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I'll make a man out of you [Ask to join]

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1 I'll make a man out of you [Ask to join] on Tue May 05, 2015 10:18 pm

A few weeks prior Revan had put up a bulletin advertising a training course in the woods. Not much detail had been given on the subject, as Revan wasn't sure exactly what he would do. Luckily through his constant excursions in the woods he had found a small clearing by a river which passed through the woods. It was deeper in the forest than might be considered safe, but the area had good protection from grimm. Revan had scouted out the area and ha even camped out over night so that no student would end up on their own, even though he had advised that students come to the designated area in groups. Having been a teenager in the past Revan knew that it would be likely that more than one student would arrive on their own.

To make sure all was ready fro the students Revan woke up at about four in the morning he knew students shouldn't be arriving until a while after sunrise due to the recent curfew, and the camp didn't evens start until eight, but Revan had his reasons for rising early. As the time grew nearer to when the students would start showing up Revan hid himself in a tree a tall one that would make it hard if not impossible for one to see him from the ground. What it did provide was a place where Revan could hear the students even if he couldn't see them. A technique which Revan often used as he liked to let the students interact for a while before he made his own entrance.

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2 Re: I'll make a man out of you [Ask to join] on Tue May 05, 2015 10:59 pm

He had woken up at 5 A.M so that he could get some hard training in before hand. He couldn't go in fresh as day, especially not considering what's all been happening. Training in the woods? How exciting. It's so interesting that a teacher would be the one to host it, but what sucked is curfew, it limited his training. It limited the amount of actual training that he could do each day, as he was used to fighting and training all day, every day. It might be detrimental to his health, but he really didn't care. He had to get strong and he figured that this was the best way.

He trained for roughly 40 moments; making it 5:40, where dust came out. He left the room right as curfew broke, and did some free-running, like running down the stairs and then jumping off the walls and out the dorms doors. The doors had been unlocked, and he was out, out and about. He ran into the courtyard, and in the middle of it, did some sit-ups, and did some pull-ups on the trees in the yard. He wasn't exactly tired, and he then looked towards the forest. He ran into the forest and sat under the tallest tree.

He'd wait for anyone else who would come. He did this by sitting down and starting to meditate.

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3 Re: I'll make a man out of you [Ask to join] on Tue May 05, 2015 11:49 pm

It was 5 a.m. and Meiko was up sitting on the side of the bed "Oh man i must really want to do this camp thing if i'm up before 10.... I guess i better get ready." She than got in and got her thing form a shower 20 mins later she came back to the room and got somethings she may need. She packed some food and candy her dust a first aid kit about 20 feet of rope and a pen and paper and another set of clothes and a bed roll. "Sweet i got everything i"ll most likely need for camp.......Oh i better grab a match box and toilet paper." She than grab the things her bag look like there wasn't too much in it as she put it on her back, and than she tied her swords too her side.

Meiko than walked out of her room and ran out the dorm room and to the meeting spot. "I hope someone is there or well show up soon," As she ran into the forest, it was a little before she seen someone els sitting at the tallest tree. She than stopped about 10 feet form the guy meditating "Yo are you here for the training course?"

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4 Re: I'll make a man out of you [Ask to join] on Wed May 06, 2015 12:25 am


Waking up early in the morning, 6 in the A.M. to be precise, Nero stretched his body in preparation for the day ahead. A few push-ups, a few sit-ups, a few pull-ups, a few squats, a few of everything else that Nero knew how to do, was all Nero needed or what he believed was necessary for that training course that Winterstone set up; the black-haired wolf could've easily done more, but with a preference for outdoor training, Nero took to that instead. And so, with his black shirt jacket, undone as usual, with his black pants, black shoes, and black belt with a white wolf pendant for a buckle, Nero set out for the camp, carrying his weapon on his back.

Instead of dragging his feet across the ground, walking for a full two hours as his body relaxed and became accustomed to the fresh breath of air, Nero worked on the road for a bit, making his way to the camp that way. He kept a normal breathing rate on the way there, adjusting to his increasing speed every step he made. One, two, three, four... Nero's thoughts coincided with his breathing, speeding up in count as his pace sped up, decreasing the speed when his pace slowed down. The wolf didn't know how Winterstone was going to go about this, but considering that the course was being placed in the woods, away from the academy's safety, if there was any at that point in time, the wolf expected that, at least, the training was going to be special and rigorous, hopefully that is.

Arriving into the deeper ends of the forest, Nero took a walking pace, allowing himself to catch his breath while his nostrils did practically all of the respiratory work, although he soon found his normal breathing rate after a few steps. This was all due to Nero's daily regiment. Practically since the first day Nero came to Syne, he'd been training in his free time, having barely any friends he could communicate, talk to, or train with, but that could've just been his own fault; an unsocial boy that rarely talked to others, mostly sticking to himself. It was a problem, but for now, Nero was okay with it. It wasn't a problem he was ready to remedy as he didn't see it as one, although maybe the Winterstone's training could remedy that problem for the lone wolf. But at that moment, Nero stayed alone, scanning the forest around him for any sight of Faunus or human life, ready for the training to begin.

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