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Arrival to Syne! Let´s have some fun! (Open, everyone is welcome :D)

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"Finally!" Batu shout as he leave the transport in which he arrive at the Academy. "One more minute listening to that garbage and I would SERIOUSLY jump from the window!" He add as he grab his baggage and head towards the Academy.

Batu was wearing a black t-shirt with some jeans and his favorites black sport shoes and his black scarf, which Batu wear with almost anything he wear. In his left hand he had a single baggage, where he wear all his clothes and personal items. In his back, his weapon, Leumundslist, rest imposing, gaining several looks from the people he cross

"Seriously, what´s wrong with music nowdays?" Batu continue as he look at the his Scroll, deciding to change the subjectwith himself. "The message told me that the curfew start at the sundown" He mutter as he look at the clock in his Scroll.

"Meh, is still daytime , I got more than enough time." He answer himself as he close his Scroll and decide to look at the Academy (or castle, in Batu´s opinion). It seems like one of the castle in his books of mythology.

"Fancy." Batu said as he look at the building with a smirk. Suddenly, a tought cross his mind. "If I where to cover the entire thing in paint, how much would I need?" Batu said as he rub his chin, but soon  discard that idea. He heard the rumors about the teachers in here, specially the headmaster.

"I wonder how my classmates would look like?" Batu add as he sit on a bench and wait a little longer until he enter the building, his weapon place next to him. He look at the students walking around, probably walking to the forest outside the academy, or maybe just going to their next class.

"Hohoho, I see. The girls around here are very cute." Batu add with a smirk on his face. "Seems like my time here in Syne could be very interesting..." He add with a small chuckle as he continue to look at the students a bit longer.

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