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A Knightly Encounter (Hunt/Closed)

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1 A Knightly Encounter (Hunt/Closed) on Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:38 am


That was another afternoon gone to the sound of music. Ever since the day he found that music room, ever since the day he laid his hands on a piano in how many years, and, recently, the day he joined the music class, Gawain was enjoying his life day by day, especially every afternoon that he spent with his soul that was given life, the piano. The instrument spoke his words for him; each key, every note, they were all his language. It was a language that he wanted to perfect in his spare time. It was his hobby, next to being a student at Syne Academy, next to being a Hunter prodigy, next to upholding his ideals that he took with him on this journey, next to completing the goals that he set to do not only for himself, but also for the kind person that stood by his side until her death. However, Gawain was happy as was; he was upholding everything to the best of his abilities: out of the seven days of the week, Monday, Friday, and Saturday went to his solo piano training, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were devoted to combat training, and Sunday was just pure studying for classes; however, he always made room for friends if they ever asked for him. He even made a small note attached to the front page of his notepad to tell remind himself about his schedule.

"Monday - Piano
Tuesday - Combat Training
Wednesday - Combat Training
Thursday - Combat Training
Friday - Piano
Saturday - Piano
Sunday - Studying"

Other than that, the schedule was free to adjust according to free days, but he didn't know of any yet, so Gawain kept on following the same schedule for the most part. Following the road to the central courtyard, Gawain looked up at the dusk sky, dressed his normal combat attire as he knew that the curfew was beginning soon. He honestly wished that he had more time playing, but he had to finish the rest of his homework and do a little bit of studying; nevertheless, he didn't hate the establishment of the curfew, knowing that the staff implemented it to take care of Syne's students. Still, there were a fair few amount of students that went about after the restricted hours, hiding in the shadows and escaping eye, but Gawain let it be, knowing that not a lot of people would listen to him. With a calm expression on his face, Gawain moved on from the courtyard, even though he did like its peacefulness at times, as he began heading towards the boys' dormitory on a fairly happy note for that entire day.

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2 Re: A Knightly Encounter (Hunt/Closed) on Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:23 pm

Jeane was out and about as her usual day passed training with Durendal again blocking and slicing with ferocious strength and dexterity. Having trained the larger portion of the morning and afternoon away she was now walking back considerably sweaty from her work out. A white drenched towel was loosely fitted about her shoulder and a shiny glistening layer of sweat. Her breath to showed just how strenuous her workout as she began to walk back.

Her stroll wasn't very direct for the route that was most suitable for heading back to her dorm room so she began to stroll through the main route that took her past the courtyard. Looking down toward her feet she began to pick up her pace just before she rand into a bland male that she hadn't yet met before. Collapsing in her short shorts and her tank top she squawked awkwardly on impact with the ground.

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3 Re: A Knightly Encounter (Hunt/Closed) on Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:38 am

The sudden bump caused Gawain to fall the ground, shocked at what just happened; he was lost in his mind, reviewing what work he had put into his career as a pianist. Shaking his head and looking ahead of him to see what caused the disruption of his thoughts and movement, Gawain found a rather fit girl collapsed on the ground, sweating to no end. Quickly standing up, keeping a calm expression on his face, Gawain motioned towards the girl, bending over as he offered a hand to her. It was quite obvious that she was training in some physical way based on her clothing and body language; he wished that he could work until he was breaking that kind of fatigue. For now though, it was quite obvious that the girl needed a break, so Gawain was willing to aid her to a nearby bench, sitting her down there as he waited on the other side.

Gawain was always willing to help anyone that needed, and now that he brought himself this far in, he couldn't just leave her, despite his shyness around others. With a hesitant nature, Gawain eventually eased up to the occasion, pulling out his notepad on the side of his sheath as he began writing in it, wondering what she thought of him; after coming to Syne, he felt more accepted by those around him, especially by his close peers, but, once in a while, there were still some that left hurtful jabs into his side with their words.

"Hi, my name's Gawain Egret, guh-wane, e-gret. What's your name?"

With a short "hello" ready, Gawain gently sat himself down on the empty side of the bench, passing it off to the girl when he thought her breathing had taken a calmer, slower pace than before; his thoughts lied on what she thought of him.

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