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Shadow and Major Missions

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Leena Lilac
What are Shadow Missions?
Shadow Missions are special tasks open to all Syne Students. They require that said students spend a workday shadowing a specific type of person, the mentor. These mentors will show them their job or craft, and is an excellent learning experience for young hunters, so that when they are released into the world, they can find a stable source of income to counteract the unpredictable world of hunting Grimm.

What do I need to do to be eligible for these missions?
Absolutely nothing! If you are a student at Syne Academy, You get your pick! However, If you are in the hot seat Group you will not be eligible. Professors my go if they are going with at least one student.

How do I go on a Shadow Mission?
All you need to do is look through the list of Mentors, and pick one that interests you. Every month, 5 will be randomly chosen for the list, however you can only go on three Shadow Missions in any given month. When you have selected your mentor, Post in his topic saying you, and whoever else you are taking with you, want to go and wait for a staff member to approve you. When they do, You may create a topic in the designated location and begin the shadowing. These missions are self GM'd, which means that YOU control the NPC's and such. Have fun with it! Let's see all the crazy adventures you all have!

What is required to complete a Mission?
This depends on who is with you. If you are by yourself, you need 1000 words total in the topic, unless stated otherwise. If you are with at least one other person, Each person needs 5 posts each. YOU CANNOT GO WITH ONLY YOUR ALT. Do that and each character needs 1000 words. There is no limit to how many people can go. If your team wants to go, have fun. If a professor wants to call it a field trip, go for it. When a mission is completed, link it in the topic where you took the mission so that it may be rewarded (this should be the same person that posted to take the mission, even for a group). Also, LINK YOUR TOPIC TO YOUR TIMELINE THIS IS IMPORTANT. Mentor topics get wiped at the end of the month, and so keeping the ones you go on in your timeline will make it easier for everyone should they need to be looked over for any reason.

What's in it for me?
Well, you greedy bum, This is all part of the Kingdom of Bellmuse's plan to further motivate the hunters at Syne. therefore, they are willing to pay each person 1000 lien per mission. Feel free to shop till you drop with some new, hard earned money.

Major Missions-

What Are Major Missions?
So you’re a student but you’re not really sure how you’re suppose to learn outside classes? Then you’ve come to the right place, Major Missions are a collection of tasks which you will build up over your academic career through which you will progress through the school, these are the tests and tasks you are being assigned through you classes. You can find the missions here Simply post upon completion, linking the thread you did it in; there's no need to ask to perform these missions.

What's in it for you?
You may also be thinking; well my character isn’t particularly academic, is there any greater incentive to do these missions? Indeed there is! You get 100 exp for each 150 words you write in the mission post, though these missions must be only a singular post outside of performing them in a group alike shadows, they must reach a minimum of 1000 words and the reward caps at 1500 exp per mission. These missions must be completed in a single post, though you can come back and edit them should you need to continue.

Extra Details
Each major has two unique missions per month, however a student of any major can perform any mission. You keep track of the missions you do on your timeline. The undecided major, having no direct subject to pull from, will perpetually have it’s mission be “Attend a Class” something that all students should be able to easily do! Missions refresh monthly. Non school members can do these missions, teachers to! Keep an eye on this space for future updates related to school progression!

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