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Symphony For Dream Chasers (Open)

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26 Re: Symphony For Dream Chasers (Open) on Fri May 15, 2015 9:42 pm

When Gawain and Severa answered the questions she has asked them Sno stopped juggling the drum sticks and spoke spoke "New information found on Gawain Egret and Severa Crowley. Now saving the information to it's specific file!" Then Sno looked over at Kayo who seemed to giving his plate a death stare. Sno was a little concerned as she began to think I wonder what is wrong with Kayo?.. Oh no did my questions annoy him or something? Sno then heard Kayo answer her questions and Sno still being a little considered about Kayo's earlier actions spoke again "New information found on Kayo! Now saving the information to the Kayo file. Last name still remains unknown." Sno then heard Kayo ask her a question and she replied with "Do I like my knives? Well of course I do without my knives I wouldn't be able to fight and if I had to use a different weapon then it just wouldn't feel the same. My knives a not as heavy as a sword or a gun which means they are easier to use and throw, however I since they are made for throwing they are small which means it might be hard to use them in close combat. Also while I can use my air dust to sorta give them a boost I can also use it in an attempt to keep an enemy at bay that way I won't be thrown into a close combat situation.

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27 Re: Symphony For Dream Chasers (Open) on Sat May 16, 2015 7:07 pm

Removing his notepad from Sno's sight, Gawain drew his attention towards Severa who started giving her own reply to the torrent of questions that the android had provided them, hopefully without any malcontent however. As Severa was indirectly answering his eventual question that would've come when they'd end up talking about combat and of the sorts -Gawain even crossed out that detail in his notepad as he was already receiving the answer-, he thought about her answer with a clear and definite intrigued expression. Gawain never really saw Severa fight, excluding his first day at the academy, and that battle wasn't a spar at all. Thus, Gawain didn't really know how Severa fought, only with what. As for her Semblance, Gawain didn't even know what hers was, other than the acquired knowledge that it wasn't meant for combat. With all of that new knowledge received, Gawain lingered on the thought of Severa, a kind-hearted girl such as her, as far as he knew her, fighting. Fortunately, in a way, Gawain, on his way back to his piano seat, noticed something strange.

Next to the bright Sevy was a rather grim-looking Kayo. Gawain wondered what was wrong with his friend as Gawain took his seat, facing the three of them. Only moments ago he was acting like a caring, considerate person, ready to take on most any subject, but now, for some reason, Kayo just sat there with that dark look on his face. That expression was unnatural to Gawain, however having spent only a few bits and pieces of time together, and it only made the boy want to help. They were friends at that point, and friends look out for each other, right? However, after he made a few steps toward Kayo's direction, his demeanor changed just like that back to his somewhat regular self. Despite calmly heading back to his seat after that little beat, Gawain wondered what just disrupted Kayo's thoughts. Could it have been some random lingering thought of a past unforgiven, or could it have been Sno's question that triggered it? Everyone had given it some thought, except for Kayo, but Gawain wasn't about to push further on the subject. If the time did come, then Kayo would ask, and Gawain'd be there.

Resting at his seat, Gawain faced towards the group with the piano positioned to his side. It was rather interesting to watch them all interact: from Kayo, he learned more about his past details, only to wonder a bit more about who Kayo really was; from Severa, he finished a question he wanted to ask her for a while, and somewhat desired a spar; from Sno, he achieved the knowledge that she was an android who sang beautifully, was a considerate person by that itself, and most likely fought extraordinarily with her knives, but Gawain wondered what more there was under that metallic surface. He never met an android before, and he wondered if they had feelings as well, self-established, developing feelings. With a calm, warm smile towards the group, Gawain overlying thought after all that was that he had so much to learn about all of them, but they'd all be friends that could rely on one another when the time came. At least, he considered them all friends at that point.

Turning his head to the instrument that lied at his side, Gawain's hand slowly flew out to it, rolling past each and every key as he tried to remember every bit and piece of experience he had. Past that, there were the stories of his own past. It held so much information, but telling it to the world, telling it to a friend, he wasn't ready to do that. There was a time and place for that, and there at that academy, Gawain's past was something that was too dark, too serious for a light-hearted, happy, and bright situation such as his life at Syne. Lifting his hand from the end of the piano and starting from the beginning once more, Gawain kept that same calm smile on his face, knowing that he was in better times with those around him.

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28 Re: Symphony For Dream Chasers (Open) on Sun May 17, 2015 1:52 pm

As people were answering the questions that Sno asked, Sevy was writing the answers from each person in her notebook. What notebook you ask, well the one she always has and that she uses to note new information about everyone. You didn't saw it? Well, no one does, so you're okay. She tend to write in it when no one is looking... She didn't thought that any of those information would be really useful someday, she just like to know more about everyone, especially if she like the people she was with. Sure knowing how they fight before an actual fight is good, you can prepare yourself, but would Sevy really fight? I don't think, unless she is forced, she'll avoid a fight.

Sevy didn't noticed the glare that Kayo was giving the box, she just was oblivious of it. Not that she wouldn't care, she just didn't noticed, all because of the nice food she was eating.

As Sevy was happily eating and looking at everyone, she noticed, on her clock, that it was getting pretty late. She had to meet up with a teacher in the morning so she had to get some sleep. She stood up and bowed slightly "I am sorry everyone, but I need to get going, it was really nice to meet you Sno and Kayo, and it was nice seeing you again Gawain. I can't wait for us to start our duet." She gave everyone a closed eyes smile before slowly walking toward the door. She turned around and waved before leaving.


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