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Thinking about the past [Private:Lloyd/Airi]

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Airi remained speechless as Lloyd proclaimed himself to the be imposition of pushing himself into her for the sake of all but forcing the maid out somewhere. The way he worded it however, made her sigh as she brushed some of her silver bangs away from her face and nodded. "Yes, sir. I understand.." She spoke quietly, averting her eyes from the wording that almost seemed demanding. It wasn't like it bothered her in a sense, but it was more like the way he had worded it made it seem as though he was still in the habit of having workers he could direct. Though admittedly, it was kinda cute to hear him speak so admirably. So much that it caused her to blush a little bit.

She felt rather happy that he respected her decisions, treated her rather joyously compared to some others, it was nice for a change really. Even more so that she wouldn't have to deal with the need to be waited on.. That would never happen. Though his words left ideas in her mind. Some that she wouldn't try for right away to say the least but it gave her an idea of how she could try to give him more. Something that he wouldn't have to feel like she was pushing the man away without a reason or keeping him shut out for a fear of some kind... Which wasn't true at all. After all he knew of her secret and that was all that was really kept secret. "T-true.. A-and if I come up with anything else, I'll surely let you know, I promise!" She gave him the same smile again, a promise like all others she had made she would keep.

Airi watched Lloyd return to his seat with all said and done, and as the maid set her cup back up on the tea tray, she noticed he lacked one himself. Without a word, she jumped up onto her feet and swung around the chair on her heels and opened a cabinet on the tray and pulled out a fresh cup and plate and placed them on the top before she shut the door. The maid then poured a hot cup and spun once more around joyfully, stopped and holding out the cup for him to take, to which she would pour herself another cup and stay standing by the cart and sip her cup. "So, I wanted to ask. Would you like a snack of some kind? I can bake just as good as I can make tea you know." she gave a playful wink and giggled as she set the cup and plate down and stood in wait. Hopefully he had some idea of what he may want to eat soon.

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27 Re: Thinking about the past [Private:Lloyd/Airi] on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:54 pm

Lloyd paused a moment to her sigh and wondered if it was something he said. He concluded that it wasn't what he said, but how he said it. He realized that he used a tone of voice that seemed intimidating. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like that... It came out by itself... Old habits die hard I guess..." He felt really bad for that, but was relieved as she gave him a smile. He thought that Airi must have understood that he didn't meant to look angry at her or something... He just, wanted her to enjoy some time for her, that's all.

As she stood up for the cart, Lloyd knew that Airi saw his face about the broken cup and that she went to get him another. As she came back and poured some tea in his new cup, he would bow his head slightly as a thank before sipping once, stopped by her asking what snack he would want. He blinked a moment as she said that her cooking was as good as her tea, so he jumped on the opportunity... "If you can bake shortcakes that is as good as your tea, I think I would hire you. Be sure that you would be the most free maid in any employment ever and you would be treated as not as an employe, but as a friend." He said that with a simple tone, sounding like he was joking about it, but he meant it. It would be a good way to keep her safe if someone with bad intention was to come after her. Yes he would then become once again a master, but for another reason and he would still refuse that title. He smiled at her, wondering if she would think it was a farce or not.


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