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About the status effects...

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1 About the status effects... on Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:22 am

Ok It's only about the recent add of the status effects...

First of, I'm surprised that Paralysis isn't in the list as it's kind of a classic in that matter

-It could make the target unable to do anything, not doing any damage or maybe a minimum to androids, curable and would work with anything electric-related

-Last 1 post at affinity 1, 2 posts at affinity 2, 3 at 3 and the likelihood increase at 4

-Curable via healing semblance and item (would need one) and could have an item to cause it (a neurotoxin of sort)

The second part is regarding the dice roll, I want to be sure about something so here is a situation:

I want to burn someone, I have affinity 3 with burn, so I need 1 on the dice to burn my target. If I get something else, will the burn just not take effect or if it will correspond to a lower affinity burn?

so here are my concern with the status effects, I just want to be sure to understand them before using them

Thanks in advance...

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