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Roommates? [Liliane]

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1 Roommates? [Liliane] on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:45 pm

The Valkyrie Mark-1 model stood their staring off into space as she now had settled herself into her dorm room. It had remained vacant for the better part of the months as she hadn't met anyone who got spooked out by her mannerisms. Those who didn't for some reason ran away when she introduced her father who was always rooming with her. She had been playing around with daddy for a long time and had finally decided to lay him out to make sure he was still all there. Each skeletal structure seemed to be snapped in half so long as it was longer than 6 inches except for the skull which only contained a few cracks.

"Daddy sure does seem to be resting a long time." Val stood there hovering over her bed as she looked at the full skeleton that she had pieced together with wiring and some glue. She always tried to her best to take care of daddy. Having grown bored of her fathers sleepy condition she was now watched the far corner of the room which was the highest traffic area in her room so far as a spider had set up her web in the corner.

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2 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:43 am

Liliane wondered the halls of Syne as she gave herself an impromptu solo tour of the place while searching for her dorm. What had started out as a simple "five minute" walk to her dorm wound up taking the better part of an hour. As she opened the door all she had wanted to do was set her stuff down and then collapse onto a bed to sleep, but then she saw a painted metal android hovering over a bed with a skeleton on it.

Without thinking Liliane slammed the door shut and waited a few seconds before reopening it hoping her mind had just played tricks on her. This process happened quite a few more times until, having checked the dorm room number was correct innumerable times, she opened the door and excepted the creepy scene before her.

With a nervous sigh she walked into the room, keeping the door open, and went to the bed in the far corner with the spider. As she made her way to the bed she never once turned her back to the android, nor did she even blink. Setting herself done on the bed she mustered a soft voice to address the android. "H-h-hello I'm Liliane a-a-nd it l-l-looks like we are dorm mates. What is u-u-up with the skeleton?" Falling silent she prayed to whatever higher power(s?) the universe might have that this mysteriously creepy android wouldn't add her skeleton to the collection on the bed.

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3 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:03 pm

Val's eyes were void of life as she continued to stare at the spider as if gloomily realizing just now that the average lifespan of the poor creature was so short. Although her quirks involved a lot of disturbing situations for others she did have a loving heart or power core underneath her spooky exterior that was also keeping her from experiencing the sense of touch. As the strange girl walked in her head turned slowly, its motion would have been perfectly matched if the door had been creaking open. Her sensors didn't get thrown into alarm at the slamming of the door as she began to scan the girl before her. "Odd amputee cybernetic limbs, obviously has undertaken damage from unpleasant circumstances." Her protocol then kicked into place seeing the girl as she took upon her guardian like qualities.

She then watched as the girl slammed the door shut again, Val's eyes blinked a bit confused as she walked over toward the opening leaving her sickly father alone. She then walked back in after showing a sigh which confused her. "Are you ok? Liliane? You are having a stammer which is usually a sign of nervousness?"

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4 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:12 am

As the android spoked to her Viviane could help but swallow nervously as her eyes shifted from her, to the skeleton, and back to her. The initial words spoken were rather unnerving but not particularly creepy. She just didn't like the people being so blunt about her condition, let alone when such thinks are spoken by a monotone voiced android who had a skeleton on her bed. Thinking through that she sighed and gave herself a slight concession and let herself be creeped out by the words. Which only made the next words coming out of the androids mouth all the stranger.

The android seemed genuinely concerned about her. In fact it was like she was like another android was suddenly talking to her completely, and that didn't exactly settle her nerves. In fact all she could think about was the fact she was rooming with an android that quite possibly had multiple personalities programmed into it. Taking a deep breath she Liliane calmed herself down before replying. "I-I'm ok. Just a bit nervous to start classes and room with a stranger. Maybe if you tell me your name and let me know what kind of android you are I would be able to get more comfortable."

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5 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:45 am

As Liliane spoke to her she blinked her eyes a bit confused still noticing some hints of agitation. The unnerved girl didn't seem to be feeling that good ever since she opened the door to the room giving Val the genius recognition. "Oh I bet I know what is wrong with you, you must be claustrophobic. Perhaps if we took out a wall you would feel better?" She then walked away from her fathers bedside leaving him alone now to deal with his sickly figure. Her emotions were draining even for an android who appeared to have such a gorgeous foundation despite her metallic surfaces.

However, the few words she then heard from the girl then sent electrons firing a miss on the path up to her memory banks. Glitching her voice began to skip like a record that had been poorly handled. "Wh-at-wh-wh-t do you mean an-an-an-an-dro-id-d-d?" A generic Pinocchio concept if anyone had ever seen it. refusing to recall anything about the last question she was asked as it bore the unkindly truth of her true structure she turned off her head drooping a bit before she heavily crashed into the ground.

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6 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:38 pm

Liliane was caught completely off guard by the androids suggestion that she was claustrophobic and they should remove a wall. That followed up with the androids sudden short circuited freak out had Liliane completely out of her element. The words spoken by the android before she shut down made it clear that she was unable to think of herself as an android and it was that fact that allowed her to get to her sense. Without thinking she got up and started inspecting the android for visible damage that could explain her strange behavior.

While doing so she looked for the access point to its systems thinking about running a diagnostics on the poor girl. What she saw were various scrapes and dents all over the androids metallic body. Individually none of them would be likely to cause much damage, but altogether now that is a different case. If nothing else it suggested she fought a lot and when she did she fought hard. Even if these bumps and scrapes don't amount to much who knows what could have damaged her in a fight that wouldn't leave a mark, especially when talking about semblances.

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7 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:27 pm

Val's smile widened as she lied their on the ground in a crashed state her own built in subroutines slowly beginning to set right the backfire. At first the tattoo like inscriptions upon her body lit up before her eyes came back to life. The systems began to whirl back to life however her actual cognizance wouldn't begin for another few minutes as her technology was out of date an well due for an upgrade. her body laid limp the inner circuitry was rather scraggly at est as her father didn't try to hard at organizing the wiring that brought this broken doll like child to life.

A small terminal toward the base of her neck read corrupted memory bank as she hadn't been fully operational when she first started working. The insides were also extremely dusty as her processor were revving up and burning off some of the smoke with the heat of the machinery. The screen inside then said, Valkyrie Mark1 guardian model, please enter a name of someone who needs protection.

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8 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:03 pm

It was quite apparent from he start that this android had some serious issues, but nothing could have prepared Liliane to expect the jumbled mess of wires, dust, and seriously outdated parts inside it. Her guess was the skeleton was her creator and that she had been alone sense he had died. That coupled with the apparent flaw of not knowing she is in fact an android as caused her to get into a sore state of repair.

With a sigh she takes mental notes of everything and then goes over to get her tool kits from her belongings and gets to work doing what she can. For now that was mostly blowing out all the dust from Valkyrie's systems and checking on some repairs for the corrupt memory banks. Though she did spend some time trying to trace all the various wires and figure out if there was at least some sort of organization to the madness. "Guess they put me hear so that I could do some maintenance to your systems and bodies. After all I do have experience with this kind of stuff." As she spoke to herself she briefly looked at her cybernetic arm. It was at this point that the screen inside Valkyrie's access panel prompted her to in put a name of someone to be protected. Having no clue what to do she began looking for a way to bypass the prompt.

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9 Re: Roommates? [Liliane] on Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:11 pm


A reboot screen would soon come up relaying a fair amount of information:

Product: Vlakyrie Mark I
Date of Creation: October 29
Years since activation: 5
Body Functions:
Right Arm functionality suboptimal, proper functionality 34%
Left Arm functionality suboptimal, proper functionality 47%
Right Leg functionality average, proper functionality 51%
Left Leg functionality average, proper functionality 60%
Central Processing Unit danger, proper functionality 22%
Memory Leak error, please allocate more memory for proper emotional settings. Overall this model is not battle ready please return to producer for scrapping as this model is defective.

Manuel override type in a new admin and password for purchase of this machine.

Val's limbs began to stir again one arm now reaching down to press her body up even while being worked upon. While her creators voice played, "I would like to introduce you to Valkyrie Mark1, she most likely has wandered off in which case I ask you to shut her down and leave her at the closest bus stop as she isn't suppose to be a real model. She was mainly my creation of my lost daughter till I realized I didn't need a copy." The transmission cut out before it could say anything else as Val's eyes began to flutter open a bit lost.


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