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Richard's timline

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1 Richard's timline on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:46 pm

Weapon Tier 2: (used rank up to gain 10 HP)

Dust T3; 24 Plant, 24 Earth.

Dust T2; 48 Plant 25 Explosive 33 Electric 20 Ice

Dust T1: 1 Earth

Weapon tier 2 unlocked

Weapon tier 3

Weapon form 2

Dust tier 2 unlocked gained 10 aura

Dust tier 3

Shadow missions:

The Tutor: (Done)

The Baker: Done

The gardener;

The Hunter

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2 Re: Richard's timline on Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:23 pm

Up To Date App

Basic info
Name: Richard Lionheart
Age: 18
Birthday: 22/4
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Retractable Claws of the sloth bear variety, bone white hooks)
Weight: 8 stone
Face Claim: Ging Freecss (HunterXHunter)

Aura 170|170 HP


Major: Dust

Likes: Cooking, Eating, Chess, Nature, Reading, Music (Rock, mild pop), Sleep, Being taller than people, Free things, The many applications of dust

Dislikes: Noisy/Bossy people, Fighting without a plan, Surprises, Orders, Authority figures, Being called short.

Fears: Forrest fires, Failure, Unnecessary killings, Fire more in general, His laziness catching up to him, Being outgrown, Falling in love, Making strong freindships

Overall Personality: Richard avoids fighting where possible, preferring to shadow his targets (Preferably via tree top) and kill/capture them while they rest (he has however come to learn that grimm do not perform such aspects and so will settle for simply surprising them) However he is lazy and often ends up missing his target or having his target discover him before he can formulate a plan. His planning often involves underhanded tactics such as poisoning, tricky dust based attacks and flat out lying to an opponent to gain the upper hand.

He's truly happy while he's listening to music and often listens to that with a beat he can run or if necessary fight to. He dislikes those who tell him how to do his job and will avoid authority figures whenever possible, in particular Lecturers and the Police. This is both due to an arrest early in his life and a previous mentor figure he believes outclasses most other teachers. He is usually shy and stubborn however he will talk to people over a game of chess or with some minor coaxing. While a faunus he does appear human making it easy for him to blend in with either race. He only harbours ill will against those who would oppress his kind and will get along with humans who aren't prejudice against him... as well as he would faunus at least.

He does have a degree of internal struggle when it comes to those around him however, his laziness and isolationist tendencies are rooted in a fear of both their deaths as well as his own. He believes all friendship is destined to at some point be strained or fail, resulting in negative emotions which will draw grimm which will lead to the death of one party and further negativity on the part of the other. This is at least how he rationalises it to himself, he is honestly just not very good at social interaction and has never had a date in his life.


Aura type: Spirit

Aura Color: Gold

Semblance: (Utility type) Substitution (power to swap positions with plant based objects in a ten meter radius, requires line of sight said object cannot be touching another person's aura or manipulated by another plant based semblance)

Item 1: A kusarigama or chain scythe with an extending chain and a weighted sickle like blade on either end of said chain referred to as Keyll. He has also, with the addition of a box like component which houses the chain, managed to achieve and begin training with a secondary form. When the chain is fully retracted into the flat box a suitcase like handle will appear, pulling on it while pushing the box away will result in the outer corners of the box folding upward' making the box go from square to rectangular. This results in the formation of a short chainsaw sword with a breifcase style handle, it is only fifty centimetres long.

Item 2: Dust License, Dust seen above.

Richard was born in a small forest community primarily consisting of philosophical elders. Isolated from most of the known world he grew up quickly, learning what was good and bad to eat. The island taught him of the gift and power of behind laziness, how there were far worse things to be. Take life easy and live peacefully when one can... Richard seemed to struggle with the latter of those two. Often getting into spats with the elders. It got so bad that he was taken under the wing of a deeper philosopher, a lazy man. He branded the boy and managed to somewhat calm him to those around him...well... taught him to take hiss anger out on other things rather than people. Puzzles and such.  At age twelve a hunter arrived at the small town. He quickly became a father figure to Richard.... a silly father figure. It took  near three months for the man to even learn the tribe's claw based language, lacking some of his own he improvised with sticks, and teaching Richard some more... crude words in english rather than starting where he probably should have. The hunter also taught Richard his ways of fighting, both the power of dust and the way of the kusarigama, and helped him unlock his aura. However all too soon the hunter's mission was over and he left before Richard could realize his semblance.

Two years later one of the villages' members got careless and used too much fire during a lesson. The dust ignited resulting in a fire that quickly engulfed the surrounding houses. Trapped by the flames Richard was forced back to the window, which he frantically tried to break to no avail. On the verge of giving up he tried using his aura to escape, focusing it, he just wanted to reach the trees outside the village. Then it happened in an instant he was on the outside. He turned back to see the city ablaze, houses crumbling  and smoke in the air. However sticking out the roof of his house was a massive tree trunk. Confused and unsure of what to do he ran, not caring where.

He would regret this, for outside the calm village; protected by the philosophers calming teachings, were creatures of grimm that had lay undisturbed for many years. Were it not for a combination of Richard's semblance, his small size, survival training... and the screams and anguish of a few narrow survivors in the village drawing the grimm's attention he would have been slaughtered.

He continued to run until he reached the edge of the forest only to find a humongous wall in his way. Formed from thick stone, clearly meant as a barrier. Once again Richard was fortunate to have his semblance and managed to rather easily bypass a wall which would have stopped hunters alike his mentor. Her ran from the undergrowth at a nearby town; housed within a crater. Upon reaching the town however things didn't get any better. Their comunity was less civilised. They cared more for dust and defending against the beasts than they did for people... and the fire had given the grimm ample reason to attack their village next.

He was blamed for the fire and locked up without trial, proclaiming the spiral on his collarbone showed he was marked by Grimm as one of them. However by the end of the week he realized that he could escape using his new found semblance. He switched places with a guard's wooden baton, substituting from place to place until he was passed the door. Having escaped jail he ran back for the woods, having to hide out for three further weeks; avoiding the grimm that were on the constant prowl. He hid and scavenged among some of the few survivors.

It took that long for Gyro, the hunter who had initially met Richard, to track down the boy; living as a homeless vagabond in the crater city for quite some time. The hunter plucked him from his islander lifestyle and set him up at a school, taking him to an orphanage. Here he learnt to play chess, to read and of music. He has seen little of him since then however he was told of Hunting Academies and that he could become a hunter, alike both his namesake and his best friend was. Being a hunter has been his aspiration ever since... when he can be bothered to have aspiration.

RP Sample:

Richard tied his boots and set off toward the school, he couldn't help but be amazed at the giant building. Hoping to pass the entrance exam he thought to himself that if worst come to the worst he'll use my semblance and swap places with a light from up there he should be able to observe everyone's strength's and weaknesses. "Would that be cheating?" He thought to himself, "Oh well, even if it is I doubt they'll notice." He walked to the front desk, "Oh you must be here for the exam, what's your name?" "Richard Lionheart" he replied, putting his papers down on the table. The receptionist pointed him off down the hall "Third door on the left." He began to assess the other students on the way there, figuring which ones looked strong enough to pass and which ones would likely leave on a stretcher there were only one or two like that though most of them looked pretty tough. He also noticed a good mixture of Faunus and humans, even if most of them seemed to stay with their own race. And while he understood why that is he hoped that the races would soon be united. He took a seat and waited for things to kick off.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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