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BPW (Bellmuse Pro Wrestling) Sign Ups! (Open Topic)

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Being one of the bigger people in this school, Bernat sat in a tall chair behind a table that had a pile of forms on it. It was a fairly simple form, with a few questions. He would end up filling one out by the end, as he was the face of it, by face, meaning the big guy. The one who is difficult to take down. The superman... which wasn't true. Not at all. While he sat there bored, he was determined to get at least one person to join. He also wasn't carrying his weapon, as of current. Bernat wasn't even excited. Or at least not until he saw someone as strong as he. He was doing this mainly for fun, but also to see how strong the rest of the people here were.

At least, how physically strong they were. It was an important thing to him.

The form itself, however, consisted of this.

[center][b]BPW Wrestler Registration Form[/b]

[b] Actual Name:

Wrestling Name:



Any Distinguishing Marks:

Preferred Wrestling Attire:

Wrestling Style:(Choices are Power, Lucha, Technician, and finally, High Flyer.

Signature Move:(This is the move before you use your finisher)

Finisher: (Fairly obvious)[/b][/center]

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