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Library/Study Hall & Cafeteria Tabs [Suggestion]

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I have noticed that Syne Academy lacks a Library/Study Hall and Cafeteria tabs under Syne Academy. I have some RP ideas for if a library was added and I have seen 2 posts that involve a cafeteria when there isn't a cafeteria tab. I believe that having those tab would lead to a more organized roleplay because then not everyone would be just posting under Syne Academy they would actually have a specific location they can post. I also think I Library should be added for people like researchers who are supposed to be the bookworms, wouldn't make sense for them to be in a library? Also the addition of a library would mean that people would have a place to roleplay for team meet up threads it would give more of a variety of locations that one can roleplay in rather than everyone being either in the courtyard or in their dorms or possibly in a lecture hall. So I suggest that a Library/Study Hall and also a Cafeteria.

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Grab enough support for this, and It can easily be done. Although keep in mind that there cannot be a tab for everything, y'know? Lest the forum gets crowded. For example, Say you want to RP at a pool, which for Fantasy RP sites isn't all too common for a topic. If you say there is a pool house in Bellmuse Central Square, then that's fine, but it does not warrant the need for a whole tab for a pool. If that made any sense.

That said, A cafeteria/Library (especially the library) does make sense to have tabs for, so if you guys really want it, then it can easily be slipped in for the next update.

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