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The tale of Sir Courtal. It's a wip!

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1 The tale of Sir Courtal. It's a wip! on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:04 pm

Sir Courtal
The Bravest Knight
rode into the town of Kendrikstone

Caught without a writ of passage
he was forced to fight or flee

he stood and murmured something, and the men became scared.

Sir Courtal was let go, a writ of passage in hand, and took it upon himself to visit the royal knight, the leader of them.

Her name was Madam Renag, the toughest of the local knights; she was met with a conundrum, her forces split. She had a beast to slay, but had no knights to send.

So did Sir Courtal, who decided to ride to assist the madam, on the principle of honor.

This beast was large clawed and scary, but it did not make Sir Courtal flinch. He stood and stabbed the beast in the heart, but asked no reward.

He could have asked for a reward when he got back to the town of Kendrikstone, but he did not. He merely asked for a room to stay in, which he got in the castle. He was squired to Madam Renag, and that was the very start of the legend of Sir Courtal.

For months he trained with the madam, and by the third month, the very start of winter, he managed to win against her. This got his the eye of the king, who called him to his quarters that very night. There are legends to what was said, and I shall say what I was told originally.

The duke, once brought in, told him that this very city he stood in might fall… to bandits. Sir Courtal kept quiet, and took it on himself to seek out these bandits.

Clad in full plate armor, he set off, to the bandits.

When he arrived, he was met with force, but his armor held strong.

18 to one his odds were number against him

These odds to fight was his destiny

He went against htese bandits, the bandits went against, they clashed thier wills and fought!

Sir Courtal did a number on ‘em, but in the end it was for niegh, It went about for an hour, until the end. In the end, the bandits were to win, if it weren’t for backup. He had taken 10 of them out, the other 8 gaining.

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