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1 Ishi Omo (FIN TEACHER) on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:52 pm

Ishi Omo
[vblur]Enrollment Form[/vblur]

Basic info
Name:  Ishi Omo [The Doctor Lord]
Age: 30
Birthday: December 5th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200 pounds
Face Claim: Doctor Shamal from KHR

Aura 200|100 HP

Group: Teacher
Likes: Finding new ways to wound people; mainly to find ways to heal them.
Flirting with Ladies
Fixing all the peoples wounds
Pretending to die
Practicing any kind of medical narcotics; in which to further his medical practice.
He likes Assassins, he used to be one himself before going into the business of medical narcotics.
He likes blades; however it’s needed to be known that he likes using them, not making them.

Dislikes: Guns, they’re bloody difficult things.
Stubborn people
People who refuse help.
Fears: Failing a patient
Allowing someone to die that didn’t deserve it.
Testing his experimental medication on anyone but himself.
Becoming who he used to be; the ruthless killer
Overall Personality: As stated before, he used to be a very lethal character; a man who used dangerous pills to take down those who he was told to. These pills were always the kind to release when coming in contact with a drink, so he is also capable of mimicry of another person. The meaning of this, is that he can be very serious and sneaky when he wants to be, but for the most part, that ruthless killer he used to be is gone. Which is a great thing for him.
Today; he could be called a womanizer, however that may be looked at. As said before, he likes to flirt with women,  as they are his prefered sex, and he absolutely refuses to infatuate with the other sex as it’s not his prefered one and how dare he be put out of his zone. It never ends well, honestly. It happened once and it ended up with the other guy with a sword in his chest.  Of course, that was when he was a ruthless character.

He doesn’t lack compassion anymore, in fact, he is willing to help pretty much anyone who comes, for a price of course. That part still hasn’t left him. This trait is to such an extreme that you could be about to die, but if you just tell him what you’ll pay him, and he feels it’s worth it, he’d jump in and save you. It’s a very dangerous part about him.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: He has an increased healing factor when he turns on his semblance; which can also be used to heal another. However, he is limited to one at a time. 30 aura for 20 hp.
Item 1: Being who he is, he carries what used to be some guys family sword. It’s actually a scimitar which of the blade reaching a total length of roughly 3 feet in length, the handle being roughly half a foot, the width of the blade is maybe an half a foot, while the thickness of it only lands at about an inch and a half.
his Blade
Item 2: That black coat he wears is actually reinforced cloth, helping him withstand physical blows.
History and Sample
Ishi was born under the right stars, he feels. He was born to fairly rich parents who gave him a very good education. This is said because we actually start when he was 15, a prodigy in the field of medical science.
15 year old Ishi wasn’t very interesting, as he spent most of his time in books about the human body, and then trying to figure out it’s weaknesses so he could cover them. He had many books on this, and sometimes the opinions differed so he’d research something else on it, and come to his own conclusions. This was also around the time he put out an add as an assassin, and for awhile no one came around. When waiting, he went into a lab his father bought him and started to develop various things to assist him in dealing with various types of people.

Because, as he knew, some people were immune to things that others weren’t. It wasn’t that that wasn’t common knowledge, it was just very important knowledge to the way he’d plan on killing. Sickness from a bunch of medicine? The doctor would be blamed.
     We should also comment on the fact that he was a pizza guy, who got the pizza to the place it was. He knew a few things that some others didn’t, but that was no bother was it? He just needed to know what things did so he could deal with the people like they needed to be. That’s how he was, he did things how he needed to them so that his parents didn’t look into anything.
Let us look at his first job that he took as an assassin shall we?
It all started when he got a letter that he was wanted for a job. This was of course how he told anyone who wanted him to contact him, as to not be tracked via phone or messages. The letter looked something like this.

Dear Ishi Omo
I have seen your add and I am very desperate. This man has been harassing my daughter but isn’t doing so enough to break any laws, plus my daughter loves him but I won’t let him. She plans on eloping in roughly a week, and I can’t stop here. She doesn’t even know I know. I can’t do anything to him because she will never love me again. As you said on your add, you said you can kill without a trace, please do. I’m truly desperate.
A desperate man

He stared at the letter, and decided to take it. Along with this letter, was a photo of the boy. He looked about 18, jockish. He even had the boys name.
He went into his lab after this, and went hard at work, thinking about all that he had learned about human biology and Anatomy. He decided to poison his pizza the next time he ordered it; since the man was a frequent and he often delivered to the guy.
Go two days forward, and what do you know? The very same guy orders a pizza, and it just happens to fall into the hands of Ishi. This first assassination job was really centered around luck, and that just happened to be what he had on his side.
He got in the car with the Pizza, a pill in his pocket, and thought, as he drove, how exactly poison him. He decided to drop a little concentrated Arsenic. which was spread throughout the pizza. He delivered the pizza  and turned around the block, and waited until he heard the crash, and went and grabbed the guy, dragged his body into his basement, and then took his money. He still had to pay for the pizza of course,

He then drove back and went about on his job, and wrote a letter back to the man that the job was done, and all he wanted in payment was to meet this daughter of his, face to face. Honestly, that’’s all that he wanted, so after a few more letters back and forth they decided on a meeting place, and the things that happened there are quite interesting compared to the actual assassination job.
It was two days after the actual assassination job, and he had got him to agree to meet his daughter at mid-night, well, not got to meet, more so interupt her while she waited for her very...very dead boyfriend. Decked out in a white shirt, black pants annd a trilby for fun, he met up with her, and decided to take the first move.
He tried to remember her name, before she said something.
“Damien? Is that you?”
Poor sap didn’t even know that he wasn’t her lover.
“I am not sadly, but I can fill his place.”
He moved closer to the girl, whose name he now remembered was Deluth.
“I could treat you much… much nicer then he could have.”
“What are you talking about? Where is he?”
“Dead. By an assassins hand it seemed, but don’t you worry. I took care of that assassin. He was chump-change… which begs the question of how strong your boyfriend is. Do you want me to protect you from Assassins?”
A visible shiver, a shake, the knees on the woman almost buckling. She hadn’t realised what danger she had ‘been’ in this entire time, and she also knew that standing in front of her was a very dangerous man, but seemingly not the killer. Not with the way that he talked to her, no, that was impossible!
“Tell me….’ow many asassins are after me? For aligning with Damien?”
Ishi brushed his chin. and decided to come ‘clean’.
“Look. I’m Isane Curando. I’m actually a security guard hired by your father to protect yo from any viable assassins that might come and attack. I used to be one myself, but then I retired from the who fiasco because it got a bit too rough to be into it, but the assassins alone? They should be fine. However, I will have to take you into my safe-house to actually be sure I can protect you.” While this was not at all true, the part that he unknowingly happened to have predicted, was the fact that she was about to be hunted by more veteran assassins. This was a very dangerous thing, and it was a very dangerous job that he had just taken. He took the girl by the wrist  and dragged her slowly, but surely, to his home and put her in his room. It wasn’t anything too special, and he had put her to bed, and decided that he needed to research something could possibly force her into a small coma for roughly 3 days. He was having no luck with this when the first assassin, somehow managing to find his home and trace the girl back to it, landed in front of his bedroom doorstep.
It should also be said that he informed her father of the stakes and this was allowed.
The assassin landed at the front of the bedroom, but when he landed, he stepped on a small spike doused with very slight bits of poison. This poison weakened the veteran fighter enough that he was slow enough that Ishi could keep up with the movements.
When the very plain, not decked out in cool gear Ishi  came out, the veteran had to ask,
“What in the hell did you lace this with kid? It’s more potent, and I mean potent, the anything I’ve been hit with before. Which I consider impressive.”
Not wanting to go into any specifics, he just notified him that it was just a very potent mix that would kill him swiftly if he didn’t get killed by him. He introduced himself as Isane, rather than Ishi, his real name. He then did a few swift chops, which were blocked and then he was elbowed in the jaw.
After that, the better fighter was slow enough to get some fists to the jaw and a knee to the chest, and then after getting a knife stolen, a knife to the neck.
After the fight was over.  a tired Deluth came outside to see who she knew as a bodyguard covered in blood, and a man with a knife in his throat. The surprise hit her when she realized what had happened caused her to fient, in which Ishi brought her back into her bed and put her all nice; and then after putting up a trap that he’d take down in the morning, he went to sleep in a chair next to her.
When he woke up the next day, he noticed that Deluth was out of bed and getting dressed, so he got up and took down the trap which wasn’t triggered thankfully, and told her that she has to be careful. He then took his time getting dressed, and went to school with Deluth, which of course, meant that he wasn’t in school. His parents were too rich to put him in a school. That’s why his knowledge was so specialized in math and botany, along with Anatomy.
Skip a year ahead, and they are having less then innocent times in bed while he defends her, but he then gets a large pay-check to kill her, so he does. He slices her head off, and leaves home pretending to go study abroad for Anatomy.
At 16, with no real motivation, wandered from town to town under the name of Isane. A day before his 17th birthday he gets a specific message.

Dear Isane
I send this message to you as a friend, as a colluge, that someone has put out a hit on you, but it’s not much so there’s only going to be newbies coming after you.

The White Raven

As he reads the message, a boy drops from the roof, quite loudly mind you, and landed where Ishi used to be. Ishi would then go into his pocket, pick up a pill, and smile as the young assassin stood ‘menacingly’ which was really just with a gun pointed at him.
Ishi smiled, and said, “Am I the one your looking for. To be sure, confirm my name, target number. My name is Isane, and the supposed number I was given is 130452.”
The Assassins hand trembled. It was clear this guy was on maybe his first assassination, if not his second. Ishi felt somewhat bad for him, but was being careful.
“I suppose that you thought the gun to the face thing would scare me, huh? Nah, not really. Now, if I were to take this pill, and shove it your mouth, you’d choke and die. Do you really want that?”
The gun dropped from the boys hand as he ran, and Ishi just left it there, and found a hotel room. He rigged it so that when the door was forced open he’d be able to get up in time, and he also rigged the window with a deadly poison. He went to sleep nice that night, settled into his bed. The best part? He had signed in with his real name, which only his family knew him by. Ishi Omo, rather then Isane Curomondo… or something like that.
He woke up to his window trap triggered, with a dead man next to his bed, and the door trap not at all touched. He laughed, disposed of the body, and left the hotel, removing his door trap as well. This life was good, and then, over the next 5 years, he became a respected medical dealer, who gave medicine to local hospitals.

All of this by the age of 21. He was started to realize his folly. He was starting to regret all the death he caused and all the hearts he shattered.
This revelation? It came in the middle of filling a mans death. A bottle full of pills of death, but he knew that he was too far in to leave right away, so skip until he was 28.

He had decided, with all of his knowledge, to pull a gambit. Pull one last trick, one last final trap before he ended it all. It was, in fact, a very dark time for him. He had reformed to what he is today for the most part. He sat, looked at the prescription that he was filling, saw it was for the local crime lord, and had a wild laugh as he mixed one final concoction. It was a mix of Hemlock and some other poisons, all combined into a super potent poison that killed via shutting down the immune system and then the rest of the bodily systems before death. Very painful. It took maybe 40 minutes to do it's entire work, each minute filled with pain.

As he sent it off, he could have ran. Nay, he grabbed a pill, and put it in his pocket, and then grabbed a knife and put it in his pocket. He sat in his chair until he heard yelling outside, and it was yelling about him! He laughed, and yelled to the outside.

"Come on then. Let us get this fight on."

The pill was to shut down his system when it was dissolved, and his system would restart itself in 5 hours. The way he figured, he'd have an hour before it was disolved if he kept it in his stomach. He had tricks, you know!

The fight was over in 30 minutes, and he sat back in his chair, a bit worse for wear due to the pill he just took. He then saw a man in white drop in front of his door with a sword.

"I am the White Raven, the one who warned you that long ago. I must ask, what's the idea? Killing the local big honcho? I came because I saw your name and knew something was up. You, of all people, wouldn't just flound like this. You'd have, if this wasn't on purpose, fled. Why are you still here?"

"Because, I'm done with this whole Fiasco of death. I took a pill, which I made, that will 'kill' me. Basically, it'll lower my system levels to near death, and no one but very, very, very good people could tell I'm not dead. I'd say, even, it might shut down my system, I have no idea how it will work in practice. I just hope it'll work well." He opened up his desk to reveal a bunch of his own skin on a plastic ear, which with very specific work, looked like his actual ear. "If they want something to show, give them this ear. Leave now, so I don't have to be watched as I die.

The Raven took the ear, and left him, and as life faded away from his grasp, he smiled.

Skip ahead of 9 years in the doctor business, he joins Syne, as a change of pace.

RP Sample:
Ishi got up from behind his desk. He had fallen asleep there yet again, and it was becoming a horrible habit. He looked around to see no one there, which he was thankful for as he fixed his hair. He looked at the time and it was about 50 minutes before his class was to start. He wiped the sleepiness from his eyes, and after going to his desk, threw a pill into his mouth which shot him awake. He was ready for anything according to himself, and anyone who'd see him would probably agree. Especially considering the fact that his class was one of the ones in which if you slipped up even once you were boned. One little mix up with any sort of measurement... that was over. No more life, no more death either if you were as good at things as he was, cause he'd most likely have something to heal you.

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