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The First Date (Private/Luka)

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1The First Date (Private/Luka) Empty The First Date (Private/Luka) on Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:06 am

Airi Kanoha
The heavenly sound of the morning breeze blowing through the hallway windows, hitting the silver haired girl and driving her happiness further up than it already had been. She skipped merrily through the halls slowly, running a little duster along the window sills and stopping at each one just to crack them open lightly to let the fresh morning spring air fill the school so they could share in the maid’s excitement. She took a small pause and waited at the corner while her nose picked up the scent of the flowers along in the gardens outside and the fresh grass scent second to the nice smell already picked up. With a childish giggle, Airi spun around and continued down the way, repeating her actions for the rest of the windows in the commons area and halls along the floor. Occasionally she would stop and stare outside the window, leaned against the window sill with her body bent and the rest left out while she focused her sight through the open window.

As she did so, she seemed to for some reason bop herself on the head as a bit of a toll for her stupidity. The maid darted off into her room, and put on a pair of new shoes exactly like her old ones but had more comfort for walking through a big town. The maid then headed out and into the town quickly as she passed several clocks that showed her already being a couple minutes late as it was. After some running time, the maid arrived the fountain where Luka had told her to meet up, panting for breath she spotted the busty nurse and gives a full curtsy and holding it. "Please pardon my lateness madam! I had finished vacuuming the west wing of the academy and lost track of time. I'll take any punishment or scolding you wish for to make up for it." She continued to hold her curtsy for a moment, then lifted herself up and placed her hands in front of her with one folded over the other as she waited on Luka now.

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2The First Date (Private/Luka) Empty Re: The First Date (Private/Luka) on Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:38 am

Jun Lockhart
The sound of the fountain’s gurgling water was rather relaxing as Luka sat on the rim and listened. She had arrived just moments ago and now was waiting on her date to arrive. Dressed in a pair of tight, red leather pants and a simple white button up dress shirt with almost half of the top buttons left undone due to her sizeable bust. A pair of black leather ankle boots with two inch heels completed the outfit aside from the minor accessories she wore, a thin silver bracelet on her right wrist and a silver watch on her left. Surprisingly rather than her normal little bun type hair style Luka had chosen to wear it in a low pony tail that was tied off around the top of her neck and ended down around her mid back. She took a quick look at her watch to check the time and make sure she wasn’t so late that her date had left.

“I’m on time so where is…” Her words stopped mid sentence as Airi came running up only to stop and curtsy on the spot. She apologized for her lateness, explaining that she had been busy vacuuming the entire West Wing of the Academy and lost track of time and that she would accept any punishment from her to make up for it. Luka had to sigh. “I’m sort of glad I’m not your regular doctor, you’re not all that good at following their instructions.” Of course she was referencing her instructions to go light on her maid duties until further notice but regardless she still smiled at the girl. “But I am glad you decided to come after all.” The nurse would smile at the student that she’d be having a romantic date with shortly. Well, now? Of course they were gonna go shopping for Airi first but Luka was wondering if that should be part of the date as well.

Getting up off the fountain’s rim Luka stood and smiled at Airi. “Well then, ready to play some dress up?”

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3The First Date (Private/Luka) Empty Re: The First Date (Private/Luka) on Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:48 pm

Airi Kanoha
The maid looked about at her surroundings as she waited for Luka to reply to her unforgivable lateness. She felt bad having made the woman wait on her, when Airi always knew the order was the other way around. Airi was ALWAYS on time and presentable when she was in the mansion and she would always stop what she was doing, but she felt as though she had more people to please by having to finish up her work rather than leaving it to the side to wait. Besides that, the academy was several times bigger, so the chance she would end up losing the spot from which her work had last picked up would take centuries to discover and by then she would indeed most likely have to start all over again and just create more work for herself.

Finally as Luka had come to ready herself to speak to the maid, her cheeks flushed red. The nurse had looked so beautiful and it made Airi slightly envious of it, but she digressed the thought and tried to focus herself onto the conversation. She chuckled and began to rub the back of her head lightly as she brought up her lack there of in instructions. "Ehehe.. I-I'm sorry mistress. I've kind of always been extremely stubborn when it comes to working... It would be completely wrong of me to not call myself a workaholic, but when you love doing something it's hard to stop. Am I right?" She smiled and placed her hand back down on top of her other in place. She blushed again hearing that the woman was happy she came, which kind of made her a little sad to think someone could stand up someone as gorgeous and friendly as Luka was. "W-Why would I not? "A maid always keeps her promises" as mama alway told me."

She gave Luka a playful wink with a giggle to accompany it, only to shift back to a more shy like blush and nodding slowly, a bit of a nervous hesitation in her body language. "S-sure. I'm.. kinda nervous. I've never worn anything outside of pajamas before... and an underwear and bra of course. B-But yes! I'm ready to play, darling!" Her gentle smile stayed now, keeping herself as calm as she could. Then again everything she'd done today was new for her and it was a little intimidating right now.

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4The First Date (Private/Luka) Empty Re: The First Date (Private/Luka) on Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:58 am

Jun Lockhart
Airi’s answer was that she was nervous, having never worn anything other than her uniform aside from pajamas or undergarments. Walking over to the maid with a few short clicks of her heeled boots Luka took on of her hands in her own and placed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re too adorable to be nervous about wearing something new cutie.” Lightly she began to make her way towards a clothing store she herself regularly visited, her hand still interlocked with Airi’s and as a result leading her along with her.

The inside of the store as what one would expect. The difference however was that everything seemed on the higher end of fashion and a bit more expensive than most places one would shop at. “Now then, what should we start with?” Luka released Airi’s hand only to bring a finger to her chin and hold her elbow with her free hand as she pondered her next choice. “I suppose the first order of business if finding a fitting room for you, no?” The off-duty nurse asked while looking at Airi with a sly little smile.

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5The First Date (Private/Luka) Empty Re: The First Date (Private/Luka) on Mon May 04, 2015 5:43 pm

Airi Kanoha
The maid almost froze in her position as she felt her hand being grabbed up by Luka's. She had both a soft, yet firm and comforting grip that felt comforting enough to lock her own fingers around. She smiled a for a moment before it became one of surprise and colored red as can be from the kiss to her cheek. She felt a little confused by the gesture, but at the same time to flustered in the peck to her cheek to really take much of a lack in care of the confusion she had, but placed back on a gentle smile and gave a slight nod. "W-Well then I guess for you, I'll try on anything.. Just this once though.. Or maybe more.. I.. I don't know yet.." She a bit jumbled in her sentencing, like her mind couldn't gather all of her thoughts together for her.

With her hand still locked in by Luka, she followed her along as best she possibly could to the store in which she would be taking her to. Once inside, the maid looked about in awe of their variety and selections. She had never really been to a clothing store but for more uniforms so this was a bit of a new experience to add to the list of them she would be having today. Her eyes trailed up to the purple haired nurse as she had wondered where they would start, and Airi hugged her arm around Luka's lightly and looked up toward her. "A-Are you sure this isn't too much of an imposition for you, darling? E-Everything here seems.. too good for me to wear.." Her eyes averted from the girl as she had searched for a fitting room for her, though Airi felt like a bother for her being here. Mostly to say out of place really, but that was just her thoughts about it.

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