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ODSY The Jouney [Closed/Team ODSY Only]

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1 ODSY The Jouney [Closed/Team ODSY Only] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:02 pm

Octavia was dragging her blade across the ground while she was walking. She then got to an area with multiple training dummies set up. She was able to cut them down easily. It was clear to her that she was bored, very bored. Octavia began talking to herself "This is so boring! What's the point of taking these stupid dummies out! They don't fight back so its not like they are any real threat! I wish I could just fight people and not these stupid things! This is getting very tedious!.. Maybe I could challenge some other student... But how long would they last?.. I am so bored!" Octavia then sat on the ground and let out a sigh as she said "I bet fighting an actual person would be a lot more fun and it would give people more experience than taking on things that don't move or react when you cut them down."

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2 Re: ODSY The Jouney [Closed/Team ODSY Only] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:17 pm

Denz walked outside, wanting to have some fun or something, just to get the beat of this school. he hadn't got use to this place yet so he went to roam off around without really caring where he'd eventually get. He was munching a slice of pizza when he heard some commotion a little further. He walked towards it to see a very tall girl swinging her massive blade at some dummies before sitting down and complaining about the lack of response of them. He walked towards her slowly before saying: "Hey, don't expect them to give something to learn to you, dummies are made for nothing, giving false hope of bettering yourself. Like you said, fighting someone is way more enlightening for both parties and it's way more fun like that." As he finished his slice he drew his swords from their sheaths and got himself in his usual dual wielding stance giving her a smirk. "As for how long this could last, it's all up to you girl. I'm not someone to go halfway in a fight, sparing or not." He bowed his head slightly "The name's Denz, by the way, nice to meet someone that might give me something to hope for..." He paused for a second before continuing "...a chance to fight more than 5 minutes." He raised his head showing a tauntful grin waiting for her move.

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