealt damage via Ice dust, Ice related semblance or ice related weapon. Target cannot run/walk but can fight/defend, lasts 2 posts (At affinity one). Thawed by fire semblance/fire dust/fire related weapon. At affinity two: Last 3 posts At affinity three: Last 4 posts At affinity four: Likelihood increases.

After being struck by an opponent whose Strength is three or more above your Defence (buffs included) you will begin to bleed as your aura has been overwhelmed. Every time your attacked physically you take 5 additional damage (At affinity one) as additional holes are opened and vital liquids leak out. This additional damage is unresisted by any stat and is dealt by any physical based attack, not just those by the individual who inflicted it or that use a weapon. This can be healed by any healing semblance or the bandage item. You must use a weapon to inflict this status in the first place however. At affinity two: You take 10 additional damage per physical hit. At affinity three: You take 15 additional damage per physical hit. At affinity four: Likelihood increases.

When an android is hit by a magnet/polarity related attack or when touched by a powerful magnet. Androids can move but not attack. Androids short term memory is corrupted and forgets who/why it is fighting. Can be prevented by a non android removing the magnet/reminding the android what is happening. Lasts 1 post (At affinity one), memory regained upon second post. At affinity two: Lasts 2 posts At affinity three: Lasts 3 posts At affinity four: Likelihood increases.

Caused by being damage from dust used by an opponent whose spirit is three or more above a target's Resistance (buffs included). The effect of the dust lingers in the body and (At affinity one) will react to other dust negatively; thus result in five additional damage per dust based attack you take. This is dealt when taking any dust based attack; not just that of the person who inflicted it. You must use dust to inflict this. Hex can be healed by any healing semblance or the ward of protection item. At affinity two: it deals 10 additional damage per dust hit. At affinity three: It deals 15 additional damage per dust hit At affinity four: Likelihood increases.


That attacker uses their semblance to attack an opponents eyes. This does not include the likes of using fire to burn their eyes, as a person's aura will protect them from that immediate damage. Blind is triggerable if you affect the eyes directly, not the environment around the eyes. Blind is triggered on rolling an even number with the status dice. It lasts one post. In the case it doesn't take affect the user is able to quickly overcome whatever is blinding them, thus only obscuring their view briefly. In the case that it does the person cannot see for the entire post and looses both 1 def and 1 res as it's harder to defend against incoming attacks. What's on their face will be removable/they will have recovered at the start of their next post, thus you cannot be blinded on consecutive posts. Of course, the blind cannot be blinded, but machines that use sensors or the like will have them clogged/blocked by the blinding effect.

E.g. Earth-manipulating a helmet around a person's head which lacks eyeholes only affects the target and their eyes, not the environment around a person and thus would trigger blind. A burst of light targeted at a person's eyes also has no lasting effect on the environment, thus would trigger blindness. Creating a mist or darkness to obscure vision in the area a person is in does not trigger the blind status as it directly affects the environment, not the person's eyes. In this case the target cannot see, their vision is obscured, but they don't roll for the status.

Using Status Effects:
In order to cause a status effect you must state so within your post, e.g. "Slash swung his axe at Viccy with the intent of making her bleed" or "Winter let loose an icy cold wind, hoping to freeze Summer in place." From here you perform a dice roll, rolling the correct number(s) decides whether the status will take affect. Dice can be found here: The person who's having a status inflicted on them must roll, unless the attack will be avoided. They must roll before posting, if they roll the dice this means they will be hit. Even if the status does not inflict.

You can upgrade Status Effects as you please, providing you have the experience. upgrades are done one at a time, for one specific type of effect at a time. Blind is an exception to this, being non-up-gradable. Upgrades are done here

Aff 1: Given
Aff 2: 1000 exp
Aff 3: 2500 exp and a 300 word training topic
Aff 4: 5000 exp and a 500 word training topic

You can only attempt to inflict a status once per post, the one being inflicted is the one who rolls

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