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A Fanfiction About a Fanfiction

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1 A Fanfiction About a Fanfiction on Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:21 pm

I just wanted to write a little something for my favorite love triangle. I hope you all enjoy for anyone who wants to read this.

A Love Triangle, Part I:
Each key he pressed, each note she created, every melodic sound he made, every beautiful word she made, they were all engraved in his mind, Gawain's mind. Three days. Only three days passed since their duet together. It was performed in front of the entire music class, and to almost all of them, especially the professor, they were quite impressed. The synchronization, the way each note made by the instrument mixed with each word that Severa created astonished their audience. With such grand adulations, Gawain and Severa were overjoyed with their performance. They sometimes exclusively spent their time together, all to just improve on the peace, and after all of that, they could feel the pride on their shoulders as they stood as miniature idols for their class. However, even as the two continued to talk and comment on one another's works, there was a lingering thought in Gawain's mind.

He put so much work into working with Severa, but for what reason? Did he simply feel like working with her was going to improve his own skills? Was she just such an inspirational person that he just had to work with her? Or, was she just a kind friend that stood out above all others? Did he have an infatuation with her, right from the start? They worked hard on their duet together, but only out of Gawain's request. What was his reasoning to do so? Why did he want to work with her? Did he just simply find an attraction to her? Severa was the kindest person Gawain knew at Syne; she always treated him with a caring demeanor, and Gawain simply couldn't stop but lose all sense of trouble around her.

Sitting in that lonesome music room, Gawain had his eyes on the piano in front of him, thinking about Severa. Her black hair, her cute face, her alluring eyes, the body that he wanted to protect, she was someone special to him. Gawain wondered if she was more than just a friend; Gawain wondered if she was the person who he needed for the rest of his life.

Interrupting the thoughts of the reflective boy came the same girl he was thinking about as she opened the door and waved happily at the boy. “Hi Gawain,” her kind voice spoke out to him as she approached him at his seat.

Staring back at Severa, Gawain put on a happy, yet distracted smile for her, waving back at her; he didn't know if he should tell her or not about his feelings. However, before he could even start putting his thoughts to word, she quickly spoke up, giving him a gentle hug simultaneously, “I'm sorry Gawain, but I promised I'd spend some time with someone today. I promise you that we can work tomorrow on this though, okay?”

With a hug in return, Gawain nodded, keeping a calm composure as he waved good bye to Severa. She wasn't a bad person at all; she was the opposite: sweet, kind, caring; all she needed was someone to guide her through any problems she had.

As the door closed, leaving Gawain once more alone, he turned to face his voice, wondering what he should do. If he did have feelings for her, if he did want her to be there for the rest of his life, if he did think she was the one, if he did love her, then he'd tell her. Just, he didn't know how to go about it. He never had such feelings for anyone before, so going about it would be an entirely new experience. With all the time in the world to himself though, Gawain simply just sat there and thought, thinking about Severa, what he'd tell her, what he'd do to tell her as time ticked its seconds off, one by one.

A Love Triangle, Part II:
For hours straight, minute upon minute, second upon second, as the afternoon sun turned to the dusk sunset, Gawain thought and worked to the best of his abilities as he tried to come up with some sort of love notice for Severa. In this case, he spent that time working on a piece that could express his feelings for her; it was a song he once heard online, and recently, he'd been listening to music by the same artist over and over. He had an amazing voice, one that he wish he could also play for, but that was just a distant dream. Right then, Gawain's goal was for Severa, and she was the only thing he could focus on.

When Gawain left that room with his piano piece in mind, he knew what he'd do the very next day. All that time spent to himself was dedicated to his thoughts, to Severa and his feelings for her. He discovered, in his loneliness, that she was the person that he needed in his life. He loved her, he wanted to be beside her every day. She just made him feel safe, complete, and happy. Ultimately, Gawain would devote himself for Severa, knowing that she was the one for him.

The next day arrived without any trouble; however, Gawain was itching to tell Severa; he didn't know what to feel: excitement, regret, happiness; all of his emotions were just tangled together. Eventually, when classes were finally over for the day, he practically rushed to the room he could call home. Severa would be there at any moment, and Gawain had to prepare himself mentally for what he was going to do. He just hoped that his skill in the instrument was enough to exemplify his true feelings for her.

As the door flew open once more, as it had done the day before, Gawain turned his head to see the bright and cute Severa, only, this time, a faint blush lied on his cheeks. However, to Gawain's misfortune, Severa had a sorry tone in her voice as she greeted the boy, “I'm really sorry Gawain. It's just that my friend really wants me to spend some more time with her. If you want me to stay, then I can; I'm really sorry Gawain.”

With a sigh following the statement, Gawain nodded, waving her off to go join her friend, but before she left, Gawain rushed up to her with his notepad open to a blank spot. “Sevy, is it okay if we meet up in the central courtyard before curfew's over? I'd just really like to talk for a bit, if you don't mind.” Gawain had a faint blush on his cheeks along with a nervous look as his stood there with his hands held together. It was only when Severa returned to the notepad to him with a kind smile and hug that Gawain lightened up, smiling a bit.

“Okay Gawain. But, sorry if I'm a little late though, we ended up staying a little late yesterday too.” With that note added to the end, Severa left the room with a happy tone in her voice, excited for the day ahead as Gawain was once more left in the room alone.

Taking a seat back at his piano, Gawain stared at it, thinking about what else he could do. Playing it to her directly was no longer and option, and with his sudden request of her, Gawain was forced to tell her. As such, without any plans, Gawain simply sat there again, waiting for an idea to come to him as Severa was spending her time in happiness and ease.

An hour passed by, revealing one thing that the boy could do. With a rough recording session, Gawain had the entire piece on his scroll, ready to show off at his disposal; however, with the immense amount of time that he had before curfew, he not only perfected the recording, but also ended up creating a small video out of it, popping up lyrics to the piece as the song continued. To the boy, he felt that with that additional element, then it would only further show his commitment to Severa. “I really do love her”, the boy thought as he sat there on that chair, watching the time pass by, watching his classmates continue on with their lives, listening and watching his song play on his scroll, hoping that his life would improve.

As dusk began to fall, as the students of Syne began heading back to the dormitories, Gawain prepared himself for the moment ahead. He never felt romance before, nor did he ever think he was the romantic type; he just knew that Severa was the one for him. She was kind, sweet, caring; Gawain couldn't find anything wrong with her that he couldn't accept. Gawain loved her, and he hoped that she felt the same way too.

Waiting by the courtyard, watching the birds fly by and students walk by, Gawain waited by the fountain, sitting on the edge of it as he waited for Severa to appear; however, she never did. The night sky soon fell, covering the academy in its warm blanket, but the only person that acknowledged its cold touch was Gawain.

It seemed like forever since he saw her face; Gawain watched his perimeter, waiting for her, only to sometimes divert his attention to his feet. “Maybe she doesn't care about me at all,” the boy thought as the crickets started chirping. Fortunately for him, Severa did end up appearing, although, with a friend. The two were walking to the girls' dormitory together, having a delightful conversation with each other. It was obviously her friend that Severa was walking with, but to Gawain, he couldn't tell who it was; all he knew was that they were happy together, enjoying each other's presence even. Gawain, having seen them pass by with joyful hearts, planned on just waiting for Severa, but with a desire in his heart to end what he started, he followed them after they practically left his sight.

As the night sky continued to fall, the peace and the serenity of the darkness seemed to lure Gawain into its grasp. It was only a little longer until he could finally tell her his secret, his feelings about her that she never knew; however, in the midst of that darkness lied a faint light. A light that took form of two figures in the distance. As Gawain came closer to that sparkling light, he found that it was Severa, holding the hands of another. Hiding himself in the covers of the night, the boy watched, not wanting to alert them as he wondered what event was occurring before his eyes.

Their conversation together was one that was heartfelt. The calmness that lied in their voices, the peacefulness that each shared with the other, everything looked as if the night was a home for the two. They were close, the closest of friends perhaps. Anyone could say so if they saw the two together. They were happy with one another, pleased with the other's presence. But, to one, they were more than just friends; to one, they were meant for each other; to one, they would fight to protect the other; to one, they would die in each other's arms as one, happy couple. “I love you, Sevy.”

Those four words were more than enough to disturb the shining light that Gawain was attracted to. In the dark sky, he no longer found any light, but a trail of blood. That voice was Yin's, Yin Sterling's, the person that he considered a rival, a friend, someone he cared for deep inside of his heart. And there she was, the light that he sought, the glimmering sunshine that awoke his day, the voice of purpose that carried him through all his troubled times, the person that he loved, Severa.

The two embraced one another, arm around another, eyes upon the other, and lips gently placed against their partner, the scene couldn't be described as anything less than a perfect act of true love. But as that scene was performed before its audience of one, that one ran. His tears cried not of happiness, but of sadness, loss. He placed so much time into her, thinking that she was the one for him, but how could he tell her now. He'd betray his friend and his love; he'd betray his own practice.

As the night embraced Gawain into his arms, he truly felt alone once more. Severa, his kind, sweet, caring love disappeared from his sights, only to be replaced by a stain on his heart. After all they went through, after each moment they spent together, after each note he played for her, not out of practice, but for love, everything was gone in that one moment, only to be replaced by the darkness he grew to hate and despise.

A Love Triangle, Part III -Final-:
Each key he pressed, each note she created, every melodic sound he made, every beautiful word she made, they were all engraved in his heart, his empty heart. Day by day, he could only think about the girl that his heart destined to be with. Every class, every hour, every minute, his thoughts were filled with her image: her smile, her look, her appearance. He wanted to forget it all, but the more he tried, the more he felt his soul falling apart. He worked so hard for her, and after all of that, it all came crashing down. Why did he fight for her?

All he could do was wait, day by day, night by night as he sat by his voice, seeing it no longer speak words of love, but pain. He could no longer feel anything but sorrow in his heart. There was no longer any hint of love, but only sadness. There were no more caring words, only the voice of pain, sadness, sorrow crying out to him. Love. That's all he wanted all along. That was the truth he never knew, the truth that he sought in her eyes, hoping it was there. But, with those dark words, with those painful words, the truth he sought no longer existed.

He gave her his soul, his heart whenever she asked for him. He was happy with her, willing to be by her side any day at any time. So, why? Why couldn't she realize that he wanted to be with her? Why couldn't she tell that he loved her? Why couldn't she think about how he felt? His life was hers, she could've asked for anything of him, and he would've tried his best to fulfill that request. So why? Wasn't his soul more than enough for her?

Love. Love. Love. That's all he thought about. He started to see them more often together than ever before. He watched from a distance, seeing them happy together. They adored each other; they were the perfect couple to many. Yet, that would be him if only... No, she loved her, and only her. There were no feelings for him. All he had was himself, his lonely heart, and a crush that meant nothing anymore to anyone but him. It's her that she loved, it's she that he loved.

For hours straight, minute upon minute, second upon second, as the spotlight on him started to close, he started to think back, wondering where he went wrong. Did he let his emotions run free too soon? Did he let himself become allured by such an emotion? Or was it from the start, the moment that he dedicated his life to others? That was why he wanted to be a Hunter, though: protect the people of Remnant, to give all of their lives happiness, to bring peace to all of them, but what of him? Was this the duty that he wanted to take on?

That duty he found joy in, that task he believed was for the greater good, that life he was willing to take on guided him not to happiness, but pain. He never knew it, but the path he took was a road to desolation. The people that he once called his audience started disappearing, and the light that once shined on him started dying. Caring for others, placing them above his own self, it was all false. What reward did it give other than sorrow? All it did was turn righteousness to suffering.

As time passed by, hours spent without movement, days spent without response, he resorted to his thoughts for comfort, thinking about her and all the moments they spent together. Her happy, sweet smile and his gentle, kind smile were memories he kept in his heart, locking them away, so he could never lose them. Her voice, her words, her songs, they could've all been there, beside him, but now, they faded away in the darkness. He reached out for them, but they only faded away at the touch. He wanted to hear her voice one last time.

Each key he pressed, each note she created, every melodic sound he made, every beautiful word she made, they were all engraved in his heart, his empty heart. As time passed by, hours spent without movement, days spent without response, he resorted to his thoughts for comfort, thinking about her and all the moments they spent together. All he could do was wait, day by day, night by night as he sat by his voice, seeing it no longer speak words of love, but pain. For hours straight, minute upon minute, second upon second, as the spotlight on him started to close, he started to think back, wondering where he went wrong. They adored each other; they were the perfect couple to many, even him. He couldn't interfere, nor even speak to one. There was no purpose for him in her life. He no longer had a reason to fight for her. The truth that he saw in her eyes was missing. She had his soul and another's, but there was only one that was treasured. This life was the one he chose, one filled of misery. As the curtains fell, her voice was faint; he could no longer hear the songs she once sang, only the voice that was before him. Its continuous loop played by a once brilliant ghost lulled him to bed; only then would he find happiness as his eyes shut, never to be opened again.

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2 Re: A Fanfiction About a Fanfiction on Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:39 am

A Love Triangle, Part III -Alternate- :
For hours straight, minute upon minute, second upon second, as the afternoon sun turned to the dusk sunset, his mind thought only her. As he sat alone, in the only place where his voice could be heard, he wondered where he went wrong. Their memories, they were filled with happiness, joy, so why, why couldn't she realize he had feelings for her? Happiness is what they shared so much of the time, but, as the boy dived deeper into their memories, he wondered if she only felt happiness during their time together. Maybe, that's all he was, happiness for her. He wanted for them to be together, but, when they were both happy together, there was no need for love, just happiness.

If he felt nothing but sorrow, if a broken heart was all that continued to drive his life, then that happiness would disappear, day by day, until... With that single though, with that only word in his mind, the boy drove himself from the dark despair, the boy was ready to accept this life, the boy was willing to remain in silence.

As days passed by, as lives continued on, the boy locked his feelings for her away in his open heart. He couldn't tell her, no matter what, so he lied to everyone around him. On the outside, everything looked the same; he acted the same around all of his friends, but to her, he tried to take care of her more, wanting to keep her as happy as he could, as he watched the two smile into one another's eyes. But, this was the path he chose; he wanted to be there for her, no matter what happened. This was the path he chose, filled with a blood-stained road, paved by his own heart.

But every day that the boy opened his eyes, seeing the light of dawn escape through the cracks of his shade, all he could think was how he was going to make it through another day. After every session they had, after each song he learned, all he could think was of that day when they first played together. Their life together was filled with happiness and joy for him, but now, as he sat there, letting his voice speak in ulterior tones, there was little left of his former self. The boy that lived was nothing but a child, covering himself with a blanket as he cried. The lives they used to lead were now everything compared to the one he lived then.

But, he'd continue to live that path, only for her. Her kind soul, her sweet nature, her cute face, her alluring eyes, everything that he adored about her, everything that was her, he only lived to keep her happy. Without her, what purpose did he have? As long as she was happy, then he was happy. If there were tears, then there would be happiness; he'd do everything he could to keep her that way, destroying his own soul in the process. But, he was happy in the end. They were together this way. He was able to keep her happy. No soul as pure, as fair, as kind as hers should face such a fate as sorrow; that was his burden to face.

As he continued to love, for as long as he would think, he'd fight back tears, locking his emotions away in his heart. He'd fix what was wrong for her; he'd keep her life in happiness than in sorrow. There was no love that the two felt; he only felt happiness with her, happiness. That's what she felt too, and he wanted her to stay happy. Every day, they'd smile back at one another, singing with their voices in the presence of the other. Yet now, her songs were of melancholic happiness. They were lies to him, but he was willing to accept them. As long as her smile existed, then he'd take any burden, as long as she was happy.

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