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Blood will unite.

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1 Blood will unite. on Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:28 pm

Viviane Tigresse
Viviane had seen his name on the roster and had immediately recognized his first name, but she wasn't to sure about the surname. In all her life she had only ever heard her half-brother's surname a handful of time and she had never been told of his father's family in much detail. She had shrugged it off as an unlikely possibility, that is until she had seen him walk into her classroom.

Sure he had change quite a bit over the last 9 years or so but but she could just tell he was her mother's child. His facial feature and general bearing just had to many similarities. Now as requested he was in her office after class wondering why he was here. "Do you know of a woman named Venus Tijeras? She was once a maid..."

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2 Re: Blood will unite. on Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:14 pm

Laxus Castrea
Daemon walked through the hallway in udder confusion as he wondered why he was being called to a class in which he just had entered a schedule change to get into. He had not even sat in the class yet seeing as how he was told of his schedule changed after it was time to switch into the class... What could the teacher possibly want with him? Whatever he thought up wasn't anything to what he would soon discover. As he reached the door to the office of Ms. Viviane Tigresse he stood at the door releasing a slight sigh before he turned the door knob to enter.

Upon entering he decided he wouldn't be first to speak as to figure out why he was here instead of jumping to conclusion. Oddly enough his nose picked up a scent that smelled odly familiar very much like his own yet still noticeably different. His tail would twitch to the smell as it lifted rather uncontrollably to the back of his head almost to it's full length. Upon experiencing this weird sensation he would finally turn resting eyes upon his soon to be stealth teacher. But before he could even take a seat she would ask something which caused Daemon's heart to skip a beat...

"Do you know of a woman named Venus Tijeras? She was once a maid..."

No... what kinda of practical joke was this? The name called was no other then his own mother who had abandoned her and his father to give them a chance at a better life... How could she know this information? Who set her up to say this collection of words which could be followed by the most hurtful or happy words for Daemon's life? Something about this situation those words just began to turn completely sour as he set down in a rather uncomfortable leather chair. Both anger and confusion could clearly be seen swelling in his eyes despite not knowing the situation as he thought about how he would answer this question. Just before answering her question he would reach down into his pants pocket reaching for his wallet as he pulled it from it's testing spot to move to another right on his lap.

Yes... that is the name of my birth m...mother.

That one simple sentence was all that the young lad managed to get out after hearing some form of news about his mother and why would she even be brought up at his time in Syne Academy after not hearing from her since his nine birthday.

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3 Re: Blood will unite. on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:16 am

Viviane Tigresse
Viviane closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Opening her eyes Viviane reached out and turned around a photo frame for Daemon to look at. Within the frame were two small worn and faded photos. One was of her when she was 8 and siting on their mother's lap. The other photo was a picture of Daemon at 9, the last photo she had ever received of him.

"I thought this might be the case when I saw your name on my class roster, but I only heard your last name once or twice in my life so I wasn't sure. I wish I knew what to to say and do Daemon, but I don't. Or rather I wish I didn't.... My...Our mother has been dead for 9 years now. She was mur....killed...."

As she spoke her voice cracked and tears started to fall down her face, but she remained as calm as she could before speaking again. "I should have kept sending letters in her stead but I just.... I'm sorry I let you down..." No words left to say Viviane tried, in vain, to wipe her eyes and to stop the tears. In the end she just managed to give a halfhearted smile as an attempt to lighten the mood.

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4 Re: Blood will unite. on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:04 am

Laxus Castrea
Daemon sat in silence waiting for the teacher to respond with more information about his mother as his heart began to rapidly beat as she placed her hand on a pictureally frame turning it towards him. To his surprise there were both photos of him as a child, his mother, and some young little girl who resembled the both of them. As Viviane began to speak all things started to become clear. Tears would swell in his eyes befotr his emotions would trigger as all puzzle pieces began falling into place. The little girl in the picture paired with his mother was none other then the adolescent version of the woman sitting infront of him. To make matters more confusing she so happens to be Daemon's sister. But what had happened to their mother the woman who undoubtedly connected the two of them.

Or rather I wish I didn't.... My...Our mother has been dead for 9 years now. She was mur....killed...."

The tears which swelled in his eyes began to fall like raindrops some sliding down his face as if he was splashed. The angelic sweet young woman who he mentally visualized as his mothers had now been shattered and replaced by views of the same young woman covered in blood at the foot of her assailant. At this very moment he would began to lift the wallet from it's resting spot opening it and pulling out a small photo which he held tightly in his hands almost crumpling it under his force. He himself stood as tears fell harder but oddly enough his face wasn't filled with sadness the exact opposite oddly enough. The thought to be tears of sadness had bow but replaced with tears of joy as the mental picture of his mother had returned to normal.

Even after her death his mother still held great influence on the life of her children. Instead of leaving the too alone forever she had brought them together through just a name and photo's. Daemon didn't care that Viviane didn't make a better effort to contact him. She was here now along with her young brother, both legacies Venus Tijeras united at last. Daemon would lift his arm over Vviane's desk as he opened his palm letting the photo fall revealing it's contents. A Young beautiful lady in which looked just like the two standing room with silky white tigers fur, pointy ears, and stripped tail was the reason they boy were here. Just as the photo landed safetly on the desk Daemon would leap towards Viviane as if he had known her all his life. His tears of joy seemed to flow endlessly as he attempted to hug his sister.

"You haven't let me down. Your here now... We are both here together as family.

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5 Re: Blood will unite. on Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:48 pm

Viviane Tigresse
Viviane nervously looked at Daemon through watery eyes waiting to see how he would react. In short order tears where falling from his face as well. What surprised her was how quickly her brother's face went from sadness at the news of their mother's death to a strange joy. As Viviane tried to figure out why he was happy he pulled out a picture of their mother before jumping over her desk and giving her a hug.

"You haven't let me down. Your here now... We are both here together as family."

Hearing these words Vivane's heart ached and she returned the first hug. "You remind me so much of mom..." Her statement was cut of as a fresh wave of tears and sobs wracked her body. As she continued to hold Daemon in their shared hug it was as if she was finally letting go of her mother and excepting that she was gone, but only physically. Spiritually her mother lived on inside Daemon and she would not lose him too.

Wiping her eyes Viviane ended the hug and held her brother out at arms length just staring at him. After a few moment she closed her eyes an pictured what their life would have been like had they grown up together. As she did so a small smile crept over her face, but with a sigh she opened her eyes and the smile faded as she was firmly planted in reality. "We have so much to catch up on Daemon, but do know brother or not I won't cut you any slack in class. You will have to prove your self a survivor just as much as your classmates, and heaven help me and you if I find out you have have been in a fight outside of training."

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6 Re: Blood will unite. on Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:53 am

Laxus Castrea
"You remind me so much of mom."

These words still stung as she stated he was like their mother... He personally never met their mother so this was a foreign statemen to him. He would wonder what life would have been like if there families were together. Having siblings wasn't new to Daemon but this encounter felt so much more real, emotional, and right as his sister held him in her arms. As he was released the hug he was still held onto to be looked at where he noticed the true beauty of his sister. He obviously didn't know who here father was but she certainly got her looks from their mother's side. Her hair, skin, and build match their mother's almost perfectly the other deviation was the rather bushy tail from her Faunas bloodline.

"We have so much to catch up on Daemon, but do know brother or not I won't cut you any slack in class."

It was true they did have so much to catch up on but where could they start? Certainly they both have chosen to travel down the rather of hunters and huntress but why? What type of life did his sister live and would she care to know about his life? These questions were just the tip of the ice berg and he was sure they would have plenty of time to discuss them, "We sure do have to catch up... But don't worry about me slacking off I don't plan on doing that in any class. Besides I would like to know how having a sibling as teacher would be."

You will have to prove your self a survivor just as much as your classmates, and heaven help me and you if I find out you have have been in a fight outside of training."

He stared at her with a rather confident look before he decided to speak. She honestly knew Nothing of him and since this had been Daemon's first time in this class he didn't find it strange that she would worry about his behavioral issues. "Proving myself won't be so difficult I'm hoping and no worry Sis... I'm not one for petty drama or silly childish fights. You'll get to know me very quickly so don't worry. Just at that moment something concerning his hunter future had popped into his head to ask his sister, 'By any chance do you practice dust magic? I am completely clueless with that stuff and find it useful to know for future endeavors.

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