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The Grimm, a Hands on Experience (Ask to join. 1/4 Max.)

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He should've decided not to do this. This was one of things that he just should not have decided to do. He needed the money however, and this was how he was supposed to make his living, hunting Grimm. He paused his movements from within his Tree, and listened. He was no longer actively using his semblence to hide his ears. It was a distraction, and he couldn't afford to be distracted in the enemies territory. His ear twitched, rustling trees. That could be anything from the wind to a Grimm. His eyes looked around before he dashed from his current tree branch to the next. He kicked off the branch and landed on the next tree over, and examined the area again.

His kimono was light, and only worked as efficient armor against dust users. However it was better than his school uniform. He made sure to hop from tree to tree on all fours, have absolute control over his moving self's center of balance. Would make for a nasty spill if he fell due to a snapped branch because he was off balance. As he did travel he made sure to watch for hunting signs, lack of wildlife, marks on trees that state territory.  Anything that could show him that there were Grimm nearby.

He stopped as he noticed something, a few claw marks in a tree. Resembles bear marks, but could've been an Ursa, impossible to tell the difference beside sight. He decide that it was late enough in the day to find a place to camp. He examined the area and found it lacking in appropriate camping locations.

He settled for what he had, a small rocky outcropping that he had found earlier this afternoon after he had abandoned the school grounds. He dropped his pack on the rock as he looked at the gold pink sky of the coming night. He had probably enough time to set up his tent and then it would most likely be dark. He decided against it, the tent would obscure his vision of the nearby area, he needed to be able to see. It was a good thing he was a light sleeper, if he even intended to get any.

He started his night by making a small campfire, and pulling out a loaf of bread from his pack bit into it. They could come at any time.

This was funner than he remembered it being.

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