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Chance Reunion

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1 Chance Reunion on Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:45 am

Lily Oracle
A pigtailed beauty was rushing through the hallways, gasping for air as her legs blitz through the halls, carrying her petite frame with her. In her arms were two text books, thick and digging into her chest as she sprinted past the empty halls. Though, many could easily hear the teen screeching something akin to 'I'm late! I can't believe it! Stupid alarm!' as she blazed forward. She was almost nothing but a blur of pink and white, as she sharply turned a corner here and there, frantically searching for something. From how wide her eyes were, one could only guess a classroom of sorts was what she was looking for. As she turned another corner, and yet another, seemingly getting even more lost as time went on.

Eventually, she stopped speeding so fast, trying to collect herself despite the fact that she was still obviously late. She slowly, shakily, lifted her hand up, which clutched tightly a slip containing the needed information. Her eyes scanned the slip patiently, once, twice, three times. Her head rose from the page as her eyes blinked innocently. 'Surely I haven't passed why am I all the way in the 500s now...?' She thought to herself, just as the shriek of what she could only assume was the bell sounded out.... her face falling as she realized, she wasn't just late. She had officially MISSED the class all together now! 'Oh wonderful....simply wonderful' She thought to herself, digging out her schedule and glancing over it. If she hurried, she could race back to the 300s, and be on time for a change. But this meant traversing a now crowded hallway....

Once again, the teen turned on her heel, racing back the way she had come, and this time, elegantly dodging through waves of other people, careful not to step on any toes or worse, send anyone flying out of her way. However, her luck was pretty quick to run out, as her eyes drifted from the area in front of her, upwards to ensure this time she would have the correct room number. 'Just a few more! Just a few more rooms! 331, 330....329--!!!!'

Finally, her luck had run out. And she had not only toppled onto someone else, but she was also now laying on them. On top of that, her books were scattered, along with her slip, and her schedule, likely being stepped on by other students also trying to make it to their classes on time. Groggily, Lily raised her head, the throbbing pain in her legs and chest beginning to ebb away, as she tried to make sense of what had just happened. One second she was running, she had only taken her eyes off the hallway for a single second, and then...well, then she was on the floor, on top of someone...and when she realized that she was still on that person...
"A-Aah!" She squeaked aloud, as she fumbled to push herself off the individual in question, her bangs obscuring her vision as she scrambled to collect her belongings and maybe, even help this person with theirs as she sat up. She slowly removed herself from their person, and gathered up her things, before brushing aside her bangs as she readied an apology. "I-I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going and I just, I just missed my first period class and I was determined NOT to miss second period and I just--" Her breath hitched in her throat as her eyes landed on the person in question. Her heart sped up instantly, even faster than it had when she was speeding down the empty hallway. Her eyes widened as her cheeks flushed. 'W-Wha...?'

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2 Re: Chance Reunion on Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:31 pm

Alexander Redgrave
Alex’s mouth dropped low, and his eyes teared up. Slowly raising his hand to cover the massive yawn trying to escape, he continued meandering through the halls, book raised up to his face with one hand, fingers splayed to hold back the pages. One of the things he had missed most during his two year stay with the Grimm (right behind a good night’s rest, food that didn’t make him want to be sick, and you know, people) was reading. There was no time to become enamored with another character’s hopes, dreams, fears, and tribulations when he had so many of his own to contend with. And so, his eyes glued to the page, Alex dodged and ducked his way through the throng of people, avoiding them as easily as if they were not there at all.

It was almost like a dance, as he walked through the gaps left behind as people walked forward onto their way to class, as they leaned forward into their lockers or an interesting conversation, or even something so small as what was left behind as they shifted their weight from one leg to another. Years amongst the Grimm gave Alex a set of very light feet, and he was using them as much as he could. Despite all this, his eyes never once left the page. The hero was in a test for the very sanctity of his mind and trust, having been betrayed by all his friends and left to die in a hellish wilderness. Despite it ringing very close to what had happened to him, Alex was absolutely entranced- it was easy to distance yourself from the actual, horrifying implications of being stranded, surrounded for miles by everything and anything that ever wanted to eat you when there was that nice, protective medium of the page separating you and the horrible reality of that situation.

Alex had just picked up this book today, but he already was unable to put it down. He had skipped the first class today, he had determined that he was going to end up skipping the second, and at this rate he was probably gonna end up just calling in the day sick. It was part of a series, God help him.

What he had not expected, however, was a little encounter with fate itself.

Alex suddenly felt something barrel into his back, sending him flying. His reflexes kicked in before he could even think, honed by years knowing this exact situation could easily spell death. Snarling, Alex corkscrewed his body, turning around in midair. His hands flew to his hips, drawing Gravedigger and Grandia, slamming the revolvers forward into the creature that had tackled him. One jammed into the thigh, the other into the chest- no way to miss a point blank shot.

It was the red hair that saved the girl. The shock of color snapped Alex back into reality, allowing him to regain control over his runaway instincts. Holstering both pistols, Alex loosened his body just as he slammed into the ground, lessening the impact- at least until the girl slammed into him from on top, driving the air from his lungs. Holy…crap, honey, your tits… are literally going to kill me… Even in his thought, Alex was wheezing.

"I-I'm so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going and I just, I just missed my first period class and I was determined NOT to miss second period and I just--"

Alex heard the fumbled apology and just nodded to himself as he tried blinking the stars from his eyes. ”What? Oh, yeah, no troubles, sweetheart, just keep an eye up n-“ The clanging like klaxon bells in his brain finally registered, as he realized just exactly who that voice belonged to. In complete disbelief, Scipio looked up at the girl currently resting on his chest and blinked in disbelief.


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3 Re: Chance Reunion on Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:26 pm

Lily Oracle
Lily's eyes blinkly innocently, once...twice. But his image wasn't fading from her vision. Which could only imply one thing: Alex was not a dream. He was really here. He truly, honestly was! Now, sitting there in front of him, she immediately brought him into an embrace, a tight one at that, as she squeaked with happiness. "Oh my gosh Alex! Now I'm really sorry I ran into you like that b-but! But! You're here oh my gosh!!" She rambled sweetly, nuzzling her cheek against his as she squeezed him, pressing her small frame into his. There was simply no way to describe the absolute surprise, and glee that overwealmed her at this very moment. She held him for quite a while, even as people passed them by. It was only until finally, she released him due to the fact that her chest was beginning to hurt, having been pressed against his for so long, and so tightly too. But she couldn't help it! As far as she had known, she'd be attending Syne Academy alone. And now she didn't have to! No longer would she have to awkwardly fumble around trying to make friends. Not with Alex around, no way! The guy was practically a social butterfly, and well....Lily certainly was not one in the slightest.

The twin tailed beauty pulled back to take a good look at her childhood friend, or at least, a better one than she had the last time she had seen him. Gosh, had he grown into such a wonderfully handsome man. One who likely had every girl's attention at this rate. Including her own as she gave him a beautiful and sweet smile, her eyes softening as she looked up at him, her cheeks lighting up a soft pink. "This is such a surprise!" She continued explaining, now occupying his lap, having for the moment, forgotten about her original need to get to class. ....Up until the bell rang, once more. Her expression warping to one of surprise of a different nature, as her eyes widened and her smile quickly turned upside down.

"Eeek!!! Oh no!" She fussed, bowing her head as she gave a low sigh. " we're both late!" She commented sadly, before once more, gathering her books, and even the book Alex had been reading, careful not to damage it as she passed it back his way as she rose to her feet. She dusted her skirt off, before offering one hand to him, in order to help him up now. "I'm so sorry Alex...." She whimpered again with a pout. "But..." She said, as her eyebrows rose up, a smile breaking forth once more. "It is so great to see you if only it wasn't cut so short... Thanks to class anyway!" She rambled again, with another pout, her gaze now down at the floor once more. "But where are you headed? How about we walk to class together huh?" She offered, wanting to still spend whatever little precious few seconds she could have with her most cherished childhood friend.

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