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Foundation of a New Team (SAR, Errante, Eliara)

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The heavenly sound of the morning breeze blowing through the hallway windows, hitting the silver haired girl and driving her happiness further up than it already had been. She skipped merrily through the halls slowly, running a little duster along the window sills and stopping at each one just to crack them open lightly to let the fresh morning spring air fill the school so they could share in the maid’s excitement. She took a small pause and waited at the corner while her nose picked up the scent of the flowers along in the gardens outside and the fresh grass scent second to the nice smell already picked up. With a childish giggle, Airi spun around and continued down the way, repeating her actions for the rest of the windows in the commons area and halls along the floor. Occasionally she would stop and stare outside the window, leaned against the window sill with her body bent and the rest left out while she focused her sight through the open window.

Airi was never used to the outdoors her entire life. She was a sheltered maid who had learned about survival and the outdoors through private tutors and other books she read in her own time. Seeing it however, smelling it even was such a different feel that is was incredibly joyous. Every morning she followed this same routine of waking up early, cleaning, then attending classes, and having an off period between lunches so that she could help the staff clean the cafeterias. Aside from that, Airi was to be a normal student allowed to wear what she wanted, and 90% of that time was her uniform since it was easier than switching clothing simply to attend a couple classes. She even had a day off a week where she had the free liberty to simply attend all the classes of a normal full time student. All of which she loved to spend the time doing so, the free day off and the rest working had been slightly hard to get used to, but she had no problem to it after a while of forming a nice pattern.

The silver haired maid began to start her next chore of spraying down the windows in cleaner and wiping them down. She left to the utility closet where she pulled out a cart with a trash basket with a fresh new empty bag inside it, a roll of towels, and several bottles of chemical cleaning spray. Along with those housed several other tools that had other cleaning purposes to which she had yet to need to use, but they were there for if she should need it. As she came to the first hallway, she reached over to pull out a tray to make the cleaning easier on her then to turn around several times she would then just get to lift up and down. Picking up the tray, she had lifted it and began to pull it closer to her body when the cart caught onto it and pulled the basket onto an angle, spilling it all out with things from the mot part piling in front of the maids feet. "Oh no no no! Oh man!" She spoke out, having not seen anyone yet she didn’t have to worry about talking to herself.. not that she had anyway. She knelt down onto her knees and began placing things into her basket in the correct order from where they were before. "Wait.. where are the other things.." She said, looking around her in hopes everything was relatively close, but it seemed like it hadn’t been so lucky right now…

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Eli wandered the halls of Syne and yawned lazily. She wasn't quite used to being awake this early in the morning, but now that she is an official student of the school she needed to be up early for some of her classes. Of course today wasn't one of those days. All of her classes were later on in the afternoon. But still her adoptive mother woke her up under the premise that the girl start developing good habits now. Eli's cheeks puffed up comically as she pouted while walking down the hallway.

"Stupid mom... I already know all about good habits..."

Nothing BUT good habits were drilled into the girl's head by her real parents. In between the beatings and the neglect of course. Eli knew every nuance on how to behave like a proper, responsible lady. For a time, it was all her future held for her. To be a "Proper Lady" ready to court some man or woman that her father wanted something from. All she ever was, was property. It's funny how right now she has had more freedom to do what SHE wants than any other time in her entire life. Unfortunately even now, what she wants is overridden by another purpose.

While Eli was lost in thought about her situation she heard a clattering down the hall. Instantly her face filled with worry. The academy hasn't exactly been the safest place recently, what with the Grimm attacks and all. Someone could be really hurt right now. And, if there is a Grimm. Well, she could have some fun ending it. Concerned, Eli quietly moved down the hall towards the source of the noise.

What she saw surprised the girl, causing her to freeze for a second. There was a girl, no, a maid of all things! Eli didn't know that the academy employed maids! Or wait, was it a student dressed as one? Eli's face heated up slightly at the thought of trying on the maid uniform before shaking her head and feeling something bump against her feet. It was a bottle of window cleaner. The maid seemed to have dropped her supplies and was now frantically looking for them. Eli smiled and picked up the bottle at her feet and started to approach the maid, picking up any other cleaning supplies she came across in the process.

Eli then cleared her throat to announce her presence if she hadn't been noticed already and moved around to the front of the maid. Kneeling down on the ground herself Eli held out the supplies she gathered with a grin. The strand of hair sticking out of the top of her head waving back and forth like an excited puppy.

"I do believe these are yours. Are you okay? Do you want help?"

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SAR1 walked quietly around the school exploring her new home with glee. Up until she had arrived at Syne she had been kept inside a laboratory to be worked on and tweaked. The only excitement she had at the time was reading where as she now had the freedom to move around a large school to meet and interact with all sorts of new people. It wasn't to long until she heard the signs of life forms near by and she skipped down the hallway with her staff weapon strapped to her back.

While she is fully capably of walking quietly she had no ability to skip quietly. Each time she landed on the ground a loud metallic clang could be heard as the full 275 pounds of android connected with the hard floor. Turning a corner SAR1 saw two young women crouched on the floor by a cart. One was in a maids uniform and the other was handing some cleaning supplies to the maid.

Full of an almost childish curiosity SAR1 switched to walking until she was at the cart where she crouched down as well. "Greetings and salutation human girls. Why are we crouched down on the floor like this? Would it not be more comfortable for you two to stand up? Oh and may I have your names please? I am SAR1 although my true name is really Sari. SAR1 stands for Specialized Aura Researching Interface Number 1. The 1 in SAR1 shows I am the first of my line and also represents the I for interface. I am a prototype aura specialist android and I have been sent to Syne to learn and collect information so that I may have sister SARI androids in the near future. I have only been operative for 1 year."

Having had little interaction with anyone not a scientist SAR1 was completely unaware that her little speech was rather odd in many ways. As she stayed crouched onto the ground she shifted her weight around and tilted her head from side to side making sure to make eye contact with both of the girls in front of her.

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The boy didn't really like sleep. Laying down, looking at nothing, doing nothing. Just seemed like a waste of time to him, why sleep when he could think or walk or fight or do just about anything. Exactly, sleep is weird; he decided, staring out the windows as he walked..

"Sleep, peep, keep, deep, sheep...reap." he muttered words aloud as he wandered through the corridor in the early morning light, "Why is it even called morning? Is it because the moon died and the sun is crying about it?... Probably... stupid sun, the moon will be back later. Then you get to die, wait your turn, it's not like the moon misses you anyway. He just puts on armour and fights."

Something rolled and hit the boy's shoe, he flinched; turning to see where it had come from. He saw a group of three people... sitting on the floor. He kept walking, craning his neck over the tallest of the three; "Sit, knit, fit... if the world is round then how can we sit down without falling off the edge... this world is silly."

His eyes darted wildly as he glanced at the three of them, two of them looked a little... fleshy-er than the other one. To him at least they all looked rather similar; blue-ish eyes and whitey grey-ish hair, even if their faces and clothes were different. He clung to his shoulder, taking their scent, nope they all smell pretty different. They couldn't be triplets, that would be silly; he thought to himself, triplets would smell a little more similar. He was certain they'd all taste different.

"Mehehehehehehmeh, those three are fun. So similar yet such different smells... but why are they down there... they look tiny like ants... bure bure bure bure."

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Her head turned in either direction as she looked at bits of supplies scattered about. She let out a big huff with an easy indication of a self-added stress in it. She ran a hand through her grayish-silver hair and shook her head lightly at her own annoyances. "Why must I be such a clutz… Gosh.. " Her soft voice muttered to herself, beating herself up a bit before physically shrugging it off as just “one of those days” and attempted to go for the first item. Just turning to the direction, she paused at the sight of the item gone from sight. She had her eyes closed for maybe a second, but as quick as she had come to turn, she found it vanished. Maybe it rolled behind the wall? Airi jumped back a little out of surprise when she had come to turn back, leaving that for last perhaps since she had the other items to attend to as well, she had come to find someone snuck past her while her guard was down. Her hand came to the slit in her outfit where her throwing knife had been, before she noticed the girl had held out the item that vanished from her sight. She spoke sweetly to the maid, it made her blush both out of joy from a kind voice, but mostly of the embarrassment. Already on her knees, Airi gave a full bow before returning to her previous position and nodding. "Y-Yes, thank you for the help. I am fine, however I just had a small accident while I was taking out the tray for the windows." She tried to laugh it off, lightly rubbing the back of her head with a faint blush on her cheeks.

It became obvious that she was being highly rude to the girl. She had completely forgotten her manners in the confusion of her mishap. Setting the item into the tray, Airi had given another bow and fixed her outfit to cover her small strap on her thigh where she kept her weapon, whether the other girl had noticed or not was unknown to the maid. "My apologies madam, I forgot my manners. I am Airi, Airi Kohana the academy maid. It’s a pleasure to me-" She paused as she picked up a rather hard and loud banging sound coming closer. She hesitated to move her hand back to the weapon again, twitching in waiting just in case something were to come, but as it seemed to reach the bend of the corridor, the object became shaped to a human standing there, picking up an object. Airi blinked and then let out an exhaled sigh of relief as she had come to calm her nerves and rested her hand on her lap. She watched this girl approach the pair and she knelt down with the pair and began to speak in a more odd tone than even the maid herself was used to. Judging by her calling the pair ‘human girls’ she had seemed to think that she wasn’t one herself, but she appeared to look nearly exactly like one herself… albeit the hair. As odd as it all was, it still defined her appearance well and the maid could only nod silently as she took her mental notes of the girls appearance. "Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you madam Sari, I’m Airi Kohana and at your service to you both." She spoke with a smile, looking between Sari and to the other girl.

As her attention refocused to the android like girl, Her smile faded as she noticed yet another soul approaching the group. The scent he carried was light but very different then the kind silver haired girl, and the scentless android. He stood over her shoulder and looked to the three girls oddly while she starred back in a bit of a silent starring contest, until he spoke. He mentioned them being on the floor, his speech not so aloud but not too quiet to that her hearing couldn’t pick up. Placing the last of the items to her tray, the maid rose and set the tray back into the cleaning cart and she gave a curtsy to the group and returned to a standing position. Her hands sat angled into one another by the hands and cupped over the other in a rather natural pose. "I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you for my own fault. Please accept my apology." She gave a familiar bow as she had done several times already, but all ran so naturally to the maid that she had never known it to seem excessive at all. "Sir? Madam? If I may ask you two, may I have your names so I may address you properly? Maybe preferences of being called sir and madam, or master and mistress? I know that many people have their preferences so I wish to make sure I do not address you in a way that you do not like." She spoke with a newly formed smile, loving the time spent now in the company of others, other helping the help none the less.

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Eli watched as the maid quite visibly blushed and bowed to her, trying to explain the situation. While the maid nervously laughed Eli chuckled alongside her.

"Don't worry about it. Accidents happen to the best of us."

The maid placed the cleaning solution back on her tray and stood up. Eli still stayed seated where she was with a friendly grin on her face. Her antenna like strand of hair still continued to wag happily. The maid bowed to her again and straightened her uniform. Eli scratched the back of her neck nervously while looking to the side, quietly chuckling out of embarrassment.

"You don't have to be so formal to me...."

The maid started to introduced herself as Airi Kanoha. Apparently she was the academy's maid, which was news to Eli. She didn't think the academy hired maids. Before Airi could finish and Eli could respond they were interrupted by a loud metallic pounding approaching them. Eli turned her head to look at the approaching noise. Slightly tensing up just in case she needed to act. What she saw caused her eyes to widen and her face to light up with joy.

It was an android! An honest to goodness android! Eli had heard that they had been developed but she had never seen one in person before. Living, mechanized weapons capable of independent thought and action. Being a weapons developer herself it's like she had encountered the real life Santa!

The android girl crouched down next to them and started talking to them. Introducing herself and explaining her purpose, it seemed to Eli that Sari wasn't really sure how to interact with people normally yet. This just made the android all the more endearing. While Airi introduced herself to Sari Eli let out a squeal of joy and proceeded to jump to her feet and excitedly dart around the android. Trying to visually inspect as much of the android girl as she could. Her mouth shooting off rapid fire statements and questions as she circled the girl. Making as many mental notes as she could.

"Wow Sari you're so cool! Are you going to be a huntress? Is your function to research Aura? How do you achieve that? What's your power source? If you are a huntress do you use a weapon? Or are you yourself the weapon?"

Eli was completely unaware of the fact that her questions could be seen as uncomfortable due to her excitement. Before she knew it Eli had lost all knowledge of the concept of personal space and practically slammed into Sari, wrapping her arms around the girl in a hug and squeezing tight. A look of pure bliss on her face.

"Please tell me we can be friends!"

Due to being enraptured by Sari, Eli didn't even notice the strange man, being too far gone for Eli to hear anything he was saying. She did hear Airi though, which snapped her out of her trance as she nervously let go of Sari and stood up, brushing herself off.

"Sorry about that Sari."

Airi apologized again and then asked Eli and the strange man what their names were. Eli finally took notice of him, he was certainly off putting that's for sure. Eli then caught on on Airi asking if they'd rather be called master and mistress. Eli blushed at the thought and quickly shook her head.

"While I appreciate the sentiment Airi, I don't think I'm your mistress... I'm Eliara Caithe, you can call me Eli. Nice to meet you all."

Eli shuffled from side to side nervously. She wasn't quite used to Airi's behavior. She was embarrassed about how she acted towards Sari. And she didn't know how to react to the strange man, his behavior seemed to come completely from Cloud Cuckooland. Thus Eli remained quiet.

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What occurred in the next few moments had Sari so completely confused, entertained, and excited she wasn't all that sure how to act or feel. The maid looking girl spoke giving her name as Airi Konoha after greeting Sari as "Madam Sari." To the greeting Sari couldn't help but giggle, something she had only done a few times in her life up until that point. As the giggle left her mouth it came across in a weird way that sounded like the mix of a recorded sound as well as a uniquely instantaneously generated sound.

As Airi stood up Sari maintained eye contact with her while listening to the young maids words. "You have no need to apologize Airi. You have inconvenienced me not at all. It has been quite pleasurable to have met a new person bound in flesh. I would prefer you not address me as madam or mistress as I am an android made to research and serve not to be served, thus we are equals." As Sari smiled at the young maid the other girl suddenly popped up and began energetically circling her body.

The next thing she knew the girl was throwing fast ball questions at her without stop. The eagerness and energy levels that were displayed by the girl were even beyond that of her creators on the day she was first made functional. However the questions did stop eventually, though just to be replaced with an unexpected hug and request to be friends that let Sari clueless in many ways.

After several moments of being embraced Sari eventually returned the hug in a manner of stiff and awkward pats to the girl’s back, who moments later identified herself as Eliara Caithe.

Shortly after greetings and subsequent interactions with the two girls on the floor a forth person showed up, this time a man, and he spoke very strange words. As he spoke Sari looked quizzically at him in silence until he stopped speaking. "Greetings and salutations Sir. The way in which you speak fascinates me as it is rather unique and odd. It is a pleasure to have met you."

After this short interaction with the strange young man Sari turned back towards Eli, who now standing uncaused Sari to follow suite in that regards as well, and began to answer her questions. “I am her at Syne to learn the ways of the huntress profession, yes, but I shall not be one per say. As you have wondered my function is to study aura, and there by semblances by extension, to learn and understand how hunters and huntresses can best utilize them and thus teach this knowledge to people.

This is done by studying the types and usages of aura and semblances when in use. An end result of allowing civilians and hunters the use of this knowledge is the desired out come of my research, but to promote better understanding is a more realistic outcome.

As to my power source I can not give you the specifics as that knowledge was not programed into my data base. All I know is I have a relay of kinetic energy charged power cells. While using some the others are recharged via my movements thus I have no need to recharge unless I am unable to properly function and move periodically. As for a weapon I will primarily use dust in any fight I find myself in, though I do have my staff weapon should I run out of dust.”

With that Sari unstrapped her weapon from her back and began a simple demonstration of her skills once she made sure she was not going to hit anybody. With several quick sweeps, jabs, twirls, and tripping maneuvers Sari ended her display by pointing the base of the weapon at Eli. “Eventually I will have a functional dust blaster on this end of the staff, but for now the blaster is rather dysfunctional.” Strapping the staff onto her back again Sari mimicked Airi’s bow before standing back up and smiling at the three people before her. ”With your three’s permission I would like to be friends to you all. I have not had friends who were not my creators before and the idea sounds quite fun. Quickly turning her attention to Airi alone Sari offered one last statement in the form of a question, “Did I do the bending over greeting thing correctly Miss Airi?”

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Errante stared at the shortest of the three as she went through her outburst, asking questions left and right to the girl he was standing above. "How is she still alive... how can her lungs hold that much oxygen, it's a little strange... maybe that's why she smells different. That makes sense... oh it looks like I've forgotten Ragnarock... that or he was too lazy and couldn't keep up. Oh well. I guess these three will do for now... they are a little interesting I guess."

The gangly boy clutched his arm, staring down at SAR1's weapon. Thoughts ran rampant through his mind; Does her weapon talk? Would it like to meat Ragnarock? Is it lazy like Ragnarock? Well he guessed it must be if it's not a blaster yet. Do all weapons turn to blaster-

His thought process was interrupted by the girl bellow him asking if she could be friends with him, "Friends?... Friends?... W-why would I need friends?... I mean... tean, lean, green... guess it might be fun... gun, hun... so erm... I guess okay yeah?"

He then turned to the girl asking whether he should be called sir, madam, master or mistress; "Well... I'm wearing a dress so would that make me a madam? Ladam, gadam?... or a mistress?... fit dress... knit Tess... But I'm a boy so would I be a Sir, would you conquer? Or a master... and go faster... I don't really know. Ragnarock would probably say he'd like to be a master but my name is Errante if that's what you're asking. Errante Carne... maybe I'd be Don Carrne now seeing as that's what daddy was... I don't know, I'm probably just Errante."

The boy's mind once again began to wander, this time some of his thoughts breaking loose from his mind and flowing out his mouth; "Oooh... ya know what?... What if I were to fight them... no I don't think it would be fun, there are three of them. It's rude... hey jude... don't make it sad... or do I guess it being sad isn't to bad, just depends what it is ya know... ehehehehehehe... this is really fun, ooh cleaning supplies. I wonder what she's cleaning up... maybe she killed someone and it's a big murder mystery hahaha, no that doesn't make sense. There's no blood on her lips or bits in her teeth. Why would she kill someone and not at least have that... what are you even cleaning then, this place... space case... isn't that messy... or maybe you already cleaned it... if so w-well done I guess... maybe, probably... I think I'm lost."

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Airi couldn’t help herself but to smile at the way Eliara had been come to react to her being addressed the way she had addressed everyone. It always made her smile to see people react that way because of everyone acting differently towards it, but for this girl it didn’t seem to be affecting her too much compared to other people. It was kinda cute the way she reacted and had replied to calling her ‘madam’. The thought in itself was adorable if she had called her ‘mistress’ thinking of Eliara blushing had been a little amusing to think about, but she decided to drop the subject of her thinking. "My apologies then. I’m so into the habit I do it subconsciously without thinking. I hope it won’t bother you if it happens from time to time…" She pushed her index fingers together as she chuckled embarrassingly at the comment. She felt bad when people felt awkward about being addressed as so, she couldn’t really help it when she had done it by accident like that.

When the rather loud sounding girl had come by, identifying herself as an android, the maid had only sat quietly in her knelt position while it seemed she too hadn’t been very fond of the maids formal addressing. Airi was starting to begin to feel a bit weird from the way that Sari had spoken. A person bound in flesh… the thought had been so odd and new to her, that she could only respond with a nod and a curtsy in her knelt positon. "Well the pleasure is all mine!" She spoke excitedly, before Eliara had begun a mini freak out. The maid sat with a curious look, blinking as she watched her buzzing around her and throwing questions around like a buzzing bee. It was rather amusing in the view of a spectator, even as the silver haired girl had latched herself onto Sari and asked to be friends. The maid only gave a giggling laugh as she had watched the android pat her back.

As the male had come to join the three others, he seemed to be very verbally.. odd. Not so much that is was weird to be around him.. no no. It was rather amusing to hear the way he spoke, and some of it made sense to the maid really. Her attention had phased back to Sari s she had begun to demonstrate for Eliara her combat skills and as she had ended it, the maid gave a little clap with a close eyed smile of enjoyment. "That was quite good, madam- err.. Sari." It still felt difficult to try and hold back her habits, but she was trying to do so as best as she could do so. As she opened her eyes, the girl gave a bow and asked for the others friendship.. rather sudden but there wasn’t any objection in Airi’s mind about it. "I wouldn’t mind it at all! In fact, I was going to propose the same question sooner or later, but now works as well I suppose." She watched the android look to the maid and ask her if she had done the bow correctly. She stood up and found herself a little shorter than the android, but tilted her head slightly and smiled. "Yes, but you were just a few degrees off from the 90 degree angle of a bow." She joked, not meaning it seriously but just as a maids joke to amuse herself a little.

Again, Errante began to speak, and this time he had gone on a bit of a tangent to himself. A bit of a monologue conversation, Airi had listened carefully to it all. He had added onto the list of people that didn’t really like her formal addressing, and she couldn’t really say otherwise that she wouldn’t respect her friends new wishes and just call them by name.. if they hadn’t minded an occasional screw up. Picking up her cleaning tray, Airi had set it on top of the cart and she looked back to him as he continued on a monologue speech. She nodded to him as he spoke, piecing together what he was saying bit by bit and arranging it into an order in her mind to which she could answer to the best of her ability, all with a smile. "Well.. to answer you as correctly as I can; Fighting all three of us would not be in your best interest. Especially without the correct knowledge about what the others can do, whether we would know or not means nothing if we still can surround and outnumber you. Next, I am simply a maid.. one of which who knows how to fight, but I digress. I have not killed anyone, and I have in fact already cleaned the floors and walls, the only thing I came here to do were the windows. So to your compliment, I thank you dearly for it, but ask you keep such thoughts in your head next time until you have them straightened out, okay?" She walked over and patted the boy on the head and giggled happily as if she hadn’t seemed confused at all by his wording.

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Eli slowly nodded as Ai told her that her habit of calling people "Master" and "Mistress" were subconscious habits. Eli could understand that. Eli had a habit of shortening people's names after all, among other things.

"That's fine Ai... it just caught me... off guard." Eli said while still blushing before focusing her attention on Sari.

Eli took lots of mental notes as Sari described her functions and even started demonstrating her weapon. A staff like weapon. A goofy grin filled Eli's face as her eyes focused on the staff, scanning over it and taking in every detail of the weapon. Sari then stated that a blaster would be fitted at the end of the weapon. Eli the chuckled knowingly.

"I can help you with that if you want me to. I create and design weapons." Eli stated while reaching down to her left thigh and pulling something out of a thigh holster. It was a small black object with a button on it. Eli pressed the button and the object quickly extended out into a large black and red crowbar. Blue lines of blue energy pulsated throughout the weapon, culminating at the head of the crowbar.

"This is one of my pieces, I still want to improve it some, but I made it from scratch. Actually it is my very first weapon." Eli then smiled warmly at Sari.

"I can fix your blaster for you if you bring me the materials. Hell, I can probably do any other upgrades to it that you want me to. And yes, of course we can be friends! I asked you first after all."

The boy happened to be talking to, it seemed more like a stream-of-consciousness rant than anything else. But in the middle of it he introduced himself as Errante Carne. Eli smiled at Errante. Eli couldn't really follow much of what he was saying, but her ears caught up on one phrase.

"It's nice to meet you Errante, and if you want to spar I'll spar with you anytime!" Eli said with a triumphant grin while pushing her arm forward and making a "V" with her fingers. "It'll be fun!"

Ai seemed to figure out most of Err's thoughts and quite efficiently addressed all of them. Much to Eli's amazement who was as lost as Err was in his own words.

"Wow! You're amazing Ai! I could barely follow any of that!"

Suddenly a thought popped up in the girl's head and she looked down and started kicking imaginary dust with her feet.

"Since we're all students here, would any of you happen to be already in a team?"

(OOC: Sorry for the enormous wait everyone! Finals absolutely ruined me this semester and I had to make sure I passed everything! T.T)

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