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The new kid [Open/No Kill]

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26 Re: The new kid [Open/No Kill] on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:21 pm


The sudden motion of the boy's body caught Nero's attention, detailed by the raise of a brow. Nero was surprised that Sammey was able to knock the undoubtedly strong boy down; however, the sudden intrigue was lost as the Faunus's eyes examined the after-situation. To find that both Sammey and the boy were on the ground, with the boy holding his prairie oysters with clear and defined pain, was slightly disappointing, and also embarrassing, to Nero, as denoted by a few wandering eyes. Nevertheless, what done is done is one way of describing a fragment of the Faunus's thoughts on the case.

Approaching the fallen girl, Nero kneeled down to her with a stretch of his arm and a few accommodating words for her brave act. "Control yourself next time." The pain of one's prairie oysters being damaged wasn't a preferred thought to Nero, so he didn't have much to say, in addition to the fact that he wasn't acquainted with either one of them. Nevertheless, it was somewhat of a sorry sight to see for some people.

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27 Re: The new kid [Open/No Kill] on Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:44 pm

Sammey was laying on the ground after falling trying to hit Soyata's little friends. She had her eye's close for the fall. "Ow" As she opens her eye and see Soyata on the floor holding himself in pain rolling to the floor. She was a little lost on what had happened and what did she hit. "A-ar-are.....yo-you ok?" looking at Soyata. than Nero walked up to her and he kneeled down to her with a stretch of his arm and than by the sound of it yelled at her "Control yourself next time." sammey that fiat bad for hitting him there but she really didn't mean to hit him there.


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