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Raining Cats and Wolves (Private/Liona)

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1 Raining Cats and Wolves (Private/Liona) on Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:39 am


The sound of the fallen leaves crunched underneath her footsteps with each cautious yet careless footstep. This was her first time in this very forest, so her mind was taken in by it's breath taking view. It was such a wondrous place, despite it's very rumors the silver haired maid had decided on going here anyway on her day off, even if for a little bit. There wasn't entirely much that anyone else could find to be more enjoyable about this place, but Airi found everything about it to be such a luxury visit. It was a little hard to believe that she was so easily let in, though she kinda had to sneak away from the madness of the commons area on her way here. Crawling with students it seemed like such an easy thing to simply slip through a crowd.. or if not in her attire it may have been much easier to blend in. However maid outfits in a crowd of students doesn’t generally seem like the crowd blender type of fashion unless you were in a maid convention of some sort.

She paused in her step and looked above her at the view above. Her hands running along her left braid of her silver that matched the identical braid sitting over her right shoulder as the pair were tied off with little green ribbons. Slowly walking again, her blue orbs starred up at the lighter blue roof of the forest. She felt slightly distracted in the moment, smiling in joy at having some nice peaceful time alone to do whatever it was that she wanted to do without the need of hearing other people or anything. The single slit in her outfit left a single throwing knife to occasionally show itself as she took steps along, looking down and around in the distance for her own curiosity. She moved along a single tree, looking through a whole in the rooftops of the trees to see if she could see the academy in the distance. However, she found herself hitting a little obstruction of an upraised tree route, tripping her as Airi let out a little yelp almost like a dog as she fell to the floor. "Owowow.." She muttered, sliding herself along the leaves and grass before resting herself a little against the trunk of the tree.

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2 Re: Raining Cats and Wolves (Private/Liona) on Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:45 am


Liona had had enough. She knew of the curfew, oh she knew well, and she knew of the restrictions it placed on students. Not allowed to leave the campus grounds without a professor as a chaperon? What was this, grade school? This claim that it was for the "Safety of Syne's Students" was absolute bull. Safety from what? The Grimm? it was a HUNTER's school. An academy that TRAINED them to fight the creatures of darkness, and now they were to hide from them? The Grimm were still attacking the campus from time to time, so what a bang up job such safety measures were doing. The whole thing was irrational and Liona was sick of it.

The young Faunus girl was tired of being bored out of her mind, feeling like a prisoner in a place that she had wanted to go to so badly. The irony was nauseating. She had not left school grounds in ages, as she was too stubborn to was the mostly Human staff to accompany her outside. .As a result, Liona decided that today was the day where she planned to change things. She had no classes and had long since caught up on all of her studying, so she figured that now was as good a time as any to sneak on board one of the air carriers down to the edge of Finnek Forest.

She had not been here in some time. She absolutely adored the pure blue color of the trees and plant life that the forest boasted. And sure, the school was literally surrounded by this very forest, but the vibe was much different when walking among it. The last time she had been here, she was out hunting, and quite successfully. Today however, she really just needed a walk. Being cooped up in a castle for so long had left Liona feeling a bit bitter, and she really just needed to vent to the nature for a while to cleanse the salt from her mind. She muttered frustratedly and somewhat loudly to herself as she walked though the trees, taking care not to be so loud it was disruptive to the nature. no need to frighten the wildlife, and definitely no need to attract a Creature of Grimm, or at least not today.

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