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Maker of Candles [Solo/Candlesick Maker quest]

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Sienna Dark
The quests which students had recently been allowed to take were interesting to say the least. Where this job was to shadow a candle maker, Sienna had hoped to steady her hands learn the craft and hopefully gain some wisdom from her current mentor. Her destination was a rather humble shop, Sienna had been informed that she could let herself in as the man who would be mentoring her probably wouldn't hear her knock anyway. "Hello." A once word introduction was shot sweet and to the point, but the old candle maker seemed to have hardly heard her

"What? who's there?" The man shouted louder than he needed. He turned his head around to see a young woman standing at the door "Ah yes you must be one of the students from the academy no? I'm North Waxamillion, what's your name young one?" North gave off a friendly atmosphere right away as he pondered the students name while still working on his current set of candles.

Sienna was amazed at how steady and careful the man was working on a project that he wasn't even looking at. She moved closer as it was evident that the man was hard of hearing."I'm Sienna Dark a rather new student at Syne academy. I figured that this quest would hopefully give me knowledge and a good reason to explore the surrounding town a bit." Sienna spoke to the man his reactions while using only sight, one might not notice, but Sienna was able to tell that this man was deaf in this right ear simply by speaking as she approached while using the earth just below the floor to see the movements of Mr. Waxamillion. Where this from for sight was slightly impaired by the layer of floor it was only slight and not enough for Sienna to not be able to notice that which is only an arms reach away. Sienna took a seat to the mans immediate left so that he could properly hear her for the duration of the mission.

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Sienna Dark
Mr. Waxamillion spoke simple yet wise words in saying "Yes yes often in life the simple ventures can be more worthwhile than the long quest. Please get yourself a candle wick so we may begin" North finished his current set of candles by separating the two sides by simply cutting the wick in the middle, as he grabbed a new wick to start a new pair of candles.

The candle maker Mr. Waxamillion offered simple words of wisdom and then got back to the point of the mission in teaching Sienna how to make candles. Sienna grabbed a wick as North did and followed his instructions and actions, hers were not nearly as good and well shapen, yet it seemed natural as if she had done it before. She attributed this to the mans great teachings.but her sense of slight movements through the ground made following the actions of Mr. Waxamillion far easier.

North grabbed a candle which had become misshaped in creating and had become more of a spiral than a straight candle, he reached for the candle and grabbed another tool and without and after a few seconds gave it back to Sienna. "It's not always about what you set out to make, it's what you can make of what you get." North handed Sienna a candle which was now the shape of a dragon and if lit would look like the fire was coming from the dragon's mouth.

"Thank you sir those are words I will not soon forget." Sienna commented as she got back to work and began to get closer and closer to the product of the master if only l slightly "I do hope that I could keep this as a souvenir of sorts" Sienna spoke of the dragon shaped candle which was in front of her. The Dragon had seemed like little more than a failed candle before, but it was shaped into an amazing piece of craftsmanship.

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Sienna Dark
North was happy to let Sienna keep the dragon candle and even said "That dragon work is not what I made, but what I was inspired to make of your workmanship, I want you to remember that whenever you look at it. Mr. Waxamillion continued in helping Sienna making her candles, he had quite enjoyed company and company that not only caught on to the craft fast, but seemed to enjoy doing so. He was able to see that his words of wisdom would not be lost on such a girl where it was obvious that they would on others of her age. He would then pull out a large block of wax with three wicks sticking out of it and place it in front of Sienna without a word.

The master candle maker sure knew what he was doing and he was very helpful. Mr Waxamillion  had given her words of wisdom and a gift to take home, but then what appeared before her was a block of wax with three wicks coming out of the top. Sienna immediately grabbed some tools to carve the wax into a sculpture she had began work on turning the block into a phoenix rising from the ashes, and with the guidance and help of Mr. Waxamillion and a lot of careful craftsmanship it beface a phoenix rising with a wick on the tip of either wind and one out of the mouth to make it look as if breathing fire. The fire breathing mouth was heavily based off of the dragon only made a while earlier by North and his guidance helped Sienna immensely.

North had helped his newest pupil turn a large block of wax into a brilliant phoenix and then he stood and laughed "You have done well especially for someone new to the craft. Keep these and do with them as you would." North grabbed a bod made especially for the transport of the delicate and fancy candles. he then proceeded to put both the phoenix and the dragon in their own compartments in the box. "I have another student arriving soon so I must send you off now, but I do hope you come back as you have been a great help to me as I hope I have been to you."

Sienna was handed a box and she noticed that indeed it was the end of her time on this mission thus she said her goodbyes "Goodbye and I do hope I will be able to come back at some point." She then made her way out of the store with her candles and pondered where in her room she would place them as she walked back to the school campus.

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