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Grimm 101 [close]

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26 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:19 pm

Octavia Kasai
After hearing the shots and the professors lecture Octavia said "He or she I have boobs in case you can't tell idiot!" She then saw that the professor left the classroom. Octavia thought Good he is leaving now I can teach that little dwarf that it is not good to mess with me!. Then she heard the dwarf begin to speak. With every sentence the dwarf said Octavia got mad until she was furious. Her body began to glow red and she place her hand towards the boy. Octavia then yelled at the dwarf "HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! I SHALL HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THAT YOU STUPID DWARF!" A fireball formed from Octavia's aura and fired from her hand. But with out her weapon it became unstable and began a massive fire in the lecture hall. But that didn't stop Octavia she then kicked the dwarf. At this point she was beyond furious with him.

Health and Aura:
Health 150/150 Aura 140/150

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27 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:16 pm

Dean Mattox
One moment he was sitting, waiting for the class to actually start, but then it was on fire. It was kind of a cause of effect thing, now that he thought about it. He got up, grabbing his staff-stabby thing that he kept real close, and questioned, for a split second- "Do I hit her or do I not." He very swiftly decided that if he were to hit her at any point, it'd be right now. He got his 11 foot stabby pole ready, and aimed it like a thrust at Octavia. Sure, he may have hit the wall he stood near, but it was already flamey. He was just attempting to stop the problem at the route, plus... well, it's not every day you get to fight a person just as big as you in a flaming room when your Bernats size. It was really fun to be his size, you know.

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28 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:05 pm

Professor Coal
Coal was barely closing the door behind him that the commotion inside became anew. "Damn those punky brats, can't have the decency of being quiet a lit-" He stopped talking as Ayane was now clutching onto him and cried. He released a sigh of both exasperation from his chaotic students and of relief, from Ayane. Since he never saw her again after he had left Atlas, He never knew if she was alright, what she had become. He had never stopped thinking about her and if he had made the right choice of leaving her into the care of the child services. He hugged her and gently petted the back of her head as she was crying, trying to comfort her, trying... "Hey, what's with all the tears? Are you suppose to be strong, especially on front of me?" Coal noticed that it was the exact same words he had used back in the day and wondered if she'd noticed it too.

A small burst of flame was visible from the glass panel of the door and it was clear that the class had caught fire. He looked towards it before sighing once more, but not letting go of Ayane as she wasn't letting go either. "Come on, really? Now they are setting the class on fi-" Coal promptly stopped talking as he thought of what Ayane would do or say if she knew that the class was flaming. He walked a little away from the door while having Ayane's back towards it hoping she wouldn't notice the flames. He then continued to talk to her, hoping to learn more about the reasons that brought her here at Syne. "So, becoming a Huntress are you? That's a great goal to achieve, I'm proud of you really. Did you made that choice by yourself at least? I must say I never imagined you choosing this path." He then stopped a moment, thinking, about what would have happened if he had stayed in Atlas, by her side like she had offered back then. "Can I ask why here? I mean Bellmuse, Syne... You weren't looking for me, right?" He then lifted her head with his hand to look at her and doing something he rarely do: smile...

Coal then heard the commotion getting worse and saw at the same time another teacher. He didn't really know him, but knew who he was. He looked in his direction and asked him this: "Hey, Revan, right? Can I ask something of you? Could you go in my class and deal with those students? They're kinda give me a hard time and don't want to cooperate, mind showing them what "cooperation" means?" If Revan was to accept, Coal would nod and join him as soon as he is done with Ayane, if he would refuse, then the school will need some serious repairs...

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29 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:47 pm

Revan Winterstone
The campus was quiet considering that many students were in class, and a only handful of teachers and students were wandering the halls. Revan was making his usual rounds around the school when he heard more than usual commotion from somewhere down the hall. Revan began to make his way in that direction, but wasn't in too much of a hurry as these things usually weren't that bad. However when he saw a Professor, Coal if he recalled correctly, walking down the hall in his direction Revan heard. "Hey, Revan, right? Can I ask something of you? Could you go in my class and deal with those students? They're kinda give me a hard time and don't want to cooperate, mind showing them what "cooperation" means?" Revan looked towards the class to see what he would be dealing with.  "Yeah I... Revan paused as he noticed the flames in the window, which were an indicator of a slight problem. I'll get right on that. Revan Replied as walked past coal, but did not enter the classroom he merely looked into the window and surveyed the room.

Fire was beginning to fill the room, but it was obvious that it had just started. Revan knew that timing would be important in this situation, but also needed to find the perpetrators and stop the fighting so he simply watched the events unfold from outside the classroom. Each second was of value, but Revan had to wait for the best use of his skills. He would wait to see if an attack was made and if that did happen he would teleport in to intervene, otherwise he would wait about 15 seconds before bringing himself into the situation. Why do these kids have to be so much trouble Revan thought to himself even though this was one of the first quarrels of this level he had witnessed during his time at Syne.

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30 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:16 am

Markus Barnett
Markus just signed as he watched the events unfold, he was glad not to be part of the problem at this point since it was sure to end bad. He had almost gotten up to help the boy since at a glance he appeared outmatched, however he likely fell into the category of the 'big persons' that he had just insulted so a bit of a whipping might do him some good. Now back to reality he had another choice to make, standing up he just turned and made his way out the door not sure what the teacher was talking to the other student about on the other side be he had decided he didn't care.

Upon taking his leave from the classroom he was face to face with another man who was just watching the event unfold from outside, the guy was pretty young but he presumed just old enough not to be a student. "Someone has their work cut out for themselves in there. The amazoness is about to kill the midget. I'm just, I'll come back tomorrow when I'm going to learn things." While that part was true he was also leaving out how he was sure he'd somehow get dragged into a fight and that was not his ideal first impression to leave.

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31 Re: Grimm 101 [close] on Sat May 23, 2015 8:58 pm

Richard Lionheart
As the ball of fire rapidly approached Richard's reflexes kicked in, immediately switching places with an empty wooden chair near the front of the class before leaping onto Coal's table. Thoughts he hated to reveal his semblance in such an open place he hoped few would realise quite what he had done in the heat of the moment. That and his fear of fire took president over keeping secrets. It'd been a fair-ish trade, many of the classmates had revealed weapons and semblances notably the two big people. Plenty of people he could easily beat.

He ignored Revan, too scared by the flames, and leapt off, straight out Coal's open classroom window; grabbing the ledge before dropping to the courtyard where he immediately ran up a tree. He grumbled profusely as he watched the classroom go up in flames, ah well. At least he was away from the tall brat now. Should he ever encounter that woman again the two would almost certainly clash, it was fortunate the window as too small to allow someone of her size escape. Smokey Coot... that was the teacher's name. He planned to avoid that class alike the plague, even above the others he refused to attend.


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