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Antroness Winfield

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1 Antroness Winfield on Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:59 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Antroness Winfield
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: Summer Harvest
Gender: Male
Race: White Raven Faunus: Wings of white raven sized for a human, no beak, feathered wing connections.
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 215 lb
Face Claim:Anime Guy I found on the internet.

STR: 5
DEF: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Warrior
Likes: Loyalty, Honour, Life
Dislikes: Cowardice, Death, Rebels, Grimm
Fears: Cats, Dogs, Large Birds
Overall Personality: Antroness has an almost obsessive want to help his allies and destroy anything evil. He is the typical good guy who thinks that all evil should be vanquished and everything about him is squeaky clean. Antroness has a massive pride and makes sure to keep it as strong as possible all the time. Whenever someone badmouths something about his parents within his earshot he then either protects his pride and have a strong argument or he challenges that person to a duel. Antroness’s fighting style is dependent on two factors one that the opponent is an all out berserker, making him go on the defencive, or two the opponent is a tactical opponent and waits for the first move, which allows him to go on the offensive.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Heavenly Gold
Semblance: Antroness’s semblance summons 10 shielded warriors with spears who can block ten hits before dissapating into to black mist. These soldiers surround him and his team mates.
Item 1:
Item 2: Antroness wears a golden heavy full plate armor with two slits allowing easy movement for his wings. He wears no helmet but wears a flowing white cape with the crucifix on it.

History and Sample
Antroness was born into a royal family and had everything he wanted. His training began when he saw on T.V. a hunter fighting Grimm, with the knowledge that he wanted to hunt he asked his parents if he could be a hunter at age 5. After the first few months of training, Antroness discovered his semblance, aura and faunus traits which his parents started to hate at first then realized that he has an advantage. Each day of the school week went along this guideline: he would wake up at 6:30, have a hearty breakfast, at 7;00 he would train with his instructor until 7:30, he would then go to school until 3:00. He would after all this go home and train until 5:00 where he would have dinner where then he would be taught in the realm of royalty and loyalty until 7:00 (pm) after that was his free time but he usually would just go to bed for his body and mind were both exhausted at that time. On the weekend was his recovery days from the nonstop learning and training that involved him becoming a hunter. When all his training was complete and Antroness was gone for an extended hunting session, he came home with nothing but rubble and his father`s sword and shield that were made from the same material that Antroness`sword was made of. Seeing his home and only thing that Antroness knew he decided not to let this thing cloud his view on life and see this as a way to fight to both protect what he has and to attack as if he had nothing to lose. Antroness began to travel the country until he came across a camp of soldiers that had the same design and clothing that Antroness had seeing these soldiers Antroness decided to go in the direction that the soldiers came from and came across a burned village with a cloaked man standing in the center looking like he was mourning the loss of people in the village. Then the man ran into the forest next to the village and Antroness never saw him again. Just three weeks later Antroness was accepted into Syne.
RP Sample:
”What the hell are you doing here?” Antroness asked “And why the hell did you try to attack me?” The cloaked person he saw a year ago now goes to Syne and just started attacking in a forest leading to Syne. “You try to strike me again and your head will be on the ground and smashed like a pumpkin.” He threatened. At this the cloaked person sheathed his sword and turned around. Just before he left the forest the cloaked man turned around and sprinted straight at Antroness, just as the cloaked man was about to punch Antroness, he used his semblance to protect him as he drew his sword and swung at the cloaked person with his father’s sword. The cloaked person dodged he stime and started spinting away and throwing his swords at Antroness. All the swords disintergrated upon contact with the shield-mates and Antroness’s shield. Finally the cloaked person sprinted to Syne and the fight was over.

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2 Re: Antroness Winfield on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:54 am

Leena Lilac
Birthday: Can I have a date please?

Semblance: it would be buffing your own strength by 2 points, and not the sword. you can still change the color of the sword to indicate that YOU are stronger.

History should be 300 words.

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